Monday, December 29, 2014

Coca Cola STAR Campaign #5by20

Oh how do I love thee #ShareaCoke campaign? Let me count the ways...but wait, there's more. Coca Cola is truly committed in winning our hearts with so much stellar marketing campaigns such as the Happiness, Friendship, and Share a Coke, all mostly supported by heartwarming ads to boot. And here goes another amazing sharing of happiness from Coke, the #5by20 STAR program.

Sari-Sari Store Training & Access to Resources by Coca-Cola and TESDA aims to empower women, hence improve lives. 
Empower and Improve lives of 5 million women micro-entrepreneurs by the year 2020. #5by20
We have aplenty of sari-sari (variety) stores in the Philippines. My years of working experience in sales and marketing make me somewhat familiar with the sari-sari store channel dynamics in the Philippines. When we describe them to our foreign partners, we call them our traditional convenience stores. Yes, they thrive because, well, they're conveniently located almost everywhere. Visit to a sari-sari store are merited because of a sudden need of something, or out of a whim for a Coke or some junk foods. Sari-sari stores also feature some of the interesting goodies, chips, and candies usually are sourced from the traditional public market stalls, hence, not available in our modern supermarket. I have had the pleasure of getting my first dose of retail therapy in a visit to our friendly-neighborhood sari-sari store. Foremost, sari-sari stores are great venues to socialise.

Growth of sari-sari stores in number remains to be steady because because sari-sari stores allow patrons a degree of control in their purchases based on cash available on hand. Hence, sachets are still forever present given the lowest cash outlay requirement to satisfy some everyday needs. (And some sells on credit too...;-D)

On the other side, traditionally, sari-sari stores were put up because they provide convenience to the owner. It's easy to set-up, it works as their extended pantries, and in part, yields a steady daily cash flow. But when you look at it, only a couple really thrives and remains in the market, we call them Sari-sari store A or B, when measured in size of purchases from a supplier or on-hand inventories. Such that we describe this channel as mushrooming with several opening and closing of stores here and there, and yes, a very volatile channel. Perhaps with than in mind, Coca Cola and TESDA created a program for micro-entrepreneurs to have a sustainable and reliable business for them and for their family.

Sharing with you below inspiring stories of some of the Coca Cola STAR Graduates. 

From sari-sari store owners in the Philippines, to fruit farmers to artisans to vendors, to the mompreneurs, to all the women around the world who are already pillars of our business, the Coca-Cola Company are building on that foundation by implementing programs to help women entrepreneurs. Through 5by20, the campaign will address the most common barriers to success women face by giving them access to business skills training courses, financial services and connections with peers or mentors. Coca Cola's goal is the empowerment of 5 million women micro-entrepreneurs all over the world by the year 2020.

Truly, when a woman owns a profitable business, you can count on us to open happiness. Cheers! ^_^

Be a Star! For more details please visit

Shopping + OOTD #LatePost

Good morning!

Oh well, the stormy weather outside is frightful. I do pray for better days soon...we only have 3 days left in Iloilo, and we're back to Manila. I need an uneventful flight, please!

I have some time to blog, yay! Otherwise, I'm so tempted to do another round of carbo-loading, (awww...the Angelina loaf bread here is so so good!), or perhaps read a book, or go back to my Korean dramas...well, anyhow, will do all those later! ;-D

Before we left for Iloilo, I indulged myself with some doses of retail therapy. More pairs of Levi's Jeans. I adore thee! And yes, if my Honey insisted to gift me, why I caved in to Nike Kobe's. Since my boys are all crazy addicted to collecting Kobe Shoes, especially the Kobe 9, count me in! We got the Easter in California, the Laser Crimson in California for my son, while my hubby got his in Hong Kong. I got the Independence Day in Manila. Happy Birthday to me!

#OOTD Nike Kobe 9 + Levi's (for me) + Old Navy (for Chase) + School Shirt + NFL Short
My son's shoes were really, truly soiled last time. From the rain, it was muddy during his last school Christmas Fair. It couldn't be help! I had to take it upon myself to clean them. Otherwise, it will be another Php500-cleaning services. So far, so good, they look okay.

Super belated post here...but wait, there will be more.

Let's relish the rest of the Christmas season! Cheers! ^_^

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Birthday Doodle + Fave La Paz Batchoy

Beautiful Morning, everyone!

How's your Christmas? Hope you had the merriest time! 

It has been raining for a while now, and since it's my birthday today (yay! ;-D), I'll think of such as birthday blessing showers. Here's my Google Doodle for today. #FeelingSpecial

I love seeing my personal FB account flowing with birthday wishes in my timeline. My hubby's post is just the sweetest. Thank you and love you Hon! My mom sent me a lovely text message to boot. #GratefulHeart I will send out a love note to everyone later. I don't know if I mentioned it sometime ago, that I tend to be extra emotional during my birthday. Haha. Anyhow, it's my party, so I will cry if I want to. And since I'm 30ish, I'm feeling a bit... so far, so good! I have a realisation, since I'm on a medical diet from last time, I don't really look forward to the dining part unlike before (it used to stress me out thinking a perfect dining place), so that's one less worry to think about, I just want to spend time with the family. Told you...drama much. 

Oh, breakfast was served a while back. It was heavenly...soup for the soul... Netong's Original, Authentic La Paz Batchoy. 

Netong's Original Special La Paz Batchoy + Manapla Puto
The noodle soup is made from a mixture of broth (kaldo in Hiligaynon), pork, beef and noodles. The dish is made extra-special when other ingredients are added like pork organs, crushed pork cracklings (chicharon), bone marrow, onion leeks and garlic. A bowl with unlimited refills of broth is priced at Php 50 ++ ($1).  Don't get confused they would normally asked you if if it's Super, Extra or Extra Super. It's just basically tells you how much additional ingredients you would put in your soup. You can actually eat it with Pandesal (Philippine's version of Rolls) or manapla puto (steamed rice cake on banana leaf).
-Missing Iloilo Blog Enty, Posted January 2011
Namit gid! (Delicious!) Hubby and Tats (father in law) bought the batchoy from Netong's. It's inside the La Paz Public Market. As aforesaid, with the medical diet I'm on, they had to separate everything, mine was just broth, noodles, and garlic. It's okay, it's love. Oh porky, till we meet again! ;-D

Anyhow, thank you for today! As Jack says...

