Hello there! For your party planning needs, here's a compilation of all the birthday parties we hosted for my son. Also, the fabulous parties we had the pleasure of attending. ^_^

Superhero Justice League 1st Birthday Party
Disney Cars Lightning McQueen 2nd Birthday Party
For his 3rd Party, it was an intimate celebration at Burgoo Podium. While it's a Halloween Party for his 4th birthday. Find his cake, and other DIY party ideas below. 
More DIY Party Ideas...Invites, Cakes, Favors, Balloons and more.
Chase as Dr Ji Hoo (Sunbae! ^_^) Awww...find more costume ideas for birthdays and Halloween Parties here
Game on! It's Lakers Basketball Party for his 5th Birthday! 
Disney Cars 2 Birthday Party for his 6th! We can't get enough of Lightning McQueen! 
Mission Accomplished! It's a Soldier / Camouflage Birthday Party for his 7th! 
More of his 7th Birthday Party Details...Venue, Balloon Decors, Food and More

Happy Birthday to Chase! ;-D We'll keep you posted on more of our upcoming parties. 

Now for our friends's parties. Oh look, more parties! ;-D

My nephew's Mickey Mouse and Friends Luau Party
Gabe's Toy Story School Birthday Party

I have more party posts on my blog, please click on the Children's/Children Party Ideas label to show more. Cheers! ^_^ 


Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your son!
Awesome party and everybody is happy. :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your son!
Awesome party!

zerry ht said...

Thanks for sharing all these posts from your son’s birthday celebration. Not only did I enjoy going through the pictures from the posts, but it also provided my plenty of ideas for my son’s birthday party. He is turning 5 next week, so I’m planning a party to celebrate the occasion at one of the amazing venues in Chicago.

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