Saturday, December 29, 2012

Haul: Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale and Coupon

Happy Holidays everyone! I pray that you are all having a very merry Christmas Time! Anyhow, it's rainy day today, we have some time to spend at home, meaning some blogging time. So here is it, a post about my never ending addiction to shop whenever possible at Bath & Body Works. Remember my shopping tip two years back last time here, so yes, it still stands. Coupons and several visits recommended, remember! ;-D

Pocket Bac 5 for $5. Wall Flowers 2-Pack Refills at $5 each as a one day special last time. Body Mist at $6 each as one day special some other day. 3 for $10 Body Mists Minis. Twisted Peppermint Lotion (I love this scent!) as free gift for every $10 purchase. 
Buy 3, Get 3 Bath and Body Works Signature Body Care Collection for my hubby! Yup, I'm taking so much time in the store he told me, here let me use your coupon! Another coupon for $10 off for every $30 or more purchase. #CouponLove *LoL
For my birthday treat, we went super early in the morning to Ontario Mills. A visit to Bath & Body Works for the Semi-Annual Sale was a must! ;-D
Bath and Body Works Anti-Bac Hand Foaming Soap for $3 each. Lotions and Shower Gel in Orange Sapphire and Butterfly Flower for $3 each.
So yes, I wish I can get more, but we have to watch our airline baggage. 

Bath & Body Works $10off Coupon for any purchase of $40 or more. Valid untile January 13, 2013. Please click here for the official BBW site link
Here's a coupon I found online just in case you are interested to haul! It's fine if you cannot print it, just save it on your mobile phone, at least it works for me! ;-D Happy Shopping! 

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