Friday, May 31, 2013

Drama, Drama, Drama ...Wild Romance and Love, Now

Annyeong! ^_^ TGIF! Oh well, crash dieting is taking a toll on my days and nights (Hah!) and I can only have drama to keep me happy! I know it's wiser to sleep early so I don't get hungry (hahaha), but I can't! So instead, I fill myself with dramarama love. In fact, I'm already doing some reruns of few of my favorite drama, like Queen In Hyun's Man a la Queen & I, Love Keeps Going, and Lee Min Ho's City Hunter.  For the past weeks, I was able to marathon a couple more, some worth pulling all-nighters, the others were passable just to read through subtitles.  Not in particular order of liking, I did Love, Now (Taiwanese), Devil Beside Me (Taiwanese), and Wild Romance (Korean).

Love, Now Taiwan Drama stars George Hu and Annie Chen
Annie Chen and George Hu
Love, Now is a daily drama that has 72 episodes. Wow! I love that the white sandy beach proposal scenes and more are from Boracay. Yes, our beloved Boracay! ^_^ So that's a plus. I like George Hu from Hayate the Combat Butler with Park Shin Hye. I was committed to it until the 40++ episodes, then I just reached my threshold. I just read recaps after then. But if you have the time to marathon it, by all means, indulge. ^_^

Devil Beside Me Stars Mike He and Raine Yang
This I pulled an all-nighter to do a rerun! Mike He is absolutely sweeter the nth time around. ^_^ I watched it years back, before I even started blogging, so I don't have a novelized post for it, but if I was blogging then, I would have made one sweet post. Looking back then, it's nice to see how Mike He and Raine Yang age and mature beautifully overtime...Mike He in Love Keeps Going, and Raine Yang in Sunny Girl. Overall, watching Devil Beside You reminded me of Love Rain (with Jang Keun Suk and Im Yoona), albeit a lighter version of it minus the time traveling, not a la Queen In Hyun and Rooftop Prince, I meant the back story of their parents.  Devil Beside Me is definitely a must watch Asian Drama.

Wild Romance Korean Drama stars Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young
This is cute, fun, and wild. I like Lee Dong Wook in My Girl (but I love Lee Joon Gi more ^_^), but I didn't have the urgency to see it then because I'm not too fond of Lee Si Young's stereotyped ahjumma hair. Hah. But I like Lee Si Young in Poseidon, and she's generally likable too in Boys Over Flowers,  so it's refreshing to see her do comedy with a flair! The drama is generally fun, except it went crazy on the last three episodes as it went from romance to suspense to drama etc. But the ending is still lovable.

So there you have it, for tonight I blogged! Yay! I think I'm getting used to starving dieting, so between it and the hustle and bustle of my day job, I will try to post more. Cheers! ^_^

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just Visited: SM Aura Premier Mall

With the much-talked-about opening of SM Aura (Au for Gold and Ra for Radium) with Sarah Jessica Parker headlining it, a visit was in order. Just in case, let me give you a tour.

Inside SM Aura with Photo Filter on. It fronts a huge entrance lobby where Forever 21 and Uniqlo are located, like SM MOA's, then funnels into your usual SM Mall lobbies and floors but now with fancier stores and curvier structures (vs. a usual box-type) and nicer fixtures. 
Enjoy 2 Floors of Shopping at Forever 21 and Uniqlo. There's Laneige, The Paul Frank Store, and Stradivarius. I can't wait to visit again when all of the shops open. 
The usual SM Department Store is aptly called The SM Store for a more high end-ish appeal. Although, for wider product and brand assortment, SM Megamall Department Store is still it! 
NYX Cosmetics at The SM Store of SM Aura. A bit expensive than online shopping but it saves you the shipping cost. 
Opening Soon Bershka #YOLO #YouOnlyLiveOnce
SM Aura Cinema. We'll be back to try the Director's Club Cinema of SM Aura. For that day, Fast and Furious 6 was showing for Php 350/pax. 
At the SMAura Roof Deck. #NiceView can't wait for it to be completed. 
SM Aura Food Court. Available are Pepper Lunch, Sbarro, and just a few more opening soon. #HighEnd But there's Jollibee, KFC, Happy Lemon, and Starbucks at the lower levels. McDonald's to open soon. 
Posh Elevators and even Restrooms (but prepare to queue)
SMX Convention Center at SM Aura. 
Carolyn Robb's The Royal Touch Gourmet Cupcakes. Cupcakes are really pretty. We'll be back sometime to try them out.
Anyhow, if I want to shop for Uniqlo, or check out The Paul Frank Store, or the soon to open Bershka (which my friend raves so much), or go see a movie at a Director's Club Cinema, or enjoy the nights and lights for photo ops at the Sky Park located at the roof deck, then SM Aura is it! It's more accessible to us than SM MOA. But being an SM Mall, then you have to expect heavier than usual human traffic. With one of the grandest mall opening to date with Sarah Jessica Parker, expect more people to drop by. #Curious Bless my soul, I did not shop! Haha. But this promises to be a haven for retail therapy minus the food calories (just because at the moment, you get upscale food court choices, and limited stand alone restaurants, and some queueing requires to take your meal). We'll probably be back soon when more shops open and when there's a sale! So long SM Aura, it's a pleasure. Be back soon! Cheers! ^_^

Friday, May 24, 2013

Giveaway: Sofitel Manila Enter to Win Summer of Luxury Sweepstakes (Extended!!!)

