Saturday, November 24, 2018

Bath and Body Works Favorite Haul-iday Shower Gels | #ChicSassyMomFinds

Oh my, here I go again with Bath and Body Works...oh well, still as addicted as ever before.

Pre-Black Friday sale, there's this really amazing deal for all shower gels and foam baths. I just couldn't resist it. My thoughts πŸ€”...some for gifting, most for me. Hah. 🀫

Shower Gel overload. Happiness. 
You ought to know that I'm also an essential oils fangirl, so the Aromatherapy line is a must-hoard. That, plus I destress with bubble bath, and they do make a nice luxurious foam bath. (So sad, they're out of the Mint Leaf and Bergamot line, which I adore and hoarded last year.) Glad I found something to fancy like crazy...Vanilla Bean.

I just can't get enough of Vanilla Bean. 
I'm such a hoarder fangirl. Once I commit myself to something, say to a brand, I remain faithful and loyal shopaholic through and through. Both good and bad. πŸ˜…Oh well, indeed, life is boring, when you don't have deliveries to look forward to. Cheers! ✌🏻

#GoNative Love at First Try | #ChicSassyMomFinds

Hello, cinggus! πŸ€—Hope you all had a meaningful Thanksgiving day. As always, I've been busy good. And my, between Black Friday sale and real life drama, I'm swamped. But I've been (sort of) updating my IG @chicsassymom (please do check it out, share likes #sharingiscaring ). Here's a new favorite personal care product that I've been meaning to rave about, Native Deodorant.

Native Deodorant Sample Pack $30+ Coconut Vanilla, Unscented, Lavender and Rose, Eucalyptus & Mint (travel size)
Native Deodorant, how I love thee. Let me count the ways. 

In love with Native Deodorant Coconut Vanilla
What I love about it? I love the scent. I'm very, very particular with scent and I tend to stick to a brand that I adore, so far the Coconut Vanilla is love. It evokes that warm and cozy feel when you apply it. But, it's not overpowering and lasting at least for me, it works for me because I want my perfume scent to linger, not my deodorant or my clothes's fabric softener (Downy scent haha πŸ˜…). But still, nice scent is relative. To each his own.

It's grainy at the onset when you apply it, but it does "melt" and dissipate nicely. So no white thingy that goes to your clothes. It feels silky dry. Foremost, I remain unscented. I like that. So it means no Body Odor. I don't have rashes or hives. And more importantly, it doesn't darken my underarm. I'm proud to say that I don't have dark underarms. I swear, flabby, yes, but not dark albeit I shave. ✌🏻

Chic and Sassy Mom Tip: True story, some products especially APDO (anti-perspirant and deodorant) can cause rashes given you use it to your sensitive underarm areas. It can be with the same brand, but different forms (cream vs. solid), still can cause reaction. So foremost, do patch test.

Well, about the anti-perspirant, it was my concern back when I was in the Philippines, but I don't really sweat in the Bay Area (San Francisco, California) because of the weather. Even last summer, so I couldn't really talk about this benefit if you're after this. Native Deodorant per se acts as anti-perspirant by naturally absorbing the moisture. But here's the difference about deodorant and anti-perspirant as per the brand site... "Anti-perspirant prevents you from sweating. That is, the aluminum contained in anti-perspirant acts as a plug on your body’s sweat ducts and prevents you from sweating and releasing other byproducts of sweat. Deodorant works by eliminating and absorbing the moisture and odors associated with sweat."

Ingredients. It's safe and effective. Aluminum and Paraben Free. 
This comes in a solid stick form, and it's an adjustment because I was a cream user. Having said that, so my only gripe is it so messy to open and close so I always have to use a tissue when I open it. Because the formula thingy goes to the cover.

One stick last a looong while, I have mine since August, and I'm just still on Coconut & Vanilla.

I've been a Secret-user for life, until I made a switch to natural deodorant. Not toxic and effective, I'm sold! So far, I'm glad I did. It works for me. Consider making the switch to Native Deodorant, check it out here, just remember to patch test, no sweat, you're set! Cheers! ✨

Monday, November 12, 2018

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Haul | #FavoriteScents #ChicSassyMomFinds

Hello, friends! πŸ€—Because I'm still on the running of America's next top scented home, we just can't get enough of having all kinds of home fragrance available out there... candles, Scentsy and now wallflowers too. Truly, because a scent can make memories come alive, there's no time like today to get all our favorite Christmas scents from Bath and Body Works. 