Well, yes, ma'am, I do... I mean, I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or, who I'm gonna meet, where I'm gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each day count.

Cheers! ^_^ 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Good Morning, Iloilo! #Christmas2014

December 24...yahooo! Thank you, Dear Lord!

We're mighty happy to be spending Christmas in Iloilo, it has been a while since last time. I love the food, and access to my now-only fave food, chicken and seafood, is bountiful. Yum! I hope not to carbo-overload though, hehe, given the many carbohydrates awesome bread choices (Angelina, Rgies). Vacation mode, let's do this! ;-D

It's been truly an exciting year...when I truly reflect on it, getting a normal CBC test count results of my son a few days back, makes me the happiest. I thank God for my doctor friends, who manage my worrywart-ness. Indeed, health is wealth, and family is love. #GratefulHeart ^_*

Happy Birthday, Jesus! 
Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas time. Sweet Blessings! Cheers! ;-D

Monday, December 15, 2014

#MeTime at Nail Tropics Rustan's Shangri-la Plaza

Beautiful. I made it back. Yay!

I love Rustan's Department Store, and a nail salon in perfect is that!

After the whole hullabaloo named medical emergency I needed to de-stress! Oh well, even prior to that, my toe nails are in bad, bad condition, they were chipped, brittle, and discolored given little or no break at all from varying shades of bright red and sometimes dark polish. They needed some tender loving care. I gave Nail Tropics a try.

Prior to my visit, I found time to check out their website, to gauge their services and price...sweet, their basic services and blissful treatments are reasonably priced.

I set out for the Lactol Pedi. Sharing my initial thoughts.

Breath of Milk Blissful Treatment boasts of an ultraluxe hands and/or feet facial composed of warm milk and shea butter, followed by a nail wrap to soften severely dry cuticles and whiten stained nails, inclusive of a signature massage and polish. Lacto Pedi for Php 540. 
I love the treatment. See my after photo (with my latest FitFlop pair, Pietra II :-D). Although there were still some discolorations, so I was advised better not to put on nail polish just yet. Perhaps another treatment, and I'm good to go. Hello, Red Nails soon!

I'm too shy to do a before picture. It's so unflattering, promise! I'm mighty pleased that my precious toe nails were saved! I almost decided to cover them up with another go of dark nail polish. So yes, the Lactol Pedi does its job of softening, fixing, and managing stained nails.

The place is nice (of course, it's in Rustan's), love the plush seats, service is generally okay, and staff are friendly. But I have some wishes, just a little bit more massage time, please. And please, try not to obviously upsell. I can appreciate a good sales pitch, but please look for positive buying signals. I will not be swayed, I don't need gel nail polish for my toe nails! For my hands, I might reconsider, but you will know, when I don't show up with super trimmed nails.

Hmmm,  it seemed I'm emotional (hahaha!), because it would have been a perfect "me time", but so far, so good! Haay! That's all!

Hmmm, other than those, I'm still compelled to get another round of Lactol Pedi. The forgettable massage, I can let go, but the upselling... I said it already, right, I will not be swayed! Perhaps, I will try another branch, let's see how it goes! Cheers! ^_^

Cheers! ^_^

Seoul-ful Shopping Time

Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^ Happy Monday, friends!

Here goes the good stuff... retail therapy!!! Love, love, love Lee Min Ho Innisfree!

Hmmm, let's see, let's cover Seoul-ful stuff first.

#SeoulShopping Re-purchased my skin care must-haves, (formerly Jejubija now only) Bija Anti Trouble Skin,  Soybean Firming Serum, and gifting my hubby a Forest for Men Skin Care Gift Set. *Thinks of Lee Min Ho  ;-D and Innisfree Freebies. Total Damage 84000 KRW or Php 3400. Thanks Mommy Wendy for taking the time yet again! ^_^
Hello, Korea! I'm going to Seoul soon with nothing to do but fangirl! Thanks to my Chinggus! #GratefulHeart

Muji Ladies Coat in beige (not in photo is the same Muji Coat Style in Black. You can never have too many Winter Coat.  I love the vintage a la Jackie O, my photo doesn't do justice, I hope my OOTD in the future does. ^_*), Cardigan, Sleepwear and Fitflop Crush Boot (after my 11th FitFlop pair post, I just lost count!) All set for Winter Wonderland (almost), let's go!
I can't wait to see Lee Joon Gi Seoul in Lunar New Year!

Because yours truly is a glorified busy bee (I do hope with things that matter, or else...), will cover the other love of my life (Louis and Kobe ;-D) next post! Please don't go away!

Have a wonderful Christmas Time! Saranghaeyo! Cheers! ^_^

Thursday, December 11, 2014

#OutofCommission was on Medical Emergency

Hello, December! (It feels so good to be able to say that albeit very late!) I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Time. It's so good to be back!

November was crazy (the worst kind of crazy!)...I hope not to bore you with so much details since I was keen on not to talk about horrible bad stuff in my blog, but reading about others' experiences helped me so much, so I hope to be able to do the same. Oh well, life!

For November, we had two trips to the Emergency Room of The Medical City, one because of my son, while the other lead to my admission from Partial Small Bowel Obstruction secondary to Post-Op Adhesions. (And behold, it earned us a Platinum Membership in TMC. Shocks!)

Anyhow, thankfully it resolved after that dreaded NGT (Nasogastric Tube) insertion. Reason from the obstruction was post-op adhesions from my C-Section Operation 9 years ago. Surprise! It was very sudden as there were no notable episodes before that time. Although, now that I think of it, the symptom was something I experienced once in a while, but I always associated it with Urinary Tract Infection. It basically felt like cramping a la dysmenorrhea. Only last time, it went up from the pelvis area to the stomach, felt worse than labor pains, plus I was nauseated the whole time and had several episodes of vomiting. Pain started 5 pm, by 10 pm, I had to be rushed to the ER.  I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days.

