Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Swim Time Halt

Hello everyone! Quick break from beauty/girly are some ravings and mishaps from our aspiring swimmer, Chase. Remember last summer that he took express swimming lessons, he's been improving since. So it's a major deciding factor to move in to a place with an added pool amenities, despite a higher rental rate than what we had last time.

Chase with his ever reliable Speedo Swim Vest taken last Boracay Summer 2011. He used this for about two years, although, he'd rather go for the kickboard after his lessons, we still bring this on our recent trip early this year,  just in case. The swim vest is a major confidence boost to get him enjoy swimming, and even exploring deeper pool levels, supervised of course. 
Last year, he had to accept that he needs to let go of the swim vest...kickboard time.  From his 12 sessions, of an hour each, he learned to kick, bubbles, some breathing, and then the strokes was briefly taught. 
Enjoying his swimming lessons for last year's summer break.
This time around, with his dad teaching him, after 4 consecutive days, he finally overcame his initial fear of letting go of the kickboard. He got his needed confidence boost from then on. More likely, a reward to make him try harder...a new pair of Speedo Goggles. ;-D

He no loves going underwater...doing cannon balls, that's what they call it. ;-D
We're so thrilled with his progress, so we treated him to some new swim gears from Speedo. He wanted a new pair of goggles for a reward,  a black short-sleeved swim tee offering some sun protection, and a new swim shorts. 
He's getting there, almost. But he had to take a 2 week-break because coupled with his allergic rhinitis,  he had a minor Otitis Media. He was complaining so hard of the throbbing pain in his ears, and when I checked one, it's really red, so we rushed him to an ENT in a clinic in Shangrila Plaza, since we'll still have to reconnect to his pediatrician in The Medical City. It's for the best that we went right away, so we avoided the major episodes of Otitis Media if we waited for another night before seeing an ENT doctor.  After hefty worth of medicines, he's okay, thankfully. But he's still not allowed to go back in the water. He's terribly missing it. He's doing a countdown. So until then, I'm keeping him busy with helping me do the household chores, and rewarding him a trip to the Korean Grocery near us for some snacks, ramen, and ice cream time. ;-D Happy Weekend! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thank You, Mom!

My Mama never fails to be there for us. For this, and for her unconditional love that never falters, Chase has the best-est grandma in the whole wide world. We are blessed.  And then there's is this...

"The hardest job in the world, is the best job in the world."

Cheers! Happy Weekend! ;-D 

Review: Innisfree Season 2 Melting Foundation *Wordy Post ;-D

TGIF! ;-D I mentioned Innisfree Melting Foundation on several previous posts, so without further ado, here are the details. I just have to say though that I feel giddy just thinking about Lee Min Ho = Innisfree...Yay! my recent splurging is so worth it, I should have gotten more! LOL*
One of my recent makeup purchase straight from Seoul (thanks to Mommy Wendy) is the Innisfree Melting Foundation. It's Season 2 because it accounts for Cool and Warm undertones for shade/color choices. Photo Credit: Screen Capture from Innisfree Korea website.
Product Description: This melting foundation, formulated with Jeju natural mineral powder, offers comfort to your skin even after makeup and its abundant moisture form 100% prescribed Jeju organic green team water in lieu of distilled water moisturizes your skin as it gently adheres to it, presenting a natural coverage, and transparent complexion. 
Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation Season 2 SPF 32/PA++ sells for 20,000 KRW ($17.55 or Php 750) in Seoul. Please note that I got it before my formal, so to speak, basic make-up artistry class from MUD-Manila, so relying only on google, and verifying from others that indeed the color of my veins from the Vein Test are bluish, I decided to go for C2. Hmmm...please read on if I got the right shade.
Based on this color choices, I opted to get C2. Naturally, among other things, probably 2 out of 3 parameters (Vein Test, Silver or Gold, Eye Color)  on determining my skin undertone, I'm more likely to be cool-toned. I'll leave it as such. The important takeaway is that in getting a make-up shade for the first time, it's best to try and to test it. That's the best measure of shade suitability.
I don't generally use the included puff/brush, but this one I love. It's the same as the Laneige's Snow BB Soothing Cushion, which both Innisfree and Laneige under Amore Pacific. The blue puff is doesn't absorb the foundation so what you get will all go to your face,  and it's blue so you can see how much or how little you use, so it makes it more economical. With gentle patting motion, it makes do for a great blender. P.S. Puff Photo from the website. My puff is dirty, I haven't cleaned it yet when I took the photos. Boo me.
Directions: Apply an appropriate amount onto makeup puff and gently pat starting from the inner to outer areas of your face. 

