Saturday, March 14, 2015

Seoul Travel Part 4: Youk Shim Won Gallery AM #FatedtoLoveYou #EllieKim

Annyeong! ^_^

If you have seen Fated to Love You ('s a Korean Drama, a remake from a Taiwanese Drama of the same title from years back), you will be ecstatic to walk into a shop of Ellie Kim. In real life, featured artwork are by a Korean artist, Youk Shim Won.

On our second day, on our way to Cafe Rosso of JYJ's Park Yoochun, just right across is Youk Shim Won's shop and gallery.

Oh my goodness, everything is awesome! Daebak! Ottoke?

Youk Shim Won's wallets, purses, and more
Youk Shim Won's Stripe Sunny, Nani, and Pia, and Gaettongi/ Keddongie. Super Cute. #Kyeopta
Cutie pies...iPhone 6 and 6 plus Youk Shim Won's phone cases. Hmmm, should I change back to iPhone? 
#OOTD With my Seoul sisters donning Youk Shim Won's Character Tops/Sweaters featuring Kiki, Pia and Ria on me. Fits me perfectly! 
...and so they shopped!
Oh how I love everything! It's so hard to choose in a whim (given that bags and tops don't come cheap), so since I am yet undecided amongst Pia or Nani or Ria, I will save splurging in Youk Shim Won's the next Seoul trip. I promise, I will know by then. Hah. Cheers! ^_^

Fated to love Youk Shim Won, visit to know more.

The Youk Shim Won Shop we visited is located in Palpan-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It's within the area of beautiful Samcheongdong-gil with its cafes galore.
Oh how time flies, it has been weeks since my trip in Korean dramaland...and I have still so much more to rave about.

To be continued...

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Justpnky said...

I am interested in the Geon Donoye tote bag. How can I buy it??

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