Sunday, May 18, 2014

FOTD, OOTD and More #TourUSA2014 {Preview & Mentions}

Beautiful Sunday. We feel rested. Son is feeling better. Thank you for today!

Since I'm a bit refreshed, so Hon, where is our next fligh? Here's a happy post. FitFlop™ and makeup!

I think I mentioned before that I love collecting makeup, but thanks to my Korean Drama leads, oh yes the Candy's, I see that I don't really need much makeup (lipstick + eyeliner, it seemed you're all set, oh! plus flawless skin). So I guess, I'm pretty much covered with what I brought for my skin care and cosmetics to keep me selfie/selca-ready. *Lol My skin care go-to products are mostly Korean/Asian brands (Saranghaeyo Lee Min Ho Innisfree!),  although I'm more adventurous with my makeup brands. Since I'm mostly in the land of Sephora's and Target's than Innisfree's, so it's very, very, hard to resist! Look at my travel must-haves.

EcoTools Brushes, Shu Uemura Lash Curler,  Benefit Cosmetics, note that I'm all out of Posietint, I need to shop soon.  Maybelline Hypersharp Liner is love. Since, I cannot cover an individual product review, I'm making do with mentions. 
I mentioned about my first ever Laura Mercier shopping here. The makeup in the collection allows me to get a natural, glowing look. With the colder weather in Chicago, I needed Laura Mercier Foundation Primer for extra moisture plus to keep my makeup together a.k.a flawless skin. The eyeshadow palette provides a natural, clean, and radiant eye makeup. I ran out of sunscreen and Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation from my shopping spree here, so it's  Liz K, which has a good SPF protection offering. More than the coverage, I like the natural finish, plus the reinforced benefits. No breakouts. 
Majolica Majorca Brow and Lash Colorist in BR3333. This is my third tube, first for this color. So yes, I'm loving it. Shu Uemura Pink Lipstick in Matte, PK356, and Gloss Unlimited AT 60C. One can never have too many lip balms, right?  Dr. Jart, Burt's Bees, and Smith's Rosebud Salve.  I love Smith's Rosebud Salve Balm. I got it in Sephora. I want more! 
BeautyBlender White (Pure), it's your turn to be loved! Seemingly, with tender loving care, a beautyblender can last a while,  but one can never have too many BeautyBlenders, so the more the merrier!  ^_^ 
Truth be told, with the varying weather, which was warmer in Cali, cold and rainy in Chicago and Wisconsin, plus since we're mostly on the go, I kept a makeup routine that's quick and easy.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Transit at Taipei Taoyuan Airport #TourUSA2014

#LatePost To my fellow awesome, fantabulous, chic & sassy mommy friends and readers, my belated Happy Mom's Day!

We're staying put this weekend. We need to rest. We need a stay-at-home kind of vacation. I need to blog. Is it June 12 yet?

We spent Mother's Day weekend in Hong Kong. It's short, but oh so sweet stay.

Now back to this very late post...oh how we love Taipei Airport!

Taipei's must be my son's absolute favorite airport. See why.

From Manila, via China Airlines, Welcome to Taipei!
Sky Team Transfer Desk in Taipei Airport 

Duty Free Shops Galore!  Having been to California and Hong Kong, you would think I received enough doses of shopping,  so No-t the case! I have been a very, very, good girl! *LoL
Taipei Taoyuan Airport. Just beautiful. There are themed waiting areas/lounge for each boarding gates. Plus a whole  lot of facilities... Library. Free Internet Access and Xbox play area! 
There's an area for free use of iPad. Awesome. 
Duty Free store sells these...It's a Wooderful Life, indeed!
More themed waiting areas per gate. 
This is another themed-waiting area. So Nice.
Play/Waiting Area. XBox, iPad, and this, Taiwan Airport is Chase's absolute favorite!
We have four hours layover time, it was a midnight flight, it seemed there were not a lot of flights, so we almost had the whole place to ourselves. For food, there's a bunch of restaurants per side. We chose the familiar.

We're in Taiwan, we're going to America. So it's Coke, Burger, Sausage, and Fries. How familiar. I wanted Chinese food, something close to authentic, but my boys didn't want to be that adventurous.

Happy Travelers.
Except for the airport, I haven't been to Taiwan. I look forward to visiting. Plus, for a big Korean/Asian Drama fan like yours truly, Taiwan is a place to be...*thinks F4 of Meteor Garden, sings Oh baby, baby, baby, my baby, baby! *_^

I was pleasantly tired of flying, in a month's time, we took 9 flights in total, so that's a lot of airports. Incheon would still be my absolute favorite, just because I'm a fangirl. *_^ But if I will be with my son, time flies when you're in Taiwan Airport, if direct flight is not in the table, another flight with a layover in Taiwan sounds pleasant enough. It was time to leave for San Francisco.

I was in San Francisco (prior SFO trip post here), Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Chicago and Wisconsin. More posts to come. Cheers! ^_^

Monday, May 5, 2014

Welcome Back!

Good morning, Manila! It's so good to be back (minus the overly warm weather). I have so much to tell! In fairness, my Instagram account (@chicsassymom) is fairly updated! Yay! Cheers! So do check it out!

Target Shopping Finds (EOS, NYX, Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Pocket Bac, Chicago Millennium Park, Swim Time at VDara Las Vegas,  Meet Kale for Juicing, Medieval Times Dinner, More Gifts...Wen by Chaz Dean, Sky Deck Willis/Sears Tower, Superman Themed Birthday Cake, Taiwan Airport, my carry-on travel must haves, Carslbad San Diego, Driving around Los Angeles, Nyx Butter Lipsticks. 
Our grand vacation (love, love, love it) went by so fast, from Taipei, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Wisconsin, back to Los Angeles (and yes we made it to Sta, Monica Pier and Venice Beach...*sigh thinks Kim Tan/Lee Min Ho in Heirs), and San Diego, and back to Manila...home sweet home! Seven flights in total, we're pleasantly tired! 

Dan! dan! dan! My MacBook Pro is back! Last time, I though it was, but it was only short-lived. So it has really been a while. Replacing the Mac Book Pro battery was surprisingly easy!

Genuinely Genius! Yay!
With just a quick call to Apple Store in Naperville for the appointment, about 20 minutes of diagnostic and replacement fee of $139 with tax, it's a brand new Mac! Well almost, because I need a new Mac Book Pro Power Adapter, another trip at Best Buy, about $80 more, truly my precious is so back! I'm geared up to blog, a whole lot of posts!

I'm a happy girl, Happy Mother's Day to me!

Naperville, Illinois
It was such a short, but oh so sweet trip to Naperville. Chicago, I can't wait to be back! Cheers! ^_^
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