Top Left: Without. Bottom Left:With. Right Photo: Set with SkinFood Gold Caviar Moist Fitting Cake. 
It leaves a flawless finish with a natural/light to medium buildable coverage. It is easily absorbed, so it feels lightweight. I usually categorized my skin type as oily/combination, but for dry skin (and I get that too sometimes), I recommend lavishly moisturizing before using this to get a great flawless finish less dry patches. There's a light powdery scent to it too. It's okay, it's unremarkable once it's applied all over. Every so often, I skip setting it with a powder, it's okay too. It lasts all day, even when I had it for a super sunny fieldtrip. ;-D Best of all, I like that it didn't break me out...hmmm must be that Lee Min Ho  Mineral, Jeju and Green Tea goodness packed in the product for ingredients. ^_^

Several FOTD posts with it. Nice. ;-D These are over-used photo/s from previous posts. I'll update this asap. ^_*
Here's the catch, I think I should have gotten Shade C3 instead. At first swiped, it will leave me a bit whiter, but fret not, after a while, the colors leave on naturally, almost veil-like, it's what the premise of the product in the first place, "natural cover". I learned from my recent class, that Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream, which I thought of as having a darker shade, is the shade that is approved per se by the MUD-Manila instructor, as per its suitability to my skin tone and undertone after actual testing, so I'm better of getting shade C3 for the Innisfree makeup lines. Anyhow, it the risk in buying online without testing the actual product first.

Overall, the Innisfree Season 2 Melting Foundation with the right shade is a winner. The packaging is superb with a lid separator between the formula and the puff. It has a quality mirror too to speak of. And then there's the blue puff, it's super nice, I'm wowed. Plus, in Seoul, it's less than a thousand pesos, that's nice...a little goes a long way anyhow. Here, you can buy the first season of Melting Foundation online from BHappywithme for about a thousand pesos, fair enough. I just have a growing penchant for Innisfree, in fairness net of Lee Min Ho LOL*, it's another Korean brand that I'm loving. ;-D 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Slimmed.Shaped.Be Body Beautiful.

Wacoal says..."Be Body Beautiful at Any Age!" So True. ;-D

Wacoal Shape Vest is love, love, love...seriously! ;-D 
Product Description Shape Vest (SRP:Php 1895): Provides a firm support that lifts the bust and supports the back for better posture.  Reinforcement fabrics are placed at different areas for proper support.  Creates a smooth and sleek silhouette for your outerwear.
O.O.T.D. ForMe. Zara. Accessorize. Debenhams. Secret to an instant slimmer me, Wacoal's Shape Vest!Yay!
White doesn't flatter me much. Without. With Vest photo on top.  Thank goodness for Wacoal's Shape Vest, I don't look as big. LOL*
With Wacoal's Vest Shape, Bandeau, and Seamless Hipster Panty (Php 495) for the smooth and sleek silhouette.  I love!  ;-D Although, I don't recommend the boy leg seamless panty if you have a hearty thigh like yours truly, it rolls. sad. need to lose weight for real. exercise.
I know, this is superficial! But what am I to do?! I have a hearty appetite, plus a genetically slow metabolish (LOL*). I can only do so much. For the mean time, I reach out for Wacoal, it sure flatters me. Cheers! ;-D 
Visit Wacoal Ph Official Site and subscribe to Wacoal on FB for more updates. 

