Friday, August 16, 2013

DIY Parties for Less with Smart Parenting August 2013 Issue

Yay! If you're a stage mom who loves to host parties for your little ones, the Smart Parenting August 2013 Issue is a must have! Let's party! 

Celebrity Mom, Denise Laurel and son, Davian Alejandor, grace the cover of the Smart Parenting August 2013 issue.  Here, she talks bout why motherhood is the best gift a woman could ever receive. #Agree #Love
Party by the Number. This issue also features charming ideas for DIY parties for less. 
Discover Creative Party Activities and Fun Themed Cakes design and suppliers. 
We love to party! (See my Parties tab! ^_^) It's mission accomplished for my son's 7th birthday last time. Wouldn't it be nicer if I had this issue with me then? But yes, I have more party planning years ahead for me as I have two adorable baby nephews to dote. Party! Party! 

More party planning in store for the readers. Please grab your August issue of Smart Parenting. Available for only Php 125.  Now comes with every issue is a National Geographic Little Kids magazine, this month it features Baby Black Bear. 

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Drama: Fabulous Boys Review and Ravings

Ni Hao! ^_^ Oh well, back to drama mode.

Fabulous Boys is Taiwan's version or remake of my ever beloved Korean Drama, You're Beautiful. It stars Jiro Wang, Cheng Yu Xi, Hwang In Deok and Evan Yo as A.N.Jell Taiwan.
I'm feeling young much, and in love! I think it's relatively fine to adore Jiro Wang, since I'm not too noona-ish for him ;-D Hah! ^_^ You ought to know I'm mighty in love with You're Beautiful and its lead Hallyu Star, Jang Keun Suk (trivia: my Noona Diaries site is born because of him! ^_^). So imagine my happiness that its Taiwan remake stars my new crush, Jiro Wang. I'm speechless. Let it be known, that Jiro Wang is it! I love him in Absolute Boyfriend with Geum Jan Di, oh I meant Gu Hye Sun. Shhhh...lucky girl, he gets Lee Min Ho and now Jiro Wang! Anyhow, back to Fabulous Boys, if you haven't seen You're Beautiful, hello!!! you're missing a lot of drama good times.

Gao Mei Nu or Gemma
Similar to You're Beautiful, the plot is the story of Gao Mei Nu (Cheng Yu Xi), and the A.N.JELL.

She is a sister-in-training. Her twin brother, Gao Mei Nan (Cheng Yu Xi) successfully auditions for the musical band A.N.JELL but is forced to leave for the United States due to a plastic surgery mishaps on his eyes. Mei Nu is approached by Mei Nan's manager (Mark) to pose as her brother, while her brother recovers. She is against it at first but agrees in order to fulfill her dream of finding their mother. Now, posing as Mei Nan , she enters the group A.N.JELL and meets its members: Group leader, Huang Tai Jing (Jiro Wang), Jiang Xin Yu (Hwang In Deok), and Jeremy (Evan Yo).

Taiwan's Fabulous Boys...the beginning!
I love Jang Geun Suk, for the record, but I find Jiro Wang as Huang Tai Jing a more and better dashing Darcy. If you love Park Shin Hye as Mi Nam (and yay! she did a cameo on Fabulous Boys), Cheng Yu Xi is similarly suited for the role. I haven't seen her, if I had seen her in other Taiwanese Drama, I don't really remember, but she plays a pretty funny, and warm, and loving lead actress.  Taiwan's Jeremy is funny and well acted, same as Lee Hongki. But I have to say that I love Jung Yong-hwa as Shin Woo more. As for the rest of the cast, the Taiwanese actors and actress are known to deliver. Hmmm, come to think of it, I find Mark more endearing. Also, I like Taiwan's Mu Hua Lan (mom of Huang Tai Jing) better too. I find the Korean scenes with Mu Hua Lan dragging, while Fabulous Boys Mu Hua Lan's back story more welcoming.

Oh love. 
As for the chemistry and intricacies of relationships and feelings (romantic, friendship, love-hate, etc.) among the leads and everyone else, you get that a lot too in Fabulous Boys. Plus you get a pretty and functional treat by having great supporting casts as well, even the A.N.JELL's fan girls are fun to watch (haha, can relate much!). So yes, Jiro Wang is the absolute, perfect Huang Tai Jing. You also get the feel good A.N.JELL songs that I went crazily in love. Overall, Fabulous Boys is such a delight to obsess watch! Now waiting for the remaining episodes. Fabulous Boys Fighting! ^_^

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Child Care: Safe Sleep with Halo SleepSack

#BabyLove I'm a proud stage auntie of two adorable newborn nephews, Yvo and Liam, so I was especially moved to attend the product launch of Halo SleepSack Philippines. I'm very glad and I look forward to sharing the advocacy of Baby's Safe and Sound Sleep. Safe Sleep is something very close to my heart. Foremost, I'm super extra vigilant in ensuring safe and sound sleep. Because when Chase, my 7-year old son, was 3-month old, I had a scary experience during his bedtime.

Halo SleepSack Philippines

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shoe Haul: Lacoste

Happy August (and yes, I'm so looking forward to several August Holidays in my part of the world, Philippines)! ^_^  Hope you had a great July as much as we did! My, my, time flies. I have so many tales to tell, but as always, I have so many things to do! Plus I'm trying out Yoga, so either I'm pleasantly tired, or I'm in a very relax mode that I just want to sleep. Anyhow, here's a happy post to kick off belated Lacoste Footwear Haul! I bought these pairs last time from the SM Megamall's End of Season Sale last July 2013.

Love times Three! ^_^
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