Friday, February 28, 2014

Korean Drama-rama and More Lee Min Ho Time #FanGirl

Thank goodness for K-Dramas!

Fellow fan girls and Korean Drama Addicts, Min-joon and Song-yi are the ultimate OTP, aren't they?

You From Another Star (Done at 21 Episodes). a.k.a. My Love From Another Star with Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun. 
I could not really do full review of it, but promise, everything is awesome with You From Another Star. It's refreshing to see Jun Ji-Hyun (of My Sassy Girl) in a television drama. She rules! No words. As for Kim Soo-Hyun, I have great respect for his acting powers. He loves, cries, and kisses so mighty well, I hope to see him soon! Hah. I have so much emotional investment in the drama, because I didn't marathon it, I waited patiently each week. And it did not fail to deliver!

Empress Ki (Now on Episode 33 of 50) with Ha Ji-won and Ji Chang-wook 
As for the Empress Ki, I'm Team Emperor all the way! It's the first 50-Episode drama I committed in watching full time so far. I love Ha Ji-won, although it's the first time that I'm seeing Ji Chang-wook as a possible romantic lead, I'm sold! More so, I'm looking forward to April 2014, it's a nice makeshift countdown that I do every week. Again, Team Emeperor, please!

And for the greatest news, Lee Min Ho is coming back to town!

For the third time around, Lee Min Ho is having another fun meet this coming March 21, 2014. I changed my mind, after feeling a little bit heartbroken from his July My Everything Concert, (Yes! I also went, got VVIP even, but I didn't get to blog about it though!), I need to heal my broken heart, and see him again. #Drama It's a date! Cheers! ^_^

To know more about Lee Min Ho's Manila Fun Meet 2014, please visit the official BenchPh page. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Updates: I'm on a 1200-Calorie Diet! #WishMeLuck

#TGIF Oh yay! And it's the last Friday of the love month. How's your February? Hope it's another love-filled month for everyone. Mine, was fairly so, so. As always, I'm all over the place to do this and that. And work is...I'm a worrywart,  I think too much! Haay! In my FB page, I occasionally mention stuff...yes, I'm on a 1200-Calorie- Diet, I'm subscribed to a 5-Day diet plan via food delivery services in the metro, which apparently are a lot, and I'm so late! So far, so good, I tried two companies so far, I'm on my week 1 1/2, because I didn't start full week on The Happy Diet, and now I'm on Lunchbox Diet. Next week, I'll be on Happy Diet Delivery. Please stay tuned for a lengthier post. #HealthyLiving #FitForLife

Food is here. #1200CalorieDiet 
I can't wait to talk about the experience in details. Not to preempt, but this might be something that I can truly commit doing until I reach my dream weight. My pre-pregnancy weight (and that's yearsss ago!) is so elusive! Plus, overall, I'm so not-fit! So yes, let's do this! Cheers! ^_^

Please see my detailed post on four 1200-Calorie Diet Plan Providers in Metro Manila, here.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Promil Pre-School #PaintLikeHamzah Promo

Our children will always be the stars of our lives. We would love to see them shine the brightest like Hamzah Marbella.

Meet Hamzah Marbella, who's dubbed as a #YoungPicasso by Ang Klaryon, 2009. Now, he's 12 years old, and very famous name in the art industry both here and abroad. He's the younget member of the Artists Association of the Philippines, and was recently named Promil Pre-School's Outstanding Child Artist. 
Healthy Body. Healthy Mind. Happier Life. Part of nurturing is providing the superior nutrition of our children. Here, Promil Pre-School, a powdered milk drink for children age 4-7, is designed to help kids achieve optimal growth and development. Hamzah's parents found a reliable partner in Promil Pre-School Milk. 

Promil Pre-School Powdered Milk #PaintLikeHamzah Limited Edition Pack
With the latest Promil Pre-School Paint Like Hamzah Promo Pack, our little ones can share in the outstanding child artist Hamzah Marbella's exceptional talent in painting. 

Every purchase of Promil Pre-School 1.6 kg, and 180g packs, mothers will be equipped with tools to help their child develop their talent in art. 
Every pack comes with a limited edition canvas bag inspired by Hamzah Marbella's artworks and art materials. Collect and paint all three designs. #DIY Promo runs from February 1 - March 31, 2014.
Behind Hamzah's success is the support and nurturing of his family. I'm committed to do the same, such that my son too will really be exceptional in something that he likes doing best. We are committed to enrich his experiences, to let him try as many activities as possible. We're on the look out of where or which activity he will truly shine the brightest. Busyness aside, you ought to know that I'm a stage mom at heart. Haha. So I'm unstoppable. Haha. Thank you Promil Pre-School, I can't wait to let him try painting. Cheers! ^_^

For more information, like Promil Pre-School on Facebook

Sunday, February 16, 2014

McDonald's The Lego Movie Happy Meal | Win a Trip to Legoland Malaysia!

Everything is awesome with McDonald’s The Lego Movie Happy Meal!

Happiness in every McDonald's Happy Meal Box...a meal, a toy and a whole lot more! Join The Lego Movie Challenge for a chance to win a trip for four (4) to Legoland Resort Malaysia. Kids can also enter Legoland Resort Malaysia for free with every purchase of an adult pass with the Kids-Go-Free voucher found in this month’s Happy Meal box. Just for Kicks! Happy Meal box comes with a finger soccer cut-out activity. Tip: The ball requires adult supervision to assemble.
Last weekend, we had action-packed day at McDonald's Greenbelt.