For wonderful Christmas time...Champagne Toast, Fresh Sparkling Snow, Fresh Balsam, Peppermint Brownie, and Lavender Vanilla (room scents for sweet dreams)
Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I have never ending addiction to shop at Bath and Body Works whenever possible. Hah. Usually, I tend to haul Fresh Balsam and we have it all year long. But because I usually take my trip to BBW for the post-Christmas sale, so what was mostly left was Fresh Balsam. So on the recent wallflowers sale (only for $2.50+), I was still able to call dibs on these select Christmas scents. I adore Champage Toast! The Fresh Sparkling Snow is as nice but only few stocks left.  Oh my, now I truly have to get more of these. 

There are a lot of pretty, themed and decorative wallflowers fragrance plugs available,  but I had to go for a basic sensor night light for our bathroom to not obstruct the wall cabinet. 

Bath and Body Works Champagne Toast wallflowers. 
Here's to styling our home with fragrance...Cheers! ✨

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Chubby Sticks Ultimate Holiday Gift Set πŸ’„The Chubbettes | #ChicSassyMomFinds

Oh wow, I better not pout, because I now have the ultimate set of Chubby Stick lip color.

The ultimate set of Chubby Stick™ lip colour minis  $49.50+ for a $116.50 value.
 Set 20-pc layerable minis let you mix and match to create your own one-of-a-kind lip color. 

Set Includes:
Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm - Richer Raisin, Fuller Fig, Whole Lotta Honey, Graped-Up, Mega Melon, Chunky Cherry, Mighty Mimosa, Woppin' Watermelon, Pudgy Peony, Super Strawberry, Voluptuous Violet, Plumped Up Pink, 0.03-oz. each
Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm - Curviest Caramel, Broadest Berry, Roomiest Rose, Mightiest Maraschino, Plushest Punch, Grandest Grape, Roundest Raspberry, Plumped Up Poppy, 0.03-oz. each (original Chubby Stick size 0.1 oz)
Confession time. This is my first Clinique purchase. I don't really need another lipstick, let alone 20 of them. But my, it's too good not to buy. Honestly, I didn't even know how much savings I'm getting. I just thought, $49.50 for twenty shades, what's not to love?! So I swatched.

Clinique Chubby Stick™ lip colour swatches. Sorry, not much of browns and nudes so I didn't try them out. 
I've heard so much ravings about the Chubby Stick. But at first look and try, I like that they're so easy to apply. No frills. Plus, this time of the year, my lips can use extra moisturizing. The layering and mixing-and-matching also got me, just how I like to own my scent , a one-of-a-kind ChicSassyMom's lip colour sounds appealing. So yes, let's do this!

Me, myself & I *dreaming of the next selfie with these πŸ’‹
Oh by the way, I got these in Macy's, but just in case, shopping online at Macy's sounds also a good idea as there's gift with purchase offers, more freebies. Yay!

P.S. I love you lipsticks! πŸ˜˜πŸ’„

Benefit Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Gift Sets πŸ’„| #ChicSassyMomFinds

Saturday is for shopping. Oh my, today, I went to Macy's physical store. (It has been a while since I've been doing mostly online shopping.) But oh my goodness, it's such a remarkable sensory experience! I did try a whole lot of perfumes, but I'm still crazy addicted with Jo Malone, so next You ought to know, I love Benefit Cosmetics (type Benefit Cosmetics in my search box). And as always, their Holiday gift or value sets are amazing.

Life's too short to say not to makeup and cake. 
All wrapped up and ready for gifting. This year's Holiday Gift Sets come in collectible triple-layer cake tin cans. Perfectly fitting. Sweet.

