Sunday, August 19, 2018

Favorite Beauty and Shopping Finds for July 2018| #ChicSassyMomFinds

Annyeong, cinggu! πŸ€— Hope you're having a great weekend! Here's a belated post for my favorite shopping finds for July (on top of my still-favorite shopping soiree from last time).

1.  More Jo Malone. One can never have enough. 🀫There was an amazing 4th of July promotion, I bought these just because I like how they look. I'm liking the Tropical Cherimoya better. The Red Roses is a miss for me. It's too rosy. But it works better when I layer it with other scents. So I'm still keeping it.

Jo Malone, oh how I love thee! ❤️
2.  More Shiseido. I'm a skincare addict, the Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is a mainstay product that I incorporate on my elaborate skincare routine (oh, let me update my skincare routine, will save another post). Recently, Ultimune has a new formula that includes a reishi mushroom and iris root extracts for better, improved performance. 

3. Pim Saen Balm Oil for world peace. ✌🏻 I love essential oils and almost everything minty. Spa-ish, uplifting, and comforting. I tried this from my sister. She got it in Thailand. And yassss, it's available at Amazon Prime. It takes a while for it to arrive, maybe a month or so. So now, I'm timing my repurchase.

I've been busy stressing needlessly so I just plainly devoted myself to consoling myself by watching Korean and Chinese dramas (follow me @noonades on Instagram for my current favorite dramas and oppas ✌🏻), so I don't think I have much to rave about for August next. But will see. 🀫Stay beautiful, fabulous, and in love, my dear cinggus! Cheers! ✨

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