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My Blogging Policy...

I write my own posts! I love using flowery words too! :)

Should I repost, I make sure that I acknowledge my source.

My Product Reviews are my honest to goodness opinions of the said products or services. I will rave on things and services that I love.  As much as possible I will not rant, because I believe in second chances. But, I have limits too! I will objectively rant on products and services those I feel are not deserving of money & time. ..and just basically puts me in a bad mood! I do reviews at my own volition. I buy, I try, and I write. If you want me to review your product or your services, leave me a comment, send me the item (please don't expect me to return it though!), and then I will let you know what I think. If it should be that I can be qualified to receive compensation payment for the post, I'll make sure to note it down.

Ads posted in my sites are via Nuffnang. Advertisers are welcome. I would ♥ for you to look through at the ads display in my site, maybe they are worth a try! :-) If you are an online shopper, would ♥ for you to use my Amazon gadget for your shopping needs, which are shown on the post! :-D

I am an internet mom, I google everything...so I want to pay it forward to moms and all the writers out there who unceasingly share their thoughts to us...I write items that I think would be interesting to moms out there...and sometimes I just write random things which at the moment I feel like talking about it...say my ♥ for Korean Culture! ✌

Yes, I want readers too...I join blog hops, but I make sure try to write interesting posts so as to keep my friends from returning to my site. And I read on my friends' posts too...I check my dashboards for their updates! And I think that Facebook is the greatest thing ever, it's easier to get updates and stay in touch. I don't want to feel like a spammer to my friends, so I have Chic & Sassy Homemaker for a Facebook page. I want to matter to my Likers ( I hope!;-D) ...forgive me if I won't comment back right away...but I really really ♥ to hear from my friends and readers! ✌

For Questions, Comments, and Suggestions...please email me at: chicsassymom@yahoo.com

Cheers! ;-D

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