Happiness in a McDonald's Happy Meal box. 
Awesome! Chase got all eight (8) The Lego Movie Collectible Cups. Thank you! 
Collect all Cups! For every purchase of a Happy Meal, take home one of eight The Lego Movie 3D Lenticular collectible cups. Featuring The Lego Movie characters...
1. Emmet, a perfectly average Lego minifigure, mistakenly identified as the key to saving the world.
2. The fearless Wyldstyle, who guides Emmet on his quest.
3. Batman. No introduction needed, methinks, he only works in black….and sometimes very, very dark gray!
4. Unikitty
5. Bad Cop/Good Cop
6. Metal Beard
7. Vitruvius
8. President Business/Lord Business
Hooray for today! 
Lego toys are love, aren't they? My son is a big fan. Everything-Lego is cool...Miniland Philippines, Lego Star Wars, Lego Encyclopedia, and a whole lot more. We saw the movie. It's a fun movie, with a lot of cuteness, and an awesome soundtrack to boot.  My son had the fondest memory of Legoland, so today more than ever, he can't wait to be back.

Win a trip for (4) to Legoland Malaysia Resort with at least four (4) of the collectible The Logo Movie Happy Meal Cups! 
For the contest/giveaway details, read more about here.

Jump start your way to more happiness by liking McDo_Ph on Facebook. Share your #McDoHappyMeal adventures on FB or tag @McDo_Ph on Twitter. Hooray! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Monogrammed Scarves For Her and Silk Ties For Him by 1988 A.D. Manila

Sharing with you these awesome Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from 1988 A.D. 1988 A.D. is an online store for monogrammed scarves and silk slim/skinny ties. Our gifts came in beautiful gift boxes. #LoveIt

1988 A.D. Manila Online Scarves and Neckties. Discover @wear1988ad on Instagram.
Unboxing. For moi, Monogrammed Scarf Sarah Jessica Print. For more pretty ways to wear scarf, see here
Slim/Skinny Tie for Hubby in For Print
Although, I have yet to fine my very own name (so far I chose my nickname since it's a 3-letter word anyway so it fits), or initials lovingly engraved a la Mon Monagram the LV way (ahem! is there anyone out there?!)... I'm happy to have more of these baby steps. 

I love red, and I have a fascination for Elephants, I think they're magical and romantic at the same time. Think Water for Elephants (book and movie, and yes Rob Pattinson), I used to dream of riding one, but not anymore since I don't want to condone animal abuse... maybe in another lifetime, in a natural setup, not as a tourist ride. 
And as for the slim tie, my very-picky hubby, loves this. He's usually a Harvey Specter kinda guy, but he's also sold to the idea of Mike Ross's Fashion in Suits...young and impeccably suited for success! 
Family Picture. Hubby impeccably suited (Arrow, Gap and 1988 AD Tie) during my son's First Holy Communion. On me, OOTD: Zara LBD, Nine West Slingback High Heels, Tory Burch Cardigan, LV Monogram Speedy Bag. 
See more of 1988 A.D.'s beautiful selection of prints and designs for your monogrammed scarves, and silk skinny/slim ties, for gentlemen, by following them on @Wear1988 on Instagram. Visit and follow on
We received these sometime ago (so sorry for the belated posting!) from my young work and school mate. Haha. (I do have to mention young, but I'm proud that were schoolmates in UA&P albeit yearsss apart.) Anyhoo, I love personalized gifts, remember these, so I just have to rave about these. I can't wait to do an OOTD with the scarf. Cheers! ^_^

Event: Promposal Done Right by Freshlight

Freshlight is one of the latest Hair Color Brands to hit the Philippine market. It's from the makers of the trusted salon brand worldwide, Schwarzkopf (same as Syoss). The packaging artwork features Blythe Dolls from Japan. So kawii! It's DIY home coloration in Cream and Foam range with super trendy color choices. For this love month, Freshlight, together with Watsons Philippines, are showcasing an event called Promposal Done Right by Freshlight.

Promposal Done Right by Freshlight Hair Color at SM North Edsa 
I just learned that another much awaited fanfare for this love month onward is the promposal. OH! Apparently, it means a proposal from someone asking another person to the prom. It is the combination of the words "prom" and "proposal." It seems that at times, it's as exciting, as theatrical and as lavish as the usual romantic event. Awww! To color your way to happily-ever-after this love month, do visit the Freshlight booth in SM North Edsa. It is staged to prettify, and with several hair color to choose from, you'll definitely be in fashion this season. So if you're hoping to score a successful promposal, or if you're promposing (you go girl!), or you already won yourself a promposal and on your way to the prom, or very applicable to my age group, getting ready to your V-Date, I say this is the practical venue to get affordable hair and makeup.

The oh-so-pink! Freshlight Promposal booth in Ground Floor of SM North Edsa. #SoPink#Kawaii
Freshlight by Schwarzkopf brings fashionable edge to Filipinos' most wanted hair colors. With the Freshlight Foam Coloration line, hair coloring has never been easier and more fun. 
After purchasing your Freshlight Hair Color of Choice, you can have it applied for free, plus have your hair styled by the Hair Stylist on stand by for your styling whims! 
You can also have your makeup done. 
Prom with Me? Definitely! The stage is set for your promposal! It's happily ever after for everyone here in the activity area of Freshlight. 
The activity hopes to bring love and sunshine your way (and my way!), so do visit the Freshlight booth in SM North Edsa, runs until February 19, 2014. Cheers! ^_^

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