Bonjour! Mabuhay! ^_^ Luxurious contest and giveaway alert from Sofitel Manila. Up for grabs are these magnifique prizes... ^_^
  • Spiral Lunch Buffet for 8 persons in a private dining room
  • Staycation at Sofitel Manila
  • Body Treatments at Vietura 
  • Signature Massage Treatment at Le Spa 
  • Romantic Dinner Buffet for Two at Sunset Bar
  • 10 Free Play Coupons from Gymboree 
Updated!!! Extended: May 15 to June 14, 2013. Winners will be announced on June 28, 2013. ;-D

To join, Like Sofitel Manila Official Facebook Page. Click on the Sofitel Manila Enter to Win Application Tab
Contest is also accessible via Spiral Manila Official Facebook Page. 
Let's join! Good luck to everyone! Cheers! ^_^

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lee Min Ho Live in Manila 2013 and VVIP Ticket Price

Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^ The old news as of May 21, Lee Min Ho sings and he's coming to town the second time around! So, is it July yet?
Lee Min Ho, you're My Everything Special Album. Credit: Official Lee Min Ho Facebook Page

Oh my goodness! Remember my Lee Min Ho moments, it will be oh so sweeter the second time around, if only VVIP Ticket price is not over Php 10000, Php 10,500 to be exact, then for sure the urge always win! Wow! I cannot keep calm, I'm a fangirl! But my, my, my hubby and son will murder me for sure! Otokajo?!  Lee Min Ho My Everything Concert Ticket prices are available here.

But I'm reserving saving the date! Cheers! ^_^

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our Kimy Playstix Creation and a Contest

I take so much pleasure in my son's traditional playtime. I'm doubly ecstatic if these are educational toys. Haha. So when we came across Kimy Playstix Activity Zone "Build Your Own Adventure" run at the at Virramall in Greenhills, we're up for the challenge.

For a purchase of Nestle Kimy Ice Cream, we got in! He likes Kimy Krazy Banana.
What to do? These are Kimy Playstix. A Playstix replaces the traditional ice cream stick.  There's an illustrated guide that allows you to pattern your creations.  Hmmm...
Woohoo! Mission Accomplished! 
Truthfully, I'm always unsure of my creative side. Hah. Since hubby's not with us, it took a while for us to decide what to do. For a moment, I wanted to walk out. Or just build the usual...chair! Haha. 

It's an airplane! Woohoo! #Finally
We used about 40 Playstix to create it. 
We left it  at the activity zone. So it's picture all I want to document this major feat. 
We'll be building our collection of Kimy Playstix in no time. You might be interested to join the K-Zone and Nestle Kimy contest (click here for more details). Prizes that are up for grabs are Samsung Galaxy Tab, Toy Kingdom Gift Cheques, and more. Game on! Cheers! ^_^

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hooray for McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop

Chase was more than happy to be of service as a Kiddie Crew of McDonald's Pioneer Reliance last time. ^_^

Our McDonald's Kiddie Crew
Time to work and play the McDonald's way! ^_^
Good Morning! May I take your order please! ;-D
Work and Play time at the Drive thru Counter ;-D 
Soda anyone?
Happy to be of service! 
It was a great week to work and play at McDonald's. They trained, served, made burgers, and painted. They even practice for their Graduation Song and Dance numbers. They ate snacks for free! ;-D The four days went by so fast.

It's time for their Graduation! 
It's one great McDonald's Kiddie Party!  ^_^
Happy Meal time! ;-D
Ready for their Graduation Song and Dance numbers. ;-D
Awarding of Certificate of Participation, Kiddie Apron, and Pins. With his teachers at McDonald's Pioneer Reliance. Thank you! Chase had a wonderful time! ;-D
Congratulations! Chase is now Certified Station Trained, Burger Maker, Kiddie Crew Dancer and Artist. Too happy! 
McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshops are ongoing until May. It's a dream come true for him, for me even. ;-D We look forward to the Grand Graduation soon, and will absolutely be back next year! Thank you for having us McDonald's Ph. Hooray! ^_^

Are you a Supermom? ;-D You get a Chance to win an iPad Mini! ^_^ (Updated)

Good Housekeeping is celebrating its 15th anniversary and its Mother's Day issue comes with a special supplement—the Nido Supermom.