In the span of 4 Days, I had blood works done, urinalysis, pre and post abdominal x-ray, and a lengthy CT-Scan procedure with an IV contrast, which all showed that there was a partial block in my small intestine. Conservative treatment required bowel rest, meaning NPO, no food and liquid should be taken orally, and then NGT, or else Surgery. The NGT worked like black magic, so yes, I felt better, and had to condition myself to meet all the requisites of recovering without the need of surgery (meaning passing gas, bowel movement, urinating, not nauseated, etc.) I was crazy bloated the whole time, and a couple of days after discharge.

After the NGT, I was allowed to go on liquid diet, the soft liquid, and quick try of full diet, I had to be able to tolerate it and do all the requisites I mentioned. What helped hasten my recovery while in the hospital were the Peppermint Tea, Yoga's Child Pose, and a lot of walking in place. Haha. (Plus Smith's Rosebud Salve...I had the worst episodes of chapped lips ever, by Day 5, kissable lips are back...and I'm back home! ;-D)

The experience made me revisit my lifestyle. I'm compelled to diet eat healthier, and to exercise. Soon, I will commit myself to do yoga. 2 weeks, I'm 8 pounds lighter, because I have to take my sweet time eating, (and no buffet for life!). Waah! I'm still on a low residue diet or low fiber diet, and I'm still avoiding pork and beef. Although doctors, after a week, already gave me may-go-back-to-normal-life minus cheat days overeating! I'm still paranoid, I was specifically worried eating a full serving of rice and pasta. Last time, I ate a serving of pasta, worrying so much lead me to think I'm having tummy pains again. #WorrywartMuch So meantime, I'm taking it slowly but surely. To supplement my other nutrient requirements, instead of always soup, I drink Vanilla Herbalife Shake for breakfast. And I drink overflowing Peppermint Tea (I like the Mint Tea of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) all day long. Plus massage therapy. Yay! I now have reasons to treat myself with a message once or twice a week.

It's a life changing experience. My doctors say there is no real cure, no prevention, and yes, it can recur anytime! Aissh! Shocking! But with a grateful heart, I look forward to espousing a healthier cheat daysss! Sad news, it meant giving up on some of my fave Seoul-ful food, and yes no buffet! But my goodness, I hope NOT to meet my surgeon ever! So better safe than sorry.

That's all!

To my readers, and my PR friends, please don't go away. After this, I hope to be able to talk of only happy, girly, Seoul-ful stuff! Have a wonderful Christmas Time! Cheers! ^_^

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2014 McDonald’s Coca-Cola Modern Glass Collection

Hooray! It's Noovember! Hope everyone is doing great. ;-D

For the avid collectors of Mc Donald's Coca-Cola Glasses, this year's Glass Collection is definitely not to be missed as McDonald’s takes customers’ dining experience up a notch with the 2014 Coca-Cola Modern Glass collection. Definitely a collection with class of its own!

Fusing modern imagery and contemporary design to create six visually distinctive patterns—diamond, linear, mosaic, pixel, ripple, and steel— this year’s Coke Glasses take inspiration from graphic elements and will all be offered in a light grey color, adding a premium yet playful touch to one’s dining experience.
“The Coca-Cola Glasses are a much-awaited tradition among McDonald’s markets across the Asia Pacific, especially in the Philippines. We are very thankful that our Filipino customers continue to be excited to collect iconic Coke Glasses every year,” said McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO Kenneth Yang. “The Coke Glass campaign, which is already on its 7th year in the country, is a testament to the strong partnership of McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, here and around the world, as both companies continue to connect with customers by injecting fun into everyday experiences,” Yang added.
Throughout the years, consumers across Asia Pacific have collected close to 200 million Coke Glasses, with various memorable designs, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Coca-Cola Contour Glasses, the 2010 FIFA World Cup Coca-Cola Glasses, the 2011 Coca-Cola Glasses in the shape of a Coke Can, and the 2013 Coca-Cola Glasses, which turned things upside down.  
Ours. It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas.#Hooray
Truthfully, we are seasonal collector of McDonald's and Coke Glasses, we live in a condo, and we don't have a lot of space, plus we use water goblets. Haha. We like things fancy! Hah. But we were super compelled to get these! Yes, we had help jumpstarting our collection (thank you!;-D), but I'm almost done on collecting another set of six of the diamond-patterned glass. *Thinks diamonds are a girl's best friend! The designs and the light grey color are perfect for us (because folks at home only like black and white!)

Customers can take home any of the six 2014 Coke Glasses by adding only Php 25 to a purchase of a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal. The promo is also valid for purchases of a BFF Burger or Chicken Bundle and breakfast Extra Value Meals.
Side story. I've been yet again missing in action. Life has been extra challenging super exciting! I'm grateful for this little space of mine in the world wide web (drama!) that allows me to fangirl on brands that I love. And awww,  the goodies and perks are icing. It feels like Christmas every time! Cheers! ^_^

Get your #McDoCokeGlass now, collect all designs!  These are available at McDonald’s stores nationwide via Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru, McDelivery (86-2-36 and and the McDo PH App, all day, including breakfast hours.

For more information, like the official McDonald's Facebook fan page or follow @McDo_PH on Twitter.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Belo Collagen Powder Drink #BeYOUTHiful

#BeYOUTHiful Friday, everyone! Here's my latest addiction addition to my anti-aging must haves...Belo Collagen Powder Drink. For the love of anti-aging, to complement my already exhaustive skincare routine, I drink collagen (and a whole lot more)! Ye, the more, the merrier! ^_^

Advanced Anti-Aging Collagen Powder Drink with Hayaluronic Acid by Belo Nutraceuticals
I dream to be Belo-fied, okay, Laser Lipo Arms by Belo to be exact. So tempting. I need to save. Oh well. Who doesn't know Belo, right? So I was delighted to get these goodies. I'm ready to feel even more beautiful and yes, more youthful. Every so often, I like to indulge and treat myself with collagen supplements, but oh my, admittedly a bottle is a bit pricey. I'm so very grateful for these. As Dr. Vicki Belo says, it's time to youthify!

