Monday, November 19, 2012

Lee Min Ho Moments @Benchtm #MeetandGreet @Makati Shangri-la

I was just at the right place, at the right time! Perfection. I was attending a blog event last November 18 in Makati Shangri-la. So stalking Lee Min Ho was a bit rationalized. I'm mighty glad that I had a mall tour pass from last time. It's not the meet and greet, but at least we're nicely seated in front! ;-D Oh, I did not see him going out for the 3pm Skydome Mall Tour, so I was beginning to lose hope whether I will ever see him at the hotel. Imagine my surprise! Without further ado, here's the day that I died, and went to heaven, my Lee Min Ho-filled day and night.
#LeeMinHo #FanGirl He was within reach. Seriously! ;-D If only, I was that crazy, I'd probably be able to grab him. Hah,
Full House in the New Activity Center, Glorietta 1 for the Lee Min Ho Mall Tour! #Blockbuster #HitMaker 
Fellow Minoz! Aja! Aja! Fighting! ^^
The Lucky Ones. Winner of the Bench Lee Min Ho Meet and Greet Pass! Awww ^^
Mr. Bench Chan, thank you very much! ;-D 
Minho-ssi with Sam Oh
Goodness Gracious. #LeeMinHo in Manila^^
Priceless. ^^
Meet and Greet time of the lucky ones! ;-D I have a few photos, please do check them out on Chic & Sassy Homemaker  FB Page. ;-D 

Lucky her. How I wish! ^^
Me, Myself & I. Before Minho-ssi arrived. Still sane, calm and sober. *LoL
And here goes the sweetest story of  how I got my precious autographed invites and photo (thank you so much to a fellow Minoz, who gave it to me earlier.^^) Makati Shangri-la, you are my favorite hotel ever! ;-D  My event was done, of the 50 items they raffled off including iPhone 5, iPad3, iPad Mini, I didn't win. But I was still too happy from the Mall tour. I didn't mind. But I was rushing to head home, I was in the lobby but decided to wait outside for my ride. Surprise, surprise, Lee Min Ho was coming out. Hah. I was not calm. I panicked. But I went back to the hotel, trying to calm myself and get a picture of him. I wasn't cool, I got a two minute video of his walking away. He sat on the farthest side of the hotel lobby lounge.
Ninja Shot of Lee Min Ho at Makati Shangri-la. This was the moment that I regret not bringing my whole complete camera bag with the telephoto lens. I don't do Manual, so it's the best that I can get. Lee Min Ho was obviously so tired. Awww. ^^  
I met these fellow Minoz. Glad I stayed around. ;-D Sorry for the shot, I was trying to work around without Flash, as courtesy to the hotel guests and to Lee Min Ho, I hope to get a ninja shot without a bothersome flash. 
They gave him a gift. Sweet. It was inspected by the Korean Guys. They were to give him another one, hoping to hand it to him personally. I wasn't prepared, I only had my Fun Meet Invite, my mall pass ticket, and a photo, which were all crumpled amidst the excitement. 
Oh well. Sorry for the shot. I thought I got the right camera setting early on. #Failed 
Oh my, they all have that uncanny talent to walk so fast! And the boys were all all geared up, ready to fight us, just three girls plus a couple of demure hotel guests. We called him, he waved. And then he turned back to get the book the girls were giving him (Oh My Goodness!), I did my share, I called him, and he turned back and got the three items (Invite, Pass, and a Photo of him). Major Moment! ;-D   I was hoping to get them signed, but the boys were all ready to fight us, hah. He went up the elevator,. Goodbye.  And oh my, mixed emotions, he got all my souvenirs. Awww! We lingered for a couple of minutes, until one of the uber strict Korean Entourage went down, and handed them back to me, all signed! Heaven! It was such a great act of kindness. Indulge me, Minho Oppa, you are my ambassador of quan! ;-D

My Precious. #LeeMinHo signed! ^^
Oh, allow this ahjumma noona to rave. Indulge me please. This a major breakthrough on my fangirling stint. It's the first, so must be beginner's luck. Oh well, thank you, some connivance of all my lucky stars at work that day. Saranghaeyo! Cheers! ;-D 


Anna Patricia Ladiana said...

Wow sis!You already!! kung siguro ako ikaw baka nahimatay na ko!as in! ^^

Nikkin said...

wow! so lucky you!had i known he's going to the hotel after the Glorietta m&g, i shld hv went too!

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

So happy for you, sis! :)

Chic Sassy Mom said...

I'm just controlling it! About to faint too.*LoL

Chic Sassy Mom said...

Awww...thank you! Was not expecting it too! ^^

Chic Sassy Mom said...

Thank you! Sweet! ^^

Lyn and Rhina said...

Thanks! It was so nice meeting you! What happened at the Makati Shangri-la still feels surreal! We're very happy that we got to share that once in a lifetime chance to meet Lee Min Ho up close and personal! He turned around to get our gift and your souvenirs! We're so lucky! Thanks for posting our picture here in your blog! :)

mysimpleaddictions said...

OMG this is such a coincidence! Huge, huge coincidence...would love to talk to you! I'll email you a we do get to chat too...have a good day!

mysimpleaddictions said...

OMG! Such a huge, huge, coincidence! Would love to talk to you! Will email you at your yahoo account in awhile. Would love to talk to you too....small world!

Chic Sassy Mom said...

;-D replied to your FB message. ^^

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