Sunday, October 28, 2012

SM Kids' Fashion SS2013 Philippine Fashion Week *Pix Heavy

Oh Wow! I'm completely mesmerized by the glitz and glamour of the show. Bravo! I have a couple of things in mind, first off, I feel for the family, and friends of the boys and girls, who were beaming with well-deserved pride, and overwhelming happiness. Way to go! So naturally, the stage mom in me will definitely find a modeling stint for my son in the near future. *LoL Secondly, I wish I have a baby girl as pretty, as blonde, and as confident as those girls. Oh well. Thirdly, hmmm...strutting the runway? Interesting! Why oh why, I'm no modelling material. Hah. Lastly, and definitely not the least, oh my, the clothes...Amazing! Love the intricacy of designs, and the variety of choices at such friendly price points. So yes definitely fashion for kids at its finest! Here goes the SM Kids' Fashion Holiday and Spring Summer 2013 Collection.

Prelude of the beauty that is yet to come. So pretty. 
Cocktails by Fruits in Bloom, gourmet creations at its prettiest and sweetest. 
Trajecitos de Bebe Collection is designed to make every child's baptism even more momentous by dressing her up in a hand-embroidered gown made of lace, tulle, or satin. Accentuate the gown with a matching hat or cape, and a pair of satin booties for a timeless, elegant look. Welcome to the world of fashion,baby. ;-D
Crib Couture Collection offers ruffles, prints, and an elaborate head dress. Adorable.
SM Kids Crib Couture Collection for the little gentleman. Awww. ;-D
Boys Got Style Collection. Oh yeah, definitely! This line offers matching and mixing of vivid colors for the outfit, while neutral colors for the shoes. 
The pretty Little Miss. ;-D
Polka-dot dresses from the The Little Miss. It's beginning to look a lot like New Year. ;-D

Friday, October 26, 2012

So How's School?

Hello there! Chasey boy, our grade 1 son,  is now officially on sembreak. So far, it's such an interesting, yet challenging, school year for all of us. You ought to know there are a lot of new factors in play during this time, first off we are a new student, it's our first taste of traditional school, plus it's an all boys school. More so, I'm back to corporate employment, so I'm not really geared to take on the taxing tutoring roles as before. Oh well. Glad we survived the First Trimester. His grades are relatively a-okay! :-D Except for Filipino. Hah. We're actually working hard for him to catch up, or else he needs to take Saturday developmental classes, which is optional but recommended. The interesting thing though, he's doing mighty well in Sibika. So it's not really a non-Filipino proficient issue, but perhaps Sibika comes out more interesting as an informative subject vs. technical. Anyhow,  it was not all peaches and cream, I actually had major rant post, that I didn't get around posting, I'm glad I didn't because we survived it, a bit wiser now, and back on track.  Chase had some issues at the early onset of his class. So yes, bully vs. bullied part. So sad. It was totally new for us. We were summoned by the school's Prefect. We took a stand, since I know that it was out of character. Chase was saddened and uber bothered, so was I. It was such a catalyst, that if not for my hubby's intervention, I almost pulled him out of the class.  Oh well, boys will be boys!  But in the end, we decided to do a more objective stand. It helps to keep in touch with other co-parents too.  Plus we decided to be actively part of the PTA of the School. And thankfully, our lives are changed forever. ;-D

August 2012, for the Lingo ng Wika Culminating Activity, he was asked to wear  a local costume, instead of the usual Barong Tagalog, the more practical and economical option was to go for Katipunero Costume. Hah. ;-D Bought the pants, and other effects at Pasig Market. 
To reinforce it, and as a way for him to make more friends, we made him take Karate Do. He's just successfully completed his White to Yellow Belt Promotional Exam. ;-D Off to the next colors. 
Our little Karate Kid., at AAK Megamall. Don't ask me, but hubby opted for Karate Do vs. Taekwondo (Imagine my frustration with my crazy affection to almost everything Korean *LoL). 
Chase was also getting some stints and opportunities to showcase his eloquence. 
For the United Nations Culminating Day Costume, he went on to be Spain's Little Bullfighter. ;-D Bought at SM Department Store. 
So far, so good. 2 of 3 Terms to go. Cheers! ;-D