Sharing excerpts from The Elixir to Staying Young By Victoria G. Belo, M.D.
Ever wonder why children from ages one to eight have such beautiful skin? It is precisely because of this abundance of collagen.   
But as we age, the production of collagen in our bodies naturally decline.  This is further affected by stress, daily wear and tear, sun exposure, and other negative factors.  From the age of 20 to 40, the collagen in our skin decreases by about 20%; from the age of 40 to 60, we lose another 40-50%.

That is why in line with our vision to deliver the best and latest in beauty solutions to Filipinos, we have decided to launch our own version. We are proud to introduce a breakthrough product that truly revolutionizes how we look at skin care. Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink provides remarkable anti-aging benefits that work from within.

It is made with high-absorption collagen that provides our skin an abundance of strength, elasticity and resilience. And unlike some collagen drink already available in the market, Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink is infused with Hyaluronic Acid. This increases efficacy, as hyaluronic acid is a moisture magnet that improves skin hydration.

One sachet a day dissolved in your favorite hot and cold beverage, be it coffee or tea, milk or yogurt, is all you need to help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, restoring its health and suppleness, while minimizing fine lines and sagging.

At the age of 40 though, it is best to take two sachets a day. Its breakthrough patented formulation has undergone extensive study to ensure its quality, safety and efficacy.  You can expect to see a visible difference in just two weeks.
I'm a firm believer of the potency of collagen. Reinforced by Belo and Jun Ji Hyun's Cheon Song Yi in Korean Drama's My Love from Another Star, I'm sold! (You ought to know I'm a big fan of almost-everything-Korean, and my, my, Korean Dramas are great source of anti-aging agents! *teehee)

I take the Belo Collagen Powder Drink with my juice, pressed juice, and coffee. 
Recommended usage of Belo Collagen Powder Drink. Dissolve a sachet in hot and cold beverage, be it coffee or tea, milk or yogurt. In my experience, the jar that came with the press kit, makes dissolving easier for cold beverage.  Almost effortless on coffee. 
Here are more Belo Collagen Powder details...
Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink is safe to drink because the ingredients are mainly composed of vitamins, proteins and amino acids that are either naturally synthesized in the body or a needed supplement. Caution though is given to individuals who are allergic to marine substances, fish being the source of the active collagen ingredient. 
There are no ingredients that will cause an individual to gain weight. *Very important to note! ;-D
It is recommended to start drinking collagen powder drink at 25 years of age. Although, taking the collagen powder under 25 years of age may further prevent the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles. Please note that this is a subjective experience.  
I mentioned that I layer anti-aging goodies, right, but taking Belo Collagen, once a day, minimizes, if not altogether prevents my seasonal breakouts. I did brows and upper lip waxing, without lingering irritations too, which I usually get. Noticeable too is my stronger nails, I usually do something that makes them chip, but not as easily lately. Although, I'm so tempted to up my dosage to 2 sachets per day, maybe once in a while, if I'm feeling indulgent! ;-D  I owe you a #Selfie #Selca (or meantime, please do check out my IG @chicsassymom ;-D). So yes, Collagen is it! Cheers! ^_^

Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink is available in Belo Medical Group clinics, Watsons, Mercury Drugstores and other leading online stores nationwide. It costs Php 113.75 per sachet and Php 1,592.50 for a box of 14 sachets.

#BeYOUTHiful , like Belo Nutraceutical on Facebook, on Twitter @Belo_Essentials, and on IG @belo_essentials

Shakey's Justice League Unlimited Comics Party

We love to party! Awww...and the matching costumes to boot...Daebak! (See my tab dedicated to parties. ^_^) Look, our little Superman is so adorable! 

So cute. DIY Superman Costume. ;-D
For his first birthday party, we did a Justice League Theme. I remember how it was a bit difficult back then, because it's so hard to get matching stuff here. I remember feeling broke heart broken, because I was unsuccessful shopping in Divisoria, so we got most of the goodies from the US.

A couple of months later and to date, Justice League goodies are available here and there. Plus, Shakey's started featuring it too. Yay! Good times, great memories with Shakey's Super Celebration!

Your favorite pizza restaurant chain Shakey’s is making this possible for those who want to throw an unforgettable party for their kids. Bringing in the “superpowers” of DC’s Justice League, Shakey’s is now offering the Justice League Unlimited party package, inclusive of signature dishes, activities, and even props that will further enliven the gathering. Mind you, they even encourage guests to dress up for the party!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shoes, Yoga, Rain etc.

Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^  Oh Hello, hello!

Oh well, here's a quick roundup of my Instagram (@chicsassymom) posts.

Urban Ashram Brixton. I'm trying to attend FNR (Flexibility Not Required) classes.Ay yai yai! Let's do this!
 I finally made it to Silantro in Kapitolyo, Pasig. I'm in love with the nachos and burrito! I can't wait to go back!
1. #CMGSale A girl can never have too many shoes! OOTD soon! ;-D
2. Beauty Empties: Pantene Aqua Light Conditioner (bought it in Walmart), Wen By Chaz Dean Six Thirteen Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Treatment Lemon Rosemary Vanilla Bean, OGX Moroccan Argan Creme Conditioner (from Target), Bath & Body Works Sleep Night Time Tea Body Wash and Foam Bath (got this in a BBW store on our way to Las Vegas, on Sale, but couldn't find it in other stores though, must be discontinued, too bad about that!), The Cream Factory Scrub.
3. Marks & Spencer Strawberry & Almond Crunch Cereal and Kirkland Organic Soymilk Vanilla
I did mention some misadventures last time, believe me, more came! But, we survived! Thank you, Lord!

Life, oh life, oh life!

I don't know if I mentioned that for the past months and so, I'm doing marketing functions at work, relatively new to me, since I've been with sales for as long as I can remember. Although, I relish the new experience, so much more to learn...I like to refer to it as my sharpening-the-saw moment. Except that at the end of the day, my creative prowess is exhausted! I can't wait to watch Korean dramas!

But still, after work, for a supermom, tutoring duties call and a whole lot more. Thankfully, last week, we had a break through, I found a new tutor for Chase. (I will talk more about it, with accompanying picture to boot.)

Having a tutor means so much to us. It saves our mom-son relationship from possible deterioration and flying/breaking objects. Hah. So this means, after work,  for some "me time", I can actually do a) yoga! (Hmmm...let's talk more about it next time. ) That, or b) read a book (#Four #TheoJames is love, isn't he?) or b) massage or c) watch Korean Drama or d) blog.

