Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shoe Shopping: FitFlop™ Via Bar Black

It took awhile to get to my 11th pair. I took a break after my 10th pair, so I guess I'm officially out in the running towards the most number of pairs, as if I had a chance, others had already 20 plus pairs back then. Oh well, but then again that is just me being capricious! ^_^ Anyhow, I'm back!

Shopped at FitFlop™ SM Megamall Via Bar Black for Php 5990 

Like Positano, it has parallel straps. But different in material, plus it has polished loop buckles. 
Buckle-fastening ankle strap. This is easier vs. Positano's. 
It comes with the ever famous,  FitFlop™'s signature Microwobbleboard™ midsole. 
Happy Feet! 
NOTW: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. #NailPolish
FitFlop™are truly pretty and functional, providing stylish comfort. I just took a shopping hiatus because   I'm stingy since hubby is not buying anymore and so I have to spend for my own pair I think I have enough, and they do stand the test of time. I needed an upgrade on design, and soon more color variety to my collections. It feels good to be back to FitFlop™ shopping. Cheers! ^_^ 


Unknown said...

please follow me http://berlykonde.blogspot.com/

jackie said...

Love your new flops! Is it made of Suede material? Looks awesome on your feet :)

ChicSassyMom said...

Thanks! ^_^ Yes it is, but leather lining. :)

cheekeegirl said...

I'm wanting to have even one.

ChicSassyMom said...

Go go! Try joining Fitflop Ph giveaways and contest too! ^_^

Unknown said...

I so live mines didn’t pay attention to the name until today. I had them for two years. Everyone loves them and like to Obie where I get them from.

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