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Shampoo Brand: SYOSS by Henkel-Schwarzkopf #Must-Try

I'm delighted to unveil a new hair care brand, that's something close to my heart #LoveYourOwn, a brand that is dedicated to hair care success, and from the makers of the trusted salon brand worldwide, Henkel-Schwarzkopf ...give it up for SYOSS (pronounced /sah-yoss/).

Syoss is the most successful cosmetic launch in Europe in 2009. It is a true umbrella brand in only 1 year. Proven incredible market success, roll out in 50 countries over 2 years, Syoss is now available in the Philippines. Yay! ;-D 
Syoss is a Japanese word. No meaning in particular. There's just an added flair when you say it, /Sah-yoss/, methinks. ;-D It's salon quality hair care brand co-developed and tested by Japanese hairdressers, at an amazing affordable price. 
Comes in 3 variants, Repair Therapy, Moisture Therapy, Anti-Dandruff Control in 400ml, 190ml, 100ml bottle size, and 10ml sachet. Suggested Retail Prices (SRP) for a 400ml is Php 175/ 190ml is Php 90/ 100ml Php 48/ 10ml Php 4.5 Super affordable, right?! ;-D
What's your hair care type? Mine is on the damaged, stressed and colored hair, I'm loving the Repair line. Plus it's pink! ;-D But as a hair care routine, I incorporate an Anti-Dandruff brand at least twice a week, and promise, I'm loving Syoss'AD line, which is designed to fight dandruff from the first application. Plus, my very picky, hard-to-please, brand-loyalist much hubby ( you get the picture?;-D) is liking it. That's a big plus, believe me. He likes the scent, and the efficacy. Plus the no-frills, classy black and white packaging.  Both Repair and AD line keep my hair soft and silky. It's lightweight, plus come with a nice, pleasing, not overwhelming scent. While the Moisture Therapy, which is especially designed to moisturize dry, frizzy, and brittle hair is my sister's favorite. You ought to know, that she has a very sensitive skin type, and also very choosy to everything, and she's liking this line. I have to say this again, you have to choose a line that is most suited for your hair/skin type and needs. Syoss offers answer to most important hair related woes. 

I'll keep it short and sweet. Please do look, and ask for Syoss at leading supermarkets, department stores, public markets, sari sari stores, and local supermarkets and groceries nearest you. Have you tried it? Drop me a note. Be part of the Syoss hair care revolution! Get a chance to try it out, let me know what's your color, giveaway soon! ;-D Cheers! 