 Choice C. Korean Drama is the runaway winner. Of course...Rain is back! #MyLovelyGirl #JungJiHoon My #Bi with Krystal Jung
I wish I can blog as often. I miss blogging. I miss doing #FOTD posts. I miss sharing my son's adventures. I miss my shopping posts. I'm even missing out on this (September 2014) S&R's Members' Treat sale!  Otoke?! So many dramas, so little time!

But still, I have upcoming giveaway in store for you, so please don't go away! I am grateful for everyone, for the brands and PR companies for the support, for the media invites, for the press kits sent my way (I usually can't attend events happening on a weekday,  then on weekends, I save them for family and "me" time.) Soon, I hope to channel some of my superpowers on blogging! I hope not to disappoint! Aja! Aja! Fighting! Cheers! ;-D

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

{Giveaway} Win a Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication Cake (Updated)

I love the Ber Months! September sweetens it all the more for us because it's our son's birthday month!

A couple more weeks till we celebrate another happiest time of the year, my son's 9th birthday! Oh wow, time flies! My blog is founded on his year on year birthday festivities (see my Parties Page ;-D), I'm so looking forward to another birthday post. 

I'm delighted that Red Ribbon just sweetens it even more, with a Red Ribbon Dedication Cake, I can go beyond the usual “Happy Birthday” greeting on his cake. 

Updated: September 15

I got my son a cake. Look! He loves it! He loves the message, he wants me to post it on FB, and tag him. We can all use a chocolate cake today. Happy Monday!

With Red Ribbon’s Dedication Cake, you can greet your loved ones and place a personal message that your loved one will truly cherish.  And best of all, get a Red Ribbon 8x8 Chocolate Dedication Cake for only P299! So eat more cake! 

So here's us sweetening your days, get a chance to win a Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication Cake!

Win a Red Ribbon Dedication Cake! #Giveaway

  • This contest/giveaway is open to my Metro Manila readers and social media subscribers, who will be willing to pick up their prizes at the selected Red Ribbon Shop. 
  • If you're up for a trip in Manila, you will be most welcome to join too! It will be a pleasure, the more, the merrier!
  • One (1) winner of a Red Ribbon Chocolate 8x8 Cake
  • The giveaway runs tonight until September 16, 2014. Terms & Conditions apply. Please read the T&C in the Rafflecopter form. 
  • Please accomplish the Rafflecopter for your entries. For your most unique and creative birthday message, please click the ENTER TO WIN, you will be directed to a Google Doc. Since this is a contest of the most unique & creative birthday message,  we will keep your entries secret. Hah. Competitive much. 
  • For the purpose of the contest, no limit will be set to the number of lines. But friends, please consider that a cake can only hold at most 4 lines. ;-D (Updated: September 15 Oops, I stand corrected, with a Red Ribbon cake, I can go more than 4 lines!!! So here goes, Dear Diary....) 

Click Image!
An interesting pin (in Pinterest) goes by...While a great many things can be resolved with kindness, ever more with laughter, but there are some things that just require cake. I couldn't agree more! Cheers! ^_^

Like Red Ribbon Bakeshop on Facebook for more details. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Updates and More Adventures

Annyeong! ^_^ Oh well, this is a late post. This was supposedly posted last Sunday. But several misadventures after, no me time equals no time to blog. Opening lines would have been... "I'm nursing a black eye!" But fret not, everything is okay now! (*Sings to the tune of the OST of my precious Korean drama, It's Okay, That's Love!) 

First off, highlights from my Instagram.

Featured photos: 1) Selfie love. I still owe you a post regarding my Bare Minerals haul, but fave brand to date for my easy peasy office makeup are Bare Minerals, Ecotools Makeup Brushes (uber soft plus non shedding), Shu Uemura (eyelash curler), and Innisfree. I usually do a FOTD a la selfie/selca after a visit to The Brow Studio2) Marks and Spencer Haul. Love everything. Hello, calories! 3) Of course, Innisfree.
4) Spam Tocino. #MustTry
5) Satisfying my #CafeMaryGrace cravings.
6) Cheese platter from my visit at the booth of ScanAsia in the Food and Drinks Asia 2014.
(Line 1, L to R: )
My newest baby love, The Coffee and Bean Tea Leaf Retail Beverage Lines, Ready Coffee, Tea Leaf Selections, Iced Sparkling Tea, not in photo are the Canned Coffee. #MustBuy #MustTry when #TasteMatters! Available in leading supermarkets.
I'm back to 1200 Calorie Diet. Now on Planeat Program again. #WishmeLuck
(Line 2, L to R:)
Cheese and a whole lot more from the Food and Drinks Asia 2014. #WorkandPlay
Trying out Chia Squeeze, sample from the Hong Kong Food Expo
Done Reading Gone Girl. Interesting. Movie coming out soon.
Korean Feast from Jang Ga Nae.
(Line 3, L to R:)
M&S Haul. Seriously good stuff especially when the price is so right! #SaleFinds
Japanese Sakura Jams from HK Food Expo.
More salads from Mary Grace Cafe.
I am addicted to Theo James Four! Alright, and to everything Veronica Roth authored (Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant). And yes, love the heroine too, Tris Prior. #MustRead #MustWatch #Dauntless
Oh my! Information overload. Flatter me, please, find me on Instagram @chicsassymom ! ;-D

Now, on to more heartwarming moments, without accompanying photos.

