Thursday, June 28, 2012

Manos Nail Lounge + Zoya: NIDO Fortified Moms' Day Out Part 2

Hello. Hello. It's Friday, yay! ;-D Hmmm, I've been m.i.a. again. A couple of excuses reasons...between recuperating from a bad case of cough and colds, I'm out and about fixing and organizing stuff. These 'stuff', I'll share asap. Anyhow, here's the finale (part 2 of 2) post from last time... lack of a better adjective to describe it, it's best to formulate it as such .... Spa time + Super Nice NOTD + "Me Time" + Bonding = One Fine Day, indeed!
NIDO Fortified treated us with a splendid Mom's Day Out at Manos Nail Lounge. 
Manos Nail Lounge. Cozy and Homey. NICE! ;-D 
Let the SPArty begins! ;-D It started with a foot wash, soak, and scrub. Manos Nail Lounge is also one in supporting nationalistic and environmental causes,  as such it also uses Human Heart Nature products for that more lavish pampering experience. HHN are 100% All-Natural, 100% Filipino products.   If you haven't tried them out, but love the experience, you can ask which HHN product is it, and you can take home the goodness as some items are sold at Manos.
SPArty Time! ;-D I love the pampering routine (scrub, massage) , and my, they're very meticulous albeit soft and gentle on the mani and pedi. They have several nail polish choices too. 
NOTW (Nail of the Week ;-D) ZOYA MEG from the Beach & Surf Collection
Description of Zoya nail Polish in Meg Zoya Nail Polish in Meg can be best described as: Light yellow-toned mermaid green with heavy gold and silver metallic shimmer and a sparkling foil finish. A light and fresh looking green with added sparkle and shine. Credit: Source
Swatch. You ought to know I have a far better outgoing taste on nail colors than my outfit choices. I have quite a collection of basic nail polishes at home, so when I go to the nail salons, I like to try bolder and brighter shades. I was hoping to go for an orange-y shade, but opted to go Green. I'll save it for next time, there are a lot of ZOYA shades that I would love to try.  I love the pigment and the lasting, almost chip-free-for-days. 
Yay! Red, Orange, Green, Beige, French it! ;-D  Happy! 
Us. As aforesaid, vs. a usual media event, the cozy SPArty allows us to be up close and personal to people behind the brand (NIDO Fortified and EON), I also had a chance to be more acquainted with some of the mommy bloggers. 

More than this, there's a far endearing reason behind the gathering, NIDO Fortified is one with recognizing that motherhood is no walk in the park. In as much as its endlessly rewarding, there are overwhelming challenges along the way. It's not an easy task to raise healthy children and a happy family, such that NIDO Fortified time and again strives to be the parents' partner in providing products, information, and experiences centered on health and wellness, for a more happier children, and steadfast parents. With NIDO's famed song through the years "Look at me mom, Shining like the sun, Bright as the day, You're my number one... ", as top of mind, Happy Babies = Happy Mommies, and vice versa, of course.  Having said that, a sunny disposition of a mom contributes more to the child's overall happiness than you know, vs. a stressed out one. Although easier said than done, with all the hustles and bustles coming my ways, my son would instantly call out my attention if I'm on my sometimes grumpy self  (oh well! I have my days too! ;-D). So yes, they're very very perceptive, and candid, and honest, so it pays to be on a happy mode, and so I relish on occasions like this. Big Thanks! ;-D 

For more information, please like NIDO Fortified page on Facebook. Or visit Nestlé Ph official website.

Manos Nail Lounge is located at Unit 2-I Crescent Park Residences, 30th St. Cor. 2nd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634 Tels. (02) 478-4057 and  (0915) 184-2120 
Like Manos on Facebook & Twitter: ManosNailLounge