More Camouflage Party Details: Venue, Food & Entertainment

Hi there! I've been meaning to share more details of my son's 7th Birthday Bash, here goes.
Entrance Balloons and Registration Set-Up
Venue, Food and Set-up: Roofdeck Prestige Tower Ortigas Center
Balloon Set-up: Say it with Balloons
In-house Catering by Chow Unlimited.  They used crystal tables for the buffet table, it's a nice elegant touch vs. a skirted table. We didn't get Lechon, so the roast beef with a dedicated carving station is a nice addition too. ;-D Our reservation was for 100 Adults. 
Menu Inclusion: Roast Beef, Vegetable Tempura, Garlic Chicken, Lasagna. The food is great! A week before the event, we had a food tasting, from there, we negotiated and settled for these. 
Certified Best-seller...My dad's Sisig! We hail from Pampanga, and a family of great cooks and gourmand (Me)! Never fails to amaze our guests. From all our parties, this is the main event! Hah! ;-D Order now! *LoL
DIY Chocolate Fondue, since we have overflowing sweets , I decided to just go for fruit dippings as dessert options for adults. 
To complete our usual DIY Birthday party ideas must haves, Beverage Fountain. 
We used Nestea Iced Tea New Apple Flavor. I love the Apple Flavor from the Nestea Fit, so glad it's now available as a regular Iced Tea flavor. Kids love it. It's on a sweeter side, and uber concentrated, it makes more than a liter, if you want it not too sweet. #PromoteNestle #LoveYourOwn *LoL
For the entertainment, part of the hosting package from Diane Santos is a ventriloquist act. The kids love it. It was brief, yet memorable, that even up to now, my son remembers the song. The brief part is good, because you want to keep the kids focus, and a long act, will tend to keep them impatient. ;-D
Stage Set-up and Bubble Show. The bubble show was another hit. ;-D I think I prefer a short bubble exhibition vs. a full dance, this is cheaper, and I think more practical, since it's not too long, hence, more time for pictorials. 
Chase and I inside a giant bubble. All the kids and moms had a turn for a pictorial inside a giant bubble. So fun. 
Pinata time! :-D Pinata is an upgrade of candy showers and hiting the pot a la Pukpok Palayok. It's quicker and safer. Make sure, you don't include lollipops and other sharp toys inside though! ;-D 
Saving the best for last...Chase's Dessert/Cake Table. It's from All About Sweets Manila. I will post more pictures. 
A certified hit maker! ;-D The station comes with a server, and personalized paper bags, kids were asked to fall in line for orderly distribution of goodies. After, it was open for everyone. In a way, it served as desserts plus giveaways too. 
Again, mission accomplished! Cheers! ;-D

A Little Bit of Shopping and Trying: Hera, Skin79, Majolica Majorca, MaxFactor

Hello everyone. The weekend blogger is back! ;-D It's been a while since I did a shopping post, and this is nothing major, but as always, never fails to bring a smile to my shopaholic heart. *LoL

Hera Overload...Refill: Hera HD Foundation Moist (have a couple of FOTD posts with it, review soon), New: Hera HD Powder Pact Mini, Skin Fix Primer, Multi BB Cream, Luminous Gloss Mini
Skin79: Now trying Scandal Rose & Vanilla BB Cream, New: Mini Lip Gloss (love the flower case)
More Seoul-ful Korea Cosmetics for me! Yay! Saranghae! ;-D 
Bought this from Deal Dozen: Majolica Majorca Blood on Lip and Cheek Tint. Convinced my sister, and a couple of friends to buy too. We're all loving it! ;-D 
A gift from work :) MaxFactor Facefinity Compact Foundation in Porcelain 
That's all! ;-D Hope I'll get around doing reviews and FOTD posts soon. Cheers! ;-D

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Mont Bleu's Crystallized Swarovski Elements embellished Accessories

Sometime ago, I received a box full of goodies from Mont Bleu of Czech Republic. These are seriously way up the "kikay" (girly, hip, & trendy) radar.

Tweezers, Brush (wait til you see the embellishments at the back ;-D), and a Glass File.  So pretty! 
Swarovski Tweezers CT-1.6  retails at 12,00 €  Product Feature: Turquoise Tweezers hand decorated with Swarovski crystals. Comes with a slanted tip for perfect eyebrow shape. Turquoise colour. Made from stainless steel.
I  *heart everything Turquoise-y, that's just a trivial consideration, because this pretty tweezers amazingly delivers. I love the slanted tip, it's pointy, but not too sharp to the touch. You also ought to know that I deal with brow woes every so often, I can't live without need my tweezers. Oh yes, this is not only pretty to the eye, this is actually so functional. It grabs even very fine hair, with gentle precision. It's rubberized handle, makes it so nice to the touch, and allows firmer and stronger grip. Plus it comes with a black velvety pouch sleeves, for keeping and makes it handy to have all the time, everywhere. Oh, I have to say it, the embellishments are so, so pretty.