Last Sunday was another inspiring day. Our new Ate went on a day-off (last time she did, she got her hair rebonded! Pretty. Love her to pieces. She's instrumental to my extra, unwanted pounds! Hah.) So it meant I had to do breakfast, lunch, and everything in between. Breakfast was spaghetti and butter(ed) toast. And cheese platter from my haul in the Food & Drinks Expo (see my Instagram). Lunch was fried rice made by Chase (my adorable eight-year old son), and I did a spin-off, Bibimbap. Yum. My son was the sweetest, although he did cause me my black eye by accident. It hurt, I cried! He was so sad, so he went out of his way to help, he earnestly volunteered to cook the fried rice a la Akira's or Benihana's. This was his second attempt, last time we had a falling out because I didn't let him put so much soy sauce, so he boycotted my version of fried rice. This time, I gave him full ownership, head Chef he was for that day. As expected, he overdid the soy sauce. It was salty. He acknowledged it and I had to fix it, hence for the Bibimbap. Anyhow, he felt so bad about it. To make up, he volunteered to wash the dishes. I did most, but I did let him wash the glasses. Tadaaa! He broke one! Strike three for him. Nonetheless, I always think that a glass breaking is better than something else. He mentioned he was unlucky, but I assured him that everything will be okay, (since it usually comes in three's), and we already had our fill of adventures for the day. As always, we kiss and hug, and all is well!

The story of my life, love and mommyhood, that's all for today! Cheers! ^_^

P.S. I have giveaways coming soon. I'm already behind requested timeline. Please stay tuned. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Oh Life!

Hello there! I'm okay! Something is amiss, and I'm not feeling so cheery! Oh well, life. Drama. Drama. Drama.

I hope everyone is doing great! First off, I'm okay! (Oh right, I mentioned that!) So much drama, so little time... I ended up not blogging for the past couple of weeks. It's so hard to put everything in words, especially in an organised, coherent and grammatically correct post, oh and a matching photo to boot! Today, I found here goes.

Cheers! *_^ Aja! Aja! Fighting! Somehow, saying the beloved Korean Drama-esque cheer truly helps. Teehee!

I will mention the Korean dramas later. Let me tell you that when it rains, it pours. Lately, several mishaps are coming on my way. Hello, Emotional eating! Boo! The recently concluded First Trimestral exams of my son (who goes to LSGH) was the perfect icing to my already sweet stressful life, but yes, we made it! So yes, I'm ready to make lemonade! I'm so going back to 1200-Calorie Diet!

Let me rant, allow me, please! Here goes the trivial ones, the serious stuff, I will keep to myself. ^_* Few hours back, our precious (and very high maintenance) personal car broke a window glass mechanism, for the second time. My supposed 5-mpbs internet plan is very intermittent, so I'm using my mobile network for tethering. I went on to wash my hands with a foaming Bath & Body Works hand soap, and the soap went all splashy over my clothes (not once, but twice). Not to mention my misadventures with my son. What is wrong?!

Amidst all those, I'm grateful for today! I made it through August! Thank you for my family and friends! God's lovingkindness is amazing! Who wants vodka lemonade? Cheers! ^_^

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Enchanted Kingdom x Babypalooza Bazaar 2014 Giveaway

Oh Hello August!

Cheers to another awesome giveaway! Babypalooza Bazaar x Enchanted Kingdom are giving out (3) Tickets of Enchanted Kingdom to (1) lucky reader of Chic & Sassy Mom. Join now! Easy peasy entry requirements, plus EK ticket prizes are valid until January 2015.

The Babypalooza Bazaar is back! Sellers of baby products and service providers will once again come together to showcase their businesses on the only baby fair that features not only brand new but gently used (aka preloved) items for babies and pregnant mommies.  Parents can get access to the latest and cutest baby products and shop to their hearts’ content in our air-conditioned venue on August 16 & 17, 10 am to 7 pm, Walter Hogan Conference Center, Ateneo de Manila in Quezon City.
Visitors can also enjoy chilling out in the air-conditioned Babypalooza Family Room. This is where kids can play, babies can get their diapers changed or get breastfed and daddies can hang out while they wait for their wives to finish shopping.   
The Great Leap Academy, the first enrichment center to offer the Music Together program in the Philippines will also be conducting demo classes during bazaar hours. Be one of the first to experience first-hand this award-winning program and discover the pleasure and developmental benefits of Music Together.  Demo classes will be held at 10 am and 4 pm on August 16 & 17 in the Babypalooza Family Room. To pre-register for one of the classes, please email 
Shoppers can get a chance to win awesome prizes such as the Sophie the Giraffe teethers from France, Enchanted Kingdom tickets, Sansfluo products and other special Babypalooza items. 
Visitors need not worry about spending on entrance fees because entrance is FREE so bring the entire family and all your friends! If you’re a parent and you’re looking for high quality yet affordable baby products, you shouldn’t miss the Babypalooza Bazaar on August 16 & 17. Like Babypalooza on Facebook,  
Enchanted Kingdom is giving away 3 tickets to one lucky winner, valid until January 2015! The great news is, even if you don’t win, you can get a great deal on tickets if you drop by the Babypalooza Bazaar. Enjoy their Babypalooza-exclusive Enchanted Kingdom 3 + 1 deal.

Giveaway Details: 

Join via the Rafflecopter. 
Giveaway is open to Philippine residents with a courier-accessible address. 
Entry submission will end August 10, 2014, Local Time (Philippines). 
Complete the requirements, and bonus entries if you like. Earn entries via the Rafflecopter.
One winner for the (3) Enchanted Kingdom Tickets. ;-D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A special gift from the Babypalooza team will also be given if the prize is claimed on August 16 or 17 during bazaar hours. If winner is unable to go to the bazaar, tickets will be mailed on or before August 31, 2014.

Let's do this! Cheers! ;-D 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Oryspa Beauty Oil Review #MustHave

Oryspa is love. I'm an avid fan and patron of this local brand. #ProudlyPinoy

Oryspa patronage is totally rewarding, I buy the products that I like, enjoy their benefits, and enjoy freebies (discounts or free products) to boot. Some of its products, I already couldn't live without, and the list just keeps getting longer. Included now in my list of must-haves is the Rice Bran Beauty Oil.

Oryspa Rice Bran Beauty Oil is a multi-functional face/body/hair oil that works as a makeup remover, skin lightening and as a beauty oil with reinforced anti-aging benefits. Oryspa Beauty Oil sells for Php 185/60 ml bottle.
So many good stuff in Oryspa Rice Bran Oil.  #Love #MustHave 
Oryspa Rice Bran Beauty Oil contains combination of oryzanol rich rice brand oil that helps even out skin tone and lightens dark spots even dark under eye circles and discolarion on underarms. It contains Vitamin E rich grapeseed  that moisturizes face and body, smoothens and lightens, minimizes strechmarks. It contains evening primrose oil that is best for sensitive problematic skin. It even adds shine to dull hair to give fresher and healthier look. 
Since I already have a dedicated skincare regimen in place, meantime, I use the beauty oil as a makeup remover. It's my go-to waterproof eye makeup remover. It cleanses gently, without the cloudiness. Plus, I actually feel and see that it also nourishes my eye lashes, keeps them falling out and it hastens regrowth for thicker and fuller lashes.