Monday, June 25, 2012

To Do List: Eyebrow Tinting

Hello there. I missed doing beauty-related post, oh well, I'm lazy dilly dallying on documenting those kikay niceties that I recently hoarded, yada yada (*excuses).... I'll be on them, pronto! ;-D Which brings me to my post today, I never get around sharing my not-so-recent eyebrow tinting soiree. I had it done together with my hair, although not by a brow bar or the likes, I wonder if there's a difference, I'll let you know once I do it the second time around, soon. Anyhow, on my to do list ASAP, besides getting ombre hair (I'm mighty jealous of my friends who are already donning the hairstyle!), I'll do my eyebrows too. You ought to know that I have a very high maintenance eyebrows, such that they can really make or break my look. Keeping them well-groomed, plus getting them tinted to match my current hair color gives me more plus pretty points, methinks. *LoL
Me, myself, and I in one of my favorite FOTD with tinted brows. ;-D 
My usual brows.
This is how they did it. Using the same hair color for my hair, they used a bit to my eyebrows. Left for about 30 mins, with constant monitoring.
Tadaa! Hmmm, I didn't also get around blogging about my whole hair color soiree from Tony and Jackey Marquee Mall Branch,  which costed Php 3000+, because I thought that I was finally free, after 6-months, of my d.i.y. hair color misadventure, but NO-T!  Don't get me wrong, I love Tony and Jackey, see on my crown how nice my hair color should have been, if only most not still shining black. Oh well, it looks ombre, inverted!
Anyhow, this is my to do list, asap, maybe this weekend. Any recommendations? Browhaus? or The Brow? Please do let me know. I want the grooming as painless and effortless as possible, and the color dye or tweaking safe, and guaranteed. What do you think, any thoughts? ;-D 

Cafe Juanita Lunch Treat: NIDO Fortified Moms' Day Out Part 1

Hello. Hello. I've been busy, battling getting by the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila living. So, my last Friday's media event by Nestlé NIDO Fortified was truly a welcome treat. You ought to know that I have a special penchant to the brand, notwithstanding the fact that my son drinks it too alternately with fresh milk, it's a company that through the years unceasingly earns our respect and loyalty. And yes, might I say too, that it's the company that brings food on our table. ;-D So I personally would like to enjoin you to relive some of NIDO Fortified endearing TVC's. ;-D  This one is love.   #ProudToBeaMom

And YES to everything, they're all my and will be my sentiments too in the future. The treat was doubly pleasant because it's my first media event with them.

Of course, remember this? My novelized ravings here. ;-D
Our moms' day out started off with a luncheon treat at Café Juanita.

Café Juanita, Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Have you dined at Cafe Juanita? Prior to this, I haven't! Boo me! That is to think that the main branch is located at Pasig, my supposed turf. Oh well, big mistake. Not to preempt, but my, after my first try, it must be one of the best restaurant in Manila. 
It's a very cozy luncheon with about less than 10 Mommy Bloggers in attendance, such that it allowed us to meet and greet Nestle's Brand and Company representatives (Consumer Marketing Managers Ting Mercado and Tintin Libarnes, with the experts behind the brand, Dr. Lillian Leynes-Juadiong, child psychology expert, and Nestlé nutritionist Bab Cayabyab, as well as fellow mom and Nestlé Club head Au Alipao) alongside EON's (PR Firm) representatives. 
Cafe Juanita's interior decoration is pleasantly eclectic. The diverse displays and collections of antiques, artful and colorful furnishings complements the fanciful dining experience. 
I am not a gown, nor a dress. I'm a chair cover. LoL* #Corny See, the intricacies of designs and details all over are overwhelmingly pretty for my girly, dreamy taste. ;-D 
More elaborate light fixtures. Nice! ;-D
On with more of my Cafe Juanita ravings after the break. Please read more. ;-D We were served with a lot, so forgive me, if I got lost in the whole gastronomic fanfare and forgot some of the names of the dish. I'll try to update them, on my next visit. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Korean Grocery Time