Hair Brush HBMB-16.1  Hair brush “Flowers Yellow” retails for 27,00 €. Comes with pure boar bristle hairs and made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.  Oh my, so girly, princess-y even. ;-D 
Product Features: Wood hair brushes – wellness hair brushes with pure naturally selected boar bristles and rounded poly-amide pins are hand decorated with Swarovski crystals. Made by Hercules Saegemann in Germany. Preferred by professionals in hair industry. Suitable for everyday use on all types of hair. Pure boar bristles are very gentle and do not damage hair; they do not generate static electricity.

I love. The bristles are amazingly and delightfully soft and gentle to the touch, as in. While functionally keeping your hair nicely combed. From the initial looks and feels of it, I happily remembers my grandmother, this is such a perfect gift for her. It looks so classy, and regal, plus I swear, the bristles are so so soft. The hundred strokes a day would actually feels such luxurious indulgence.

Swarovski nail file WAC-M3 Retails for 10,00 € 
Product Features: Crystal nail files wit a lifetime guaranty on the filing surface. Mont Bleu crystal nail files are made of Czech tempered glass and are very hygienic and have a Health Safety certificate. It comes with a black velvet pouch.

This is by far my prettiest nail file ever. It's so pretty that I was at first wary to scratch the surface. But fret not, the heavy scratch marks from usual nail filing don't stay long. And yes, you can wash it, so it's very hygienic. There are so much more to see in the world of Glass Nail Files. It's amazing. I just have to hand it to Mont Bleu, the intricacy of designs...Stellar! I am actually loving and coveting the luxury makeup brushes, wow!

So yes, this be a main stay to my "kikay" kit along with the tweezers.

Now, off to the giveaway. Yay! This is open Worldwide. Prize is for a Mont Bleu Gift Card worth one medium file with crystals (10,00 €), and one mini file (4,00 €). Plus international standard shipping rates. The giveaway is worth about $23.00!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About Mont Bleu...

Mont Bleu Ltd Company is one of the world leading suppliers of glass nail files. Its glass nail files are made of high quality Czech glass; they are decorated by patterns, or by Swarovski crystals. At present the company is growing, and are now one of the main producers of the accessories decorated with original Swarovski crystals in Europe. Mont Bleu delivers its products all over the world, USA, Canada, Israel, CIS countries, Asia and from all over the EU. Sells on retail and wholesale.

For more information, and seasonal promotions, visit the following sites.
  • Official Web Sites: 
Disclaimer: The products in this review were provided complements of the brand/company, for a review, and giveaway post. It took about a month for me to complete the review. I've been reasonably using them for the time being. This is not a paid post. Product features were from the official web sites. Ravings/Rantings are mine. ;-D 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Seoul-ful Meal Time: Happy 6Days Korean Restaurant {Updated}

One not-so fine day, I decided to clear away my worries by indulging in my favorite Korean Restaurant ever when in Manila. It's still not open. I need to satisfy my cravings pronto. So finally, I went to try the adjacent Korean Restaurant, Happy 6 Days (now Seoul Korean Restaurant Ortigas). In fairness, I've been meaning to plan a trip because the resto serves Omurice, you know Micky Yoochoon's beloved food in Rooftop Prince KDrama. ;-D I just had to try it too! ;-D
Dining Area. Cozy. ;-D
So comfy much...with my Korean-looking son. *LoL #My Love #FoodTripBuddy 
Every order comes with complementary side dishes. Unlimited serving, but limited to four kinds only. In fairness, they have the yummiest Kimchi ever ;-D No photo of the complementary soup. It's not to my taste preference. 
The usual order, Samgyeopsal or Grilled Pork Belly for Php 250/order. How to eat: Hold the lettuce on you palm, dip the meat in the sesame  salted & peppered oil, and the soy bean paste, add fried garlic and onions, optional:other veggies (I add Kimchi ;-D), add rice, if you like. Wrap it, then indulge! Yum! ;-D This is not the time to be demure! ;-D 
Instagrammed Omurice at Php 200/order. The rich brownish sauce makes the difference, and makes it uber yummy. The brownish sauce,  called demi-glace comes sweet and nutty. Love it!
Omurice is a fusion meal made with omelette and fried rice. I can make the omelette and the fried rice, but the brown sauce's recipe remains a mystery to me. Hah. ;-D 
Complementary Mixed Greens Salad in Asian Vinaigrette dressing. It's okay. 
Let me see. The main dishes are great, and comparable to my favorite go-to resto. Price wise, about the same, but offers value/set meal. Side dishes are okay, except they're only four, despite unlimited. Hah. Serving time of the main dish, was actually longer than usual, considering it was lean hours. In fairness, I had a couple of refills of Kimchi love before Omurice was served. But, service was okay too.

