Friday, September 28, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Skin79 VIP Collection Super BB Cream

TGIF! Without further ado, here's the so belated review and giveaway post. I  love this BB (Beblesh Balm...yes this is no typo, it's really Beblesh) cream of Skin79...Super! It's my month long staple brand, and I'm on my second miniature tube. ;-D
Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super Beblesh Balm Cream comes in a 5ml Miniatre Tube and a holder.
KFDA 3 Functions Certification on: Whitening, Wrinkle Improvement, UV Interception SPF25 PA++

Product Feature: It is 3 effects functional beblesh balm. By Adenosine and Arbutin ingredients which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivate more bright and elastic skin. Intercept ultraviolet rays UV A and UV B at the same time and protect your skin exposed from the sun more thoroughly. Abundant nutrition of Gold and Caviar extract cares skin intensively to make shiny, healthy skin.  
Swatch. Leaves natural to medium coverage. 
FOTD. Taken with and without flash. Trying out MAC Styleseeker Collection with Fashion Nomad Mattene Lipstick.  Loved my dramatic lashes on the second photo made possible with Shu Uemura and Majolica Majorca. ;-D
FOTD: Taken during my son's birthday bash! ;-D 
What's to Love?
  • Super lightweight feel
  • Satiny finish
  • Blends easily
  • No Breakouts
  • Brightening, I glow! I'm lucky to have a generally great skin relative to my age, but this makes it even look better. ;-D 
  • A-okay sebum control, works even better if you set it with a powder
  • With Gold Caviar, I love. See here why
  • With SPF, that doesn't leave white cast
What's not to love?
  • For me, none. It's absolutely perfect for my skin type (combination and sensitive skin). The no-makeup feel is a really big plus. 
  • For others, the coverage is really light to medium, so a concealer for pigmentation, acne marks, etc. is needed. 
  • Not available locally, thank goodness for Korean Online Cosmetic stores.
Will I repurchase? 
  • I'm keeping a handful of these miniatures. But if I run out, I'll definitely cant't live without it buy.
Overall, I might have only ravings and praises for it, but my sister, who has a different skin type from me (Oily & Sensitive) doesn't like it much. She's still super loyal to SkinFood Peach Sake, which is not the case for me. So generally, it's still a matter of suitability and preference. I don't need a lot of coverage, so this works for me. Thankfully, there are a trial sizes, packs and miniatures available, so you can actually go on a trial spree to find that perfect match. ;-D

Giveaway time...

A mompreneur friend, and a real Korean Ahjushi (*LoL) provided me complementary products. Thank you!  I have a handful, I will share them with you. Hence, for the giveaway. ;-D

Giveaway Prizes: Dermal Mask Sheets x 5 pcs, Dermal Eye Patch x 2 pcs, Skin79 Super BB Cream VIP Gold Miniatures x 3pcs, Luesys (Review to follow) De-Mela White Serum  45ml and Cream 50g Trial packs x 6 pcs

This giveaway is valid only to those with valid shipping address in the Philippines. 

For your shopping needs, please do check out KPop Collections - Korean Cosmetics, Accessories, & Apparel on Facebook.  Don't forget to use the code exclusive to my readers: Use 10% Discount Code CHICSASSYMOM 

P.S. My, I think m.i.a. is the new normal for yours truly. So please don't go away. :-D I will try my very best to keep in touch more often. Cheers! ;-D 


Bianca said...

I would love to win these (Korean Cosmetics (Dermal Masks, Skin79 BB Creams, Luesys De-Mela) giveaways! Thank you for sharing such products and for giving feedbacks about them. It's really a great help to know about products that can make moms more beautiful. ^^

Bianca said...

I would love to win these (Korean Cosmetics (Dermal Masks, Skin79 BB Creams, Luesys De-Mela) giveaways! Thank you for sharing such products and for giving feedbacks about them. It's really a great help to know about products that can make moms more beautiful! ^^

Unknown said...

Hoping to win these great products (Korean Cosmetics (Dermal Masks, Skin79 BB Creams, Luesys De-Mela).

Super thanks for this great giveaway. More posts please...

Eds Ramos

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway Ms. Des


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Czjai said...

Great giveaway Des! Joining! :)

jackie said...

I am DEFINITELY joining again. I have used the BB Cream that I got from your previous giveaway. My sissy wanted it too so I should win this time again. Hehe. And thanks much for yet another giveaway! I have shared this post too :)

milkteayumi said...

Great review! I really enjoyed reading it. :)
I would love to win~

Paula Dela Cruz said...

I'm starting to love BB Creams!


Happy Mommy Adventures said...

I would love to get pampered and win these!

Nicole said...

I love the hot pink Skin79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm and I would love to try out the VIP Gold Collection one. :) Thanks for the giveaway!


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Unknown said...

I Really want to win this Awesome Korean products giveaway.

Unknown said...

Lovely giveaways,I'd like to win these Korean products. My daughters love Korean cosmetics. They would be happy if I win these, of course me too, I want to be look great always!

Unknown said...

I would like to win these lovely giveaways. My daughters love Korean products, they would be happy if I win these and me too, I like to be look great always! Thanks for this chance to join.

demoiselleQ said...

Thanks for the giveway! Can't wait to try this BBcream from Skin79! Heard lots of good reviews about the bbcreams of Skin79.


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I want to win Skin79 Super BB Cream VIP Gold Miniatur because I want to try BB creams! I never tried it before, but because your review.. i'm interested to try now!

Gerilen Areum said...

i so wanna try that bb cream! :D

MissAprilg said...

I want to win those stuff and try it!

jncldttaguilar said...

Thank you for sharing a review and info about this product! im so excited to try it myself! you may send me an email at

Marykyut R♕sey said...

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