Annyeonghaseyo! Being a Korean-Fangirl, it's such a nice coincidence to be living near a Korean Grocery, not to mention a must-try, highly recommended, my favorite Korean Restaurant in the city, Jang Ga Nae. So instead of treating Chase, my son, to a trip to Mini-Stop or 7-Eleven for whimsical snacking, we walk to the Korean Grocery instead. ;-D
Korean Grocery located at 8137 Plaza, St. J. Escriva Drive, at the back of UA&P.  
And they have Promo, and Sale too. ;-D 
Korean Ice Cream, Ramyun, Biscuits and Glass Noodle for Japchae. The fruit flavored ice cream choices are also to my son's preference and to his curiosity, he wants to buy and to try as much. 
This is my favorite ice cream. After being adventurous, trying out one ice cream after another, this is  my go-to. It's  creamy, chocolatey, strawberry, the works! ;-D For only Php 35. 
This is my hubby and Chase's favorite. It's my close second choice, if I'm craving for more caramelized, nougat, uber sweet indulgence. In fact, this is the must try first, before going out for other choices.  ;-D So Magnum or this? Korean Ice Cream all the way! LoL* In passing, I think the Magnum Truffle, in fairness is also to my liking, that is because I have a penchant for dark, bittersweet candies and ice cream. Although, I have yet to try the other flavors.
Korean Ramyun Jin Ramen Mild. This hava a school zone seal, it's not too salty and just have a hint of spice in it. We've tried several too, this remains to be our must buy. ;-D
"Masissge Deuseyo" Enjoy your meal! ;-D 
I must say, after watching Micky Yoochun's Rooftop Prince for the 2nd time, I just have to eat more ice cream and sweet Korean treats. ;-D Oh well, how sweet it is to indulge on my capricious penchant for everything-Seoul-ful.  LoL* 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Shoes and LBD + OOTD

Hello. In the spirit of retail therapy, here's a long overdue shoe haul post from last time's 3-Day SM Megamall Sale. ;-D
I got 4 pairs from CMG (Celine Mix Group) shop at The Atrium, SM Megamall ...2 x Lewré and 2 x Marble Ink. At buy 1, Take 1 plus discounts for about Php 5000 for all.  #SaleTime
I got the basic colors and designs, as always. I don't really pride myself in being adventurous and outgoing on my outfit choices. More often than not, I rely on accessories to bring some dash of colors and prints to my usual coordinating all-black or brown ensemble.

I love this pair from Lewré. The design is pretty basic, but my, the wearability is superb. 
Long Black Sleeveless Cardigan. Thrifted.
OOTD. Lewré. Zara Little Black Tube Top Dress. Sleeveless Cardigan.
Oh yay, here's to braving showing off my arms. LoL* Black is might, truly! And might I add that I've been dreaming to pull off this outfit since I bought that Zara LBD from yearsss back, but I never did have the courage until recently. Anyhow, I've been actually hearing this, here and there, "You're a mom!? followed by "you look younger...", yada yada, and/or "you don't look like a mom!" HELLO, so I'm not even sure are those complements, or what. I know of several more uber glamorous mommy bloggers out there. So yes,  I admit, call me late bloomer, but today, 30ish and all, more than ever, is the time to be fabulous!  Cheers! ;-D

