Monday, December 29, 2014

Shopping + OOTD #LatePost

Good morning!

Oh well, the stormy weather outside is frightful. I do pray for better days soon...we only have 3 days left in Iloilo, and we're back to Manila. I need an uneventful flight, please!

I have some time to blog, yay! Otherwise, I'm so tempted to do another round of carbo-loading, (awww...the Angelina loaf bread here is so so good!), or perhaps read a book, or go back to my Korean dramas...well, anyhow, will do all those later! ;-D

Before we left for Iloilo, I indulged myself with some doses of retail therapy. More pairs of Levi's Jeans. I adore thee! And yes, if my Honey insisted to gift me, why I caved in to Nike Kobe's. Since my boys are all crazy addicted to collecting Kobe Shoes, especially the Kobe 9, count me in! We got the Easter in California, the Laser Crimson in California for my son, while my hubby got his in Hong Kong. I got the Independence Day in Manila. Happy Birthday to me!

#OOTD Nike Kobe 9 + Levi's (for me) + Old Navy (for Chase) + School Shirt + NFL Short
My son's shoes were really, truly soiled last time. From the rain, it was muddy during his last school Christmas Fair. It couldn't be help! I had to take it upon myself to clean them. Otherwise, it will be another Php500-cleaning services. So far, so good, they look okay.

Super belated post here...but wait, there will be more.

Let's relish the rest of the Christmas season! Cheers! ^_^


Ann Cagalingan said...

you have cute son po ;) and i like your shoes too,

Sherry ann gole cruz said...

i think you're more pretty when your hair is down! love the shirt!

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