Take a look at how it works effortlessly in removing eye makeup.

Oryspa Beauty Oil gently removes mascara, eyeliner and heavy eyeshadows too. 
Side story on my funky eye makeup. Yesterday was my company's 50th anniversary #RMK50, I was one of the performers, we did a 90's dance medley (oh yes, Macarena, Shalala, Barbie Girl, Can't Touch This, Mambo No. 5 and more). We had a matching hair and makeup. I will try to do a post on it too, it's so much fun!

Back to Orypa Beauty Oil, for removing eye mascara and eyeliner, I use a cotton swab. It works like a wand and it's more targeted, plus it's more economical. What I do is I dispense a little oil on my palm and dab the swabs.

At times, I use it also to remove bb creams, foundations and what have you, cleanses squeaky clean and no break outs.

Although I have yet to see how it will fare on the minimizing-the-stretchmarks-part, because with so much (countless, as in mass nouns) stretchmarks to remove (so bad! so sad!), I will need a whole lot more of it. A litre-pack, perhaps! Aissh!

Fall in love with Oryspa, drop by one of its mall kiosks and make sure not to miss sniffing the Meditation balm and the latest SNIFF Balm (go for the small tub, because the scent differs from the big tub). For spa-ish scent and experience at home, check out their massage oils too. Let's fangirl over Oryspa. Cheers! ^_^

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Holistic Skin Care Routine with Myra E #TuloyangGanda

Beautiful Sunday! ^_^ Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. Well, mine, yesterday was so-so. The not-so-good part, some of it, I couldn't help but vent out on Twitter, plus I had a terrible headache to boot. Worst, son is still not feeling well! Oh of a drama-filled supermom, aja, aja, fighting! ^_^ #Sundate later.

Anyhow, yesterday was not all that bad. After doing my errands, I had good staycation, and I slept early and long (earliest and longest in yearsss...Yay!^_*). Icing on a happy weekend is a beautiful package from Myra E. Thank you! So now, I'm recharged! Let's talk about beautiful stuff.

While I'm on to a good start of having a devoted skin care routine, studies show that facial creams and lotions are not enough to keep your skin look beautiful.  For that healthy, young-looking and glowing skin, the holistic skin care also comes with having enough sleep (beauty rest), exercise (my biggest challenge!), lots of water (super love the Kor water bottle, which is perfect for infused water, thank you! ;-D), eating well (aha!) and taking Vitamin E.

Take Myra Vitamin E. #MyraHolistic
Take Vitamin E. This is where the heart of Holistic Skin Care is. As you go about your usual work day, you get exposed to bad and uncontrollable free radicals that damage your cells. The result: tired-looking skin that looks dull, dry, and aging. Help your skin bounce back and recoup easily by adding a daily dose of Vitamin E to your diet. Since this vitamin isn’t produced by the body, taking a powerful Vitamin E supplement like Myra, can help. It’s rich in anti-oxidants to help boost your skin from within and also stops skin-damaging, free radicals from stealing life from your cells. The best part is, it also repairs damaged cells and works hard to protect the healthy ones. And with more healthy cells in your body, you’ll be able to have beautiful, glowing and younger-looking skin throughout the years to come.
Beautiful skin starts from within. Enjoy the goodness of Vitamin E with Myra E. 
I'm almost on the right track, minus exercising and some bad habits. (I will try to break those bad habits soon, promise!)

Mine and Hubby's...our dose of nutraceuticals everyday (D3, Biotin, Flaxseed Oil (Omega 3-6-9), Multi-Vitamins, and now with Myra Vitamin E). 
Joining the esteemed rosters of Myra E brand ambassadors are Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and Sarah Geronimo.
Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and Sarah Geronimo for Myra E Holistic Skincare.
For someone about my age group, Judy Ann looks truly looks beautiful. So inspiring. Oh well, I have my creams and lotions and Myra E for the healthy cells, I just lack some of the elements of healthy lifestyle. Hah. Soon...Hello, healthy, youthful-looking, and glowing skin! Let's do this! Cheers! ^_^

Myra 300E contains 300IU of Synthetic Vitamin E for Php 241.50 per bottle of 30s. Myra 400E contains 400IU of Natural Vitamin E for Php 354.90 per bottle of 30s. Myra E is available on leading drugstores, supermarkets, and department stores nationwide. 

For more details, follow and like Myra Philippines on these following social media networks.
Twitter: MyraHolistic  
IG: MyraHolistic #tuloyangganda #MyraHolistic   

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Innisfree Haul {Skincare Must-Haves}

Annyeong! ^_^ Yay! Oh goodie, another Lee Min Ho Innisfree post.

My Skin care Must Haves and Must Buy in Korea. Innisfree Bija Anti-Trouble Facial Foam, Skin, Lotion, Perfect 9 Repair Serum, Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock and some freebies #Perfection #Happiness ^_^
Here's another Seoul-ful haul of my basic skincare must haves, which are from the Innisfree Bija (formerly Jejubija) Anti-Trouble Skin Care line. I devoted so much to it lengthily here and here too.

Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair Serum. After finishing dozens of trial packs/samples, I'm sold. I just had to get the full size (58000 KRW or Php 2450+) 
I'm loving the Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair Serum. It's lightweight, plus it leaves a silky feel and finish. It boasts of precious 9 plants from Jeju Island (Oh Jeju, I hope to visit soon!), which offers aplenty of age-defying benefits. Love it!

Just in case you're new here, before it's Skinfood, Skinfood, Skinfood, then I met Lee Min Ho err Innisfree, and fell head over heels in love.  Fangirl aside, Innisfree skin care lines are well suited to my skin type, plus are generally well priced (when in Seoul). I stick by the Bija Anti-Trouble Line, and add a serum or cream for reinforcement, the more, the merrier! I will try my very best to do a full review of the Perfect 9.

Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock SPF 50+ PA +++ for 12000 KRW. 
I'm well aware of the need to apply sunscreen, while most of the bb creams offer protection, it's still best to reinforce it. I was also able to try out sample packs of this. I like it because it's not as greasy plus it doesn't leave a white cast. It doesn't feel heavy to layer it with makeups afterwards. Plus it offers a good full spectrum protection. More importantly, it didn't give me breakouts, so a full size replenishment was in order. Oh yes, I hope to be back to do a full review. ^_*

I usually asked friends to get them for me in Seoul. Last time, I got them in Hong Kong (lucky them, Innisfree is in Hong Kong). Or it's via my fave Korean e-Bay seller, BHappywithme. This recent haul was c/o my friend who went to Seoul. Kamsahamnida chingu!

Innisfree, please come to the Philippines (and bring Lee Min Ho along). Cheers! ^_^

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jeun Tong Tofu House | Korean Dinner in California

Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^ Happy Sunday!

Anyhow, this is another late post from our USA Summer 2014 escapade, please bear with me, I have more of them (thousands of photos on my Dropbox for purging). Somehow, I find it easy for me to write about Seoul-ful stuff, of course! Let's eat! Jal meokkesseumnida!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Another Balikbayan Box {Unboxing}

Oh Hello, hello!  Hope all is well with everyone.

Time flies... with so many Korean Dramas to watch things to do, so little time.  Oh life, oh life! I'm grateful! *_^ Okay, when something's amiss, this never fails to cheer me up...Aja! Aja! Fighting!

Anyhow, let's bring on the happier news... unboxing a Balikbayan Box. #HappyDance

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Coca-Cola #ShareaCoke Philippines {Personalize your Coke}

Happiness. Open. Share. Coke is it!

The phenomenal Share a Coke campaign that has taken over 50 nations by storm is finally in the Philippines! Yay! ^_^ The Coca-Cola Philippines #ShareaCoke launch was held yesterday at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall. 

Share a Coke Booth
Leading the celebration at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall was Jasmin Vinculado, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Philippines, who also headed the first ever Share a Coke campaign in Australia.
We brought Share A Coke to the Philippines with one goal – to share happiness. Sharing a Coke is a simple yet fun and exciting way for us Filipinos to be able to show our appreciation to people who make us happy. For mothers who cook our breakfasts every day, for the fathers who drop off their children to school every morning, for the friends who listen to our never-ending problems, for the manang who serves our food in the cafeteria, for the manong who opens the door for us and wishes us a great day with his bright smile, for everyone who has shown us kindness—we would like to share a Coke with them simply because we know that happiness is made more real when shared.” Vinculado enthuses.
One of the event’s highlight was also to celebrate the long-standing partnership between Coca-Cola and the country’s leading teen clothing brand Bench. Mr. Ben Chan graced the event (and I took a photo with him ^_*, I just couldn't resist, he's such an admirable person plus Lee Min Ho had a photo with him, so me too! Check out my Instagram @chicsassymom *LoL). I have to commend him, as always, he was very, very prompt!

True to the essence of the campaign, to show the company’s appreciation for all the years they have worked together, Jasmin Vinculado of Coca-Cola Philippines shares a Coke with Ben Chan, Chairman and CEO of Bench. 
This was followed by a Bench fashion show, where models clad in stylized Share a Coke shirts showcased their personalized Coca-Cola bottles and cans on the catwalk. 

Coca-Cola Happiness Ambassadors Joseph Marco, Julia Montes, and Enchong Dee gave the audience a blast by sharing personalized Coke cans bearing terms of endearment “Crush,” “Hottie,” and “Love” to some unsuspecting guests. Joseph Marco also gave out a Sunflower. While Enchong Dee shared balloons. ^_^
Celebrity Brand Ambassadors joins Jasmin Vinculado of Coca-Cola Philippines,  Coca-Cola FEMSA CEO Juan Ramon Felix, and BENCH Chairman and CEO Ben Chan. 
It was a great day to share a Coke! The event was hosted by Robi Domingo.
After the event festivities, it's time to own a personalized Coke Bottle... share it, dedicate it! #Sweet

I had two bottles. Since we're expecting ours, the fan girl in me kicks it, so I had a bottle dedicated to @JGShock (Lee Jun Ki/Lee Joon Gi). I wish he'll know about it! Hah. ^_^ #FangirlForever
The Share a Coke booth allows you to create your unique 8-character name, subject to terms and conditions. 

Coca-Cola is a brand and a company that is close to our heart. A couple of months back, hubby brought home a can that says #ShareaCoke with Gwapo (handsome). I couldn't agree more with it. ;-D Just imagine having your name on a Coca-Cola bottle, for sure, it's a bottle/can that will find its home to the display cabinet for life. Haha. Plus, I love, love personalized stuff, with labels and what have you...proprietary much. So we're all so looking forward on having our names or other form of endearments on a bottle too. 

Oh, which reminds me, do you know that you can have Coke delivered to your home on a weekly basis? I will tell you more about it soon. Meanwhile, we can't wait to build our collection of personalized Coke cans and bottles. 

Indeed, sharing has never been more fun and exciting with a personalized Coke can/bottle. 

More than the personalising factor, it is the sweet gesture of sharing and dedicating that makes this more meaningful. It is said, happiness is only real when shared, or happiness is best shared. ;-D Call it marketing brilliance, but as always, Coca-Cola continues to outshine itself with its heartwarming campaigns year on year .

Start stashing your collection of personalized Coke packs available in sari-sari stores, convenience stores, groceries, supermarkets and even vending machines nationwide. Check if your name is one of the several names already printed out in the market (Coke Cans, Bottles) by visiting the official site.  It directs you to a Facebook application that lets you "Find a Name", and a whole lot more. 

You may also drop by Share a Coke booths in supermarkets, malls and schools to have your own personalized Coca-Cola printed in an instant. Check out the links below for the latest schedule of the Share a Coke Bottle Printing Booth. 

For more details, please check out
Like Coca-Cola Philippines on Facebook: 

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