Confection Cuties Holiday Gift Set Kit $19
Contains: Gimme Brow+ brow-volumizing fiber gel in 3 I mini | The POREfessional pore primer, smoothing face primer to minimize the look of pores I mini | Roller Lash super-curling & lifting mascara in black I mini
Goodie Goodie Gorgeous Holiday Set $29+
Set includes:  They’re Real! mascara in jet black full-size 8.5 g  | Hoola matte bronzer full-size 8.0 g | The POREfessional: Pearl Primer mini 7.5 mL 

Tripe Decker Decadence Holiday Set $39+
Set includes:  BADgal BANG! mascara full-size 8.5 g  | The POREfessional Face Primer full-size 22.0 mL | High Brow brow highlighting pencil full-size 2.8 g | Gogotint lip & cheek stain mini 4.0 mL 

You can also build your own kit from the many available Holiday mini stocking stuffers, all ready-to-give in beautiful gift boxes. But wait, there's more available Benefit Cosmetics Holiday sets online, which I wasn't able to check out physically given I have to move on to counter no. 2, 3, 4, 5. Though, I'm tempted to get the Triple Decker Decadence because the Gogotint lip & cheek stain is new to me. Next time. I do have a favorite makeup routine, but still, one can never have too many makeup and lipsticks. Cheers! ✨

Friday, November 9, 2018

Fall Outfits πŸπŸ‘’πŸ§₯ | #ChicSassyMomFinds

Annyeong, friends! πŸ€—Hello, weekend...I've been dreaming about you. I felt like a shopping trip to kick off the weekend was in order since I've been feeling dramatic lately. I love me some retail therapy.

It was a very quick trip to Marshalls. Oh my, so much to see. I came here with a realization in mind that I do need Fall outfits for work and once in a while, night outs. So technically, I need to have three wardrobe sets when in San Francisco... summer/spring, fall and winter.  Though in the morning, it feels like I can and need to dress for winter in boots and coats. But then, I melt in the afternoon. Hello, soooh sunny California! I need fall outfits.

Shopping finds for Fall Cadigans, Coats and Boots
Unlike last Fall, where I was unemployed stay at home mom, I only needed casual clothes. This time around, I needed fall coats that I can easily mix and match, and just easily take off during the afternoon work coverage. 

IMPO Boots for office and meeting days. It feels comfy and so pretty. Plus it fits my calf perfectly. 
Tahari Coat black/white when I go all-black (which I usually do)
Max Studio Multi-colored (Blue, Green, Black) Wool Coat for some added colors
Rafaella in blue, white and glittery silver coat. I don't know the brand, but this looks and feels comfy for dress-down Fridays. 
Massimo Dutti crochet patter cardigan... for lazy days
I hope to get cashmeres soon, but considering I do public coin laundry (oh well, apartment living), I reckon, I can't buy clothes that are pricey yet. And I have yet to find storage for these when summer comes. So far, these will do fo now. I can't wait to do OOTD posts wear this to work. Cheers! ✨

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Friday Night Barting πŸš‰| #ChicSassyMomxUSA

Happy weekend! πŸ€—

I feel like I'm fated to live in this part of California where there is BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). πŸ˜…Until recently, I've been mastering public transports in the area. Oh well, it's convenient and perfect way to multi-task, meaning, instead of sitting in the traffic driving, taking the train for an hour worth of commute is one episode of my Korean Dramas. 🀫Plus, I'm lazy (I miss having a driver). Though it's risky. I do wish it's as safe and nice as Japan's commute. However, unlike Japan, where mostly it's a quiet ride (literally), where it seems everyone is so prim and proper, taking the BART can be more fun and engaging too. It's a venue to enrich and to immerse oneself to the culture...aha, so this is America.

I joined in the conversation with another passenger, curious about their do. It's November 2. In my part of the world (Philippines) before, it's All Souls' Day. Here, not post-Halloween getup, but it's a way of remembering Day of the Dead. 
I am still reluctant on moving here, I feel like my life is on a pause, wait-and-see mode, but with a new set of mindset, I condition myself (everyday drama) to try to make the best of our stay here. Oh what a joy that the warm friendliness of the city is so contagious and so it makes the whole experience meaningful and memorable. More often than not, "how are you?'s" and "Have a great day!" are not just casual pleasantries, but truly sincere encounters with selfies even.  🀳🏼So here's to chasing our California dreams...Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✨

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Parenting a Teenager Chaseyboy #Mommy Jitters

Annyeong, friends! πŸ€— Oh my, now I have a realization on why November is noted endearingly as Sweet November. It's because we're coming from Halloween, where we have chocolates, candies and treats to last us the whole year through. Oops. πŸ˜…Anyhow, last night's Halloween was kind of dramatic. Hah.