Back to School Mates SY 2012 - 2013

Hello! Happy Monday! ;-D So yes, summer vacation was finally over for my son, and mine too. Last week, I was far too busy and excited to gear up for my son's first day of class. It's his first big school adventure. If I had written this post on the first day, I would have called this post "Not Ready for School", progressing to "Not Quite Ready for School", to today's "Almost Ready for School".  LoL* You have to understand that it's my first run to the bookstores to get him school supplies, instead of just concerning myself on buying just a snack/lunch tote like what we're used to in preschool. When I meant big school, literally in class size, population, and campus. So it took a lot of getting used to around the school offices, lining up, hours even, to finish transacting at the business office, and even at the school bookstore to get him his school uniforms, books, school supplies etc. Oh well... I survived! ;-D
Sticker Labels by Robee Stickers. I joined the school opening rush by just getting him the  stickers a day before. It took me an hour for my turn. I also got him a plain (white background, no design) stickers for his notebooks. It's pretty challenging to get a design for boys. So I went for the basic, Initials and Philippine Flag to label things requiring home address. If you have a printer handy, and a lot time and patience to do trial and error, to cut etc., it's best to just buy sticker paper and d.i.y. sticker labels.
Chic & Sassy Homemaking Tip!!! The school bookstore offered the whole set of school supplies per year level. Except for art papers, which were needed to cover the notebooks, which I only learned the first day. Here's the deal, don't label or cover the notebooks just yet. I did, and ended up wasting that set of stickers. As they would usually, more often than not, want to color/number code the notebooks.
Oh wow, it was quite a challenge covering and labeling each of the notebooks. Photos below are my good, better, best attempt as I go through covering each one of them. I only covered the front part, since the back includes the Alma Mater Hymn, so it's best left uncovered, methinks. Thankfully, the school notebooks come with a sturdy strong removable plastic cover, one less task to do. Anyhow, I recommend using a back to back (double sided adhesive tapes) instead of the usual scotch tape when covering with art paper. And then just apply the tape over the whole area not covered with plastic for better protection and lasting usability. 
I got him a matching Disney Cars Pencil Case from Toys R Us. Label, label, label.  ;-D Not just in the spirit of being proprietary, it's really saving yourself from replenishing pencils faster than needed. Since my penmanship is not too stellar, I opted to print them out. I'm also making him use the goodies I got from TreeHugger. Check more products from TreeHugger here.
#DisneyCarsOverload We *heart Lightning McQueen, you ought to know. ;-D   Although, if I'll get my way, I would love to get him a Jansport Wheeled Pack too. Eggshell Hard Case Disney Cars Character Trolley from Toys R Us, on sale for Php 1200++.  Matching Bag Tag from Bag Tag SM Megamall. 
Cars 2 Insulated Lunch Tote from Disney Store. A gift among many other Disney Cars  goodies from last time.  As soon as I find time to go back to the school bookstore, I'll update his lunch mates...thinking of getting him matching Genuine Thermos niceties.  
Name Tag. It's the required 4 inch x 5 inch size. Laminated. And, must I tell you,  that I'm a bit disappointed that I had to get one for him again, because he dropped it, 2 days after! So I guess, I better get it on a sling, instead of the clip. 
On school uniforms, patches, and badges...Being a new student, I didn't know until too late that I had to order right away the name patch at the school bookstore. So we don't have it yet, it takes more than a month for it. For the uniforms, I decided to get them too in the bookstore, with the shirt jacket type, I'll probably still get them there since they come with a machine-stitched school badge in the pocket. While the Grade/Level patches are sold at the bookstore, naturally I had to hand-stitch them, with my mom's help. ;-D

Oh, and the traffic takes getting used to! Seriously, it's not for the faint-hearted. LoL* Waking up 5am is something we're perfecting too. Anyhow, practice makes habit, in time. It'll be a walk in the park. #ThinkPositive
That's all for today. I will not even cover how Chase's Assignment Notebook is filling up for things to do by yours truly. LoL* 4 days, not complaining, just saying. So far, so good. Chase actually told me the 2nd day that I was making him a dwarf by waking him up too early, which got me worried a bit. But eventually, once he got used to a super earlier bed time than his usual, he's doing fine, getting by, and mighty excited for school. ;-D That's my boy! ;-D Cheers! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Love: Sebastian's Ice Cream

Hello. ;-D Have you tried Sebastian's Ice Cream? Love, love, love. ;-D I just tried it recently, from a recent event I attended, it's love at first try! So I made sure to get more. Oh well, a lot more flavors, and artisan's creations to explore. We can't wait.
Sebastian's Ice Cream at 4th floor of The Podium
Champorado Flavor...left a lasting impression, so I made sure to try more. 
A LOT of flavors to try to choose from. Some popular Filipino flavors, Sapin-Sapin, Mangga't Suman, Dive Bars (Ice Cream Bars), and Chilly Burgers. ;-D
Artisan Panna Cotta Rusticana is a creamy vanilla Bean Panna Cotta Ice Cream topped with Dark, Chocolate Rhum Fudge. Yum ;-D
Red Velvet Chilly Burger is love! You ought to know I love everything Red Velvet-ish. ;-D This one didn't disappoint. I daresay, it's one of the best! I took home another for Chase to try too, he wants more...definitely not to be missed. 
Oh well, a bit pricey. But the luxe indulgence is definitely worth it. ;-D
It's supposed The ORIGINAL and premiere Artisanal Ice Cream in Manila. 100% Filipino. ;-D #MustTry 

Lee Min Ho for Bench?