Overall, the resto offers more variety of choices at more affordable price ranges. This encourage trials. ;-D If you're like my son and my hubby who don't really care much about the side dishes. You will love this place. Plus, the food leans on sweet and salty, than on hot and spicy overall taste. The Kimchi here is a winner. It's a fairly fine option to indulge. I'll pretty much go here if I'm with my son and hubby, since I can keep the side dishes all for me anyhow. Or perhaps if the adjacent restaurant (Jang Ga Nae) is jam packed. But if you want to really feast, I still go for Jang Ga Nae for more complementary side dishes (Kimchi Pancake, Salad, Soup, Pineapple Slices).

A day after, I tried its delivery services.So happy. #First Korean Food Delivery ever

Updated (March 30, 2014) #LateUpdate

Annyeong! ^_^ I've been getting food deliveries from them, whenever I feel like craving Korean, and the fam bam are not really up for it! See my Instagram feed (@chicsassymom), I love, love, love the kimchi jjigae!

Happy 6 Days Korean Restaurant Delivery is here!!! You get rice for Bibimbap (mixed rice), 4 Korean Side Dishes, and Kimchi Jjigae. 
Kimchi Jjigae. Seoul-ful soup! #MustTry in Happy 6 Days
Happy 6Days Korean Restaurant is open Monday to Saturday (6 Days of Seoul-ful happiness).

Happy 6 Days Korean Restaurant is located at 8137 Plaza‎. St. Josemaria Escriva Drive. San Antonio, Pasig, National Capital Region, Philippines. For Delivery, call Happy 6 Days +632.637.8282.

Aspiring Stage Moms Wanted: Smart Parenting Model Search 2012

Stage Moms, anyone? Me, myself, and I! *Raises Hand! *LoL 

  Now on its third year, Smart Parenting Child Model Search kicks off this October 20, 2012.
Joining and Registration Details for the SP Parenting Model Search 2012 happening at Robinsons Magnolia.
Mechanics. Oh, pre-registration ends today, but interested participants can still register on the day of the Go-See.  So yes, hope to see you there! ;-D
Cheers! ;-D

Friday, October 12, 2012

Love: Benefit Brow Bar

Hello. Hello. When in Manila, I only go for Benefit Brow Bar to take care of my brow woes. *LoL It's definitely love at first try. I went back for the second, and so on. Admittedly, I try my very best to do the upkeep, more often than not, I fail. *LoL  A visit was in order, and what a perfect timing --Sale time! ;-D
Brow Wax Now made affordable, only Php 500 (Original Php 700) until October 29, 2012.  Visit Official FB Page of Benefit Cosmetics Ph for more details. 
Hmmm....Brow Woes! ;-D But yes, here's the unglamorous  way to do it. 
Just lovely Brows! 
Before and After. The after  photo, brow tinted and lashes curled and all, was taken the morning after. 
In my 30ish years of existence, I only trust my ever so beloved, and  amazingly super affordable brow technician in Angeles City. I get it by threading. Only recently, with Benefit, that I'm opening my heart with options. A bit pricey, but nice. ;-D
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