Me: Trying hard copy cat 😽
Last time, I shared about my initial thoughts and struggle on now raising a teenager Chaseyboy. I feel like he does take it by heart, as every so often, he refers to such phrase "I'm now a teenager" just to argue his ways with me. Yesterday was no exception. I've been asking him days before if he will do trick or treating this year, I would love him to do that, as I'm such a kid at heart and I'm enjoying the halloween festivities in California. Unfortunately, I didn't write about our first ever Halloween here in the California last 2017, but oh my, I have to say, it's the happiest time everrrr, more than Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve combined. So remember we moved to California sometime ago, I feel like my son and my hubby are adjusting better with the life here, while I'm still struggling and these series of episodes with my son further adds to the drama.

Going back, yesterday he decided he will do trick or treat with just his friends. Unlike many halloween parties ago, he decided last minute that he just wanted a mask. So I did a last minute trip at Party City, after standing in line for almost an hour (okay, maybe just like 30 minutes) with only one counter open and so many of us, I got him a mask. Not his first choice, but what can I do, it was so last minute. (and yes, I got myself a head band 😸) I was left behind did not go. I just took him to his friend's place, and he walked home before 8pm, because he said I was incessantly nagging him anyway. I asked him if he wanted to do another round at the neighbourhood with mom, he flatly refused. Oh well.

Hmmmm. I shouldn't be altogether surprise with how things are changing now that he's growing up, I hear varying stories here and there with my mommy friends about their woes. I trust with a certain level of confidence that he has good foundations with him given a solid formative years with a good balance of discipline and permissiveness. I'm just surprised with the change. I feel that there is a heightened allergic reaction to me. Then I look back at my friends back home, with their sons going to LSGH who are actively part of LSPA (parents' association of school), I feel and see that they have stronger bonds with their sons from then to middle school even to high school. Call me petty, but when I see pictures with sons (unfortunately for you, our dear sons), it's a good sign that moms didn't back out and we successfully held our ground. Hah. Technically, they do spend more time in school so I feel that the everyday presence of parents in school activities foster a stronger relationship and a status quo that it's okay, it's just mom and/or dad, where everyone is a "Tita or Tito of Manila". Parents are so involved and engaged.  That changed here. I have no basis to say on what's the PTA like here since I haven't attended any meeting or gathering, yet nor did a face-to-face discussion with a teacher about my son's grades or attitude. Oh well, this might just be an episode. Will see! But this ChicSassyMom is not going anywhere, so here's to a lifetime of adventures and misadventures of parenting. I pray for discernment. Let's do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✌🏻

Bath and Body Works Candles, Champagne Toast and Everything Nice | #ChicSassyMomFinds

Hello, friends! πŸ€—(You ought to know) I'm super addicted to Bath and Body Works.  πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️And their candles...such a joy to haul light.

Candles, Champagne (limited scent that is soooh good), and everything niCe ✨
Every so often, promotions, freebies, get me. (I'm so easy to get.🀫 )Though I still love going to the physical stores, since you can take advantage of multiple coupons and promotions at the same time, but online promotions are as nice too like the recent gift with purchase of Aromatherapy Black Chamomile Shower Gel and Lotion. And I also do love, essential oils

Chic & Sassy Mom Tip: Buying online in the US is easy peasy. Seriously addicting. 🀫 Shipping is so fast as mostly they do deliver earlier than the shipping lead time window provided. If you plan to gift or to ship goodies to the Philippines via Balikbayan Box, I recommend getting them online as they are already nicely and tightly packed. Like with the shower gels and lotions, they have a seal that's not on the inventories in store. It saves time from taping them, but I still do recommend putting them in a zip lock or plastic just to avoid the mess just in case they still do break. 

For as long as I remember, I'm as crazy addicted with Bath and Body Works goodies as I am with my skincare and Asian dramas. πŸ˜‰ Remember my shopping tip, do control the urge to buy in one go, if you have time, they have daily promotions and coupons. πŸ˜…Overtime, I already have mainstay scents and lines that I adore, but every so often, I keep discovering more scents to love and to own. Oh my.✌🏻 

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