Annyeonghaseyo! It's been a while since I did some Korean-related post, but fret not, I'm still as crazy, I just pulled another all-nighter, as in 6am-ish, the night/day of my son's first day of school! I was super groggy, but inspired with Micky Yoochun's Rooftop Prince, he's so worth it! LoL*Anyhow, yesterday I went to buy the another set, the supposed better and HD copy of BOF (Boys Over Flowers) Korean Drama, I'm set to de-stressed over the weekend with another re-run for the nth time, my cousin told me of the a breaking news to us KDrama addicts...entitled K-Pop Star is new Bench Model! Definitely looks like Lee Min Ho to me. I'm hoping and praying that maybe someone, somehow, someday, Lee Min Ho can actually make it here in our beloved Sunny (now Stormy) Philippines. ;-D
Here's my screen cap of the article. Credit: Source
Jerry Yan did it! Lee Min Ho's Gu Jun Pyo is definitely poised to do it too, long overdue though! Oh, well, better late than never. So let's look at the clues...enjoys a huge following in Asia? 5M++ Fans in his Official Facebook Lee Minho page , HELLO, definitely! Koreanovelas? Hmmm, BOF, Personal Taste (a.k.a. Personal Preference), and City Hunter...several, as in all his dramas after BOF were all aired locally. Let's get the confirmation, anyone!? :-D #SuperExcited #FanGirl #Noona

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet Doc McStuffins, Disney Jr.'s New Toy Doctor

Hello. ;-D Last Saturday, Chase, my 6 yr-old son, had a fun-filled day, all thanks to Disney Junior. We attended the special screening of Doc McStuffins, the latest original series by Disney Junior. The show aims to educate our little ones on how to take care of themselves, and others, best of all, their toys.  Premiering this July 9, the show puts an animated, kid-friendly twist to visiting the doctor and having checkups.
Meet Dottie “Doc” McStuffins, a 6-year old “toy doctor” with a compassionate heart and a knack for healing toys and stuffed animals around her neighborhood. She has the ability to talk to toys once she puts on her stethoscope and runs a doctor’s clinic for toys out of her playhouse. 
Here,  in one of the episode, Doc McStuffins diagnosed and treats a little Jack in the Box, with her is Stuffy, the dragon.
 With her trusted toy friends— Stuffy, an overly proud stuffed dragon; Lambie, a stuffed lamb who loves to cuddle; Hallie, a jolly hippo receptionist; and Chilly, a hypochondriac stuffed snowman.

Each episode of Doc McStuffins includes original songs sung by the characters such as the “Time for Your Checkup” song. Additionally, Doc can be seen encouraging toys to not be scared by the doctor’s instruments and even rewarding toys with a sticker once they’ve completed their checkup. During the end credits, Doc also gives advice to its young viewers about staying healthy. 
The event was held at one of the party room of Active Fun at The Fort, BGC. Read on more of our fun-filled time at Active Fun here.
Enjoying and marveling at the two episodes shown. 
Kids, with Chase included, took time out from the meal and break time to watch the re-run of the episode.  The episode with a Race Car Toy was so much fun...Oh well, boys and cars. While with the Jack in the Box episode, Chase was a laughing hysterically at some point.
We were treated with yummy snacks at Active Fun. Love the Chicken Quesadilla.  ;-D
Parlor Games. You ought to know, we take them seriously *LoL. Chase in blue shirt, joining both games, and winning Disney Jr. Yellow Lunch boxes. He made extra effort to win two because he wanted to give one out to his cousin, Gabe.  How very nice of him! He had great time gaining new friends and playmates. ;-D
Loot Bags Love
I have to say that the characters are all so lovable. I'm definitely sure little girls would fall in love to all Doc McStuffins' plushy and cuddly toy pals (Lambie, Hallie, Chilly), I am. ;-D While little boys, like my son, would have a fun time with Stuffy, the dragon. ;-D The new show lives by the hallmarks of Disney's storytelling - fantasy and wish fulfillment. It also communicates to kids a strong sense of community. Furethermore, the show teaches them important values such as compassion for people and things all around, and foremost, the practice of lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it (toys, animals and people).  Doc McStuffins will premiere this July 9, 2012, 9:30 am, only on Disney Junior.

Thank you so much for having us. We had a mighty good time. Chase marveled at seeing the commercial of the upcoming sneak peeks of Doc McStuffins. He's definitely looking forward for more the adventures of Doc McStuffins and her equally adorable friends and toy pals. ;-D
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