This special magazine has Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan on cover, together with other supermoms—prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, musician Barbie Almalbis-Honasan, animal welfare advocate Tanya Guerrero-Becker, and pastry chef Pixie Sevilla-Santos. These supermoms share how they have been pursuing their personal passions while putting their families as top priority. But beyond their stories, the Nido Supermom magazine is packed with meaty topics tackling spending time with children, parenting and learning styles, budget management, and more.
Regine Velasquez graces the cover of Good Housekeeping May issue featuring.
Am I a Supermom? I choose to believe so!

To my fellow awesome Supermoms, let's make our May me-time count, please grab a copy of the Good Housekeeping issue...Now na! ^_^

What's even more amazing is that there's an opportunity to receive a special treat as you enjoy reading the supplement's pages of NIDO Supermom.

Updated: May 23, 2012

Over the weekend, I got my copy. Woohoo! Get a chance to win an iPad Mini, find your unique code at the NIDO Supermom supplement magazine. So grab your copies now, and log on to
Oh wait...there's more, please stay tuned for more suprises. #Giveaway!!! Cheers! ^_^

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review and Swatches: Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation with Swirls

Annyeong! ^_^ I'm finally back with a Lee Min Ho Seoul-ful post. I reckon I have to do it before I finish it off.
How much do I love this Innisfree Melting Foundation? So much, it shows...almost done! ^_^
Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation with SPF 32 PA++. Got it last December  at Innisfree Insadong.
It has pink swirls. I have the Innisfree Melting Mineral Foundation Season 2. The difference is the swirls. It looks more like the latest  Innisfree Melting Mineral Foundation Season 3 except that one comes with a Glow description, while this one comes a swirly picture. But just the same, the season 2 comes in white, while similar with the Season 3 Glow, this comes in a peachy compact. 
This comes with the same white/blue puff that is absolutely the next best thing after a BeautyBlender.  Read more about it on my Innisfree Melting Foundation Season 1 post.
This time around, I'm actually shade W2 (warm skin tones) as per the Innisfree lady.

Product Description: This melting foundation, formulated with Jeju natural mineral powder, offers comfort to your skin even after makeup and with its abundant moisture form 100% prescribed Jeju organic green tea water in lieu of distilled water moisturizes your skin as it gently adheres to it, presenting a natural coverage, and transparent complexion. 
For perspective....Before and After swatches in different lighting of our house. Warm White (Top) and Cool Daylight (Bottom).  To me, it's just beige than pinkish (but of to Shade C2). Please note though, that these swatches are just taken recently when most of the pink swirls are already blended kinda well. But that's the idea anyhow. 
Before. On me after (2nd and 3rd). I'm having some breakouts, so if you zoom it in, you'll see some redness here and there, but generally, except for some discolorations (okay...age spots), I'm fairly alright! But of course, all thanks to my Innisfree-laden Skin Care routine! ^_^ Coverage is light to medium coverage. 
FOTD. Set with Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless "Me Vain?" Champagne Powder. Hard Candy Hide and Glow Cheek Duo Cheek Tint in Pillow Talk. EOS Lip Balm. 
First off, no breakouts. Shade is fitting - love! Doesn't cake, blends beautifully, and finishes well even on some dry areas (I use Beautyblender ^_^). This "melts" more, and if you want to build coverage to medium, you tend to use more. Finish is light, smooth, flawless even, dewy - love! But would still prefer to set it. Overall, I love it very much, it saddens me that I'm almost out of it. Aww...absolutely must go to Seoul soon! ^_^ Pretty please Innisfree, come here, and please bring @ActorLeeMinHo along! Cheers! Saranghaeyo! ^_^

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Share a FREE Sundae Bowl with Mom at McDonald’s

Oh. Happy Meal Day! This is still ongoing. 

A mom is a special person who never fails to make sure everything is always settled and every problem has a quick fix. There are countless ways to honour the efforts of that one special woman especially during Mother’s Day. May it be through a grand gesture or a simple thank you, it’s important to give back to the person who makes life meaningful since day one.   
This coming Mother’s Day, McDonald’s pays tribute to all the moms out there by giving them a special treat that they can share with their loved ones.
Turn a simple family moment into a celebration at select McDonald’s stores with a free Sundae Bowl for dessert.  
Starting May 4 to May 19, every purchase of a McDonald’s Happy Meal and any Value Meal comes with a FREE dessert treat – two swirls of soft-serve vanilla sundae in a sweet and crunchy waffle bowl that’s good for sharing. So make Mom’s special day more memorable this year by heading to the nearest participating McDonald’s store and enjoy the simple, sweet moment over a Happy Meal, any choice of Value Meal and the free, yummy Sundae Bowl.   
This offer is available for dine-in at McDonald’s stores in Luzon. 
Share with us your Mother’s Day moment at McDonald’s through or tag us on Twitter, @McDo_ph
Month of May and McDonald's...Love ko 'to! ^_^ Cheers! ;-D 
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