Review: Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex PK211 + FOTD

Hello there! I've been quite diligent on practicing my recently enhanced personal make-up artistry skills via MUD-Manila...Yay! ;-D So finally, here's a detailed look at the Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex a la lip gloss ++ that I got over a month ago. Same with last time, better late, than sorry for not having to try this earlier. ;-D
Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex for Php 495. But I got as part of a Php1500 Majolica Majorca three-part set from last time at SM Megamall Department Store Majolica Majorca Counter. It comes with a doe-foot applicator with a yummy milky strawberry scent.  Swatch. Most photos are taken under warm white lighting (which we are a big fan of!), but in daylight,  it's light, glittery pink, although almost sheer than light pink. 
Product Description: Dressier than gloss, but lighter than lipstick...plump, pretty lips. Liquid Rouge with 70% moisturizing ingredients for lips that are feminine yet cute.

FOTD: Face: Innisfree Melting Foundation Shade C2/ SkinFood Gold Caviar Moist Fitting Cake to set; Eye shadows: Urban Decay Midnight Rodeo and Vanilla; Eye Liner: Kanebo Kate Eyeliner; Mascara: Lashem Double Trouble; Blush: Majolica Majorca Customize Cheek Blush in RD255; Lips: NYX Beige Lip Liner (full lips) under Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex PK11
It looks light pink, but when applied it takes on a natural glossy tint. It's about the same effect as my other Majolica Majolica Honey Pump gloss, only I like the Rouge Majex's better because it's not as sticky and heavy. In fact, it feels almost natural that I didn't mind (and won't mind in the future) using this on several events. Because in as much as I like glosses, I don't really want them too sticky, this one feels just right.
Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex PK211 applied over SkinFood Black Black Bean Lip Line Pencil in Peach Pink.  
Another great takeaway from my recent MUD-Manila makeup class is that you can use lip liner fully, that is after lining, starting off with the Cupid's bow, also fill/shade the whole lip area. It works as a great base before lipstick application. In this case, it highlights and adds pigments to an almost sheer gloss.
FOTD: Face: Innisfree Melting Foundation Shade C2/ SkinFood Gold Caviar Moist Fitting Cake to set; Eye shadows: Urban Decay Omen and Tainted; Eye Liner: Kanebo Kate Eyeliner; Mascara: Lashem Double Trouble; Blush: Majolica Majorca Customize Cheek Blush in RD255; Lips: NYX Edge Pink Lip Liner (full lips) under Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex PK11. This is a great workaround to add pinkish/reddish pigments with the Rouge Majex being almost a translucent. In the end, it makes it more versatile. 
Closer Look: Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex PK211 applied over NYX Edge Pink Lip great even to a shade as bright as this. ;-D Except my doe foot applicator is now stained with dark pinkish shade. Oh well. ;-D 
Overall, this is a handy, pretty even, and functional lip gloss from Majolica Majorca. It's currently on my kikay kit. I read that although it has reinforced 70% moisturizing ingredients, others still find this drying. I don't! It must be that I use lip balm more often than not (either EOS or Human Heart Nature Chocolate Lip Balm ;-D) as part of my basic skin care routine, that is before applying make-up. So when I paint my lips per se with lipliner, the lip balm is fully absorbed, and the lip liner glides on smoothly and creamy. This also in a way improved it's lasting power. Please note that I pick up this shade as part of a set, so I didn't really have a say on the shade, but there are more reddish (RD419) and brighter pinks (PK404) shades available individually. But I'm standing by my workaround to make it more versatile. That's more economical, instead of getting more shades. I might actually be able to finish this sooner, then opt to try other shades later on.

Have you tried Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex, what shade? Ravings or rantings? Please do share. ;-D 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

Hello everyone! You ought to know that I'm such an avid online shopper, with security and reliability of the seller/site as my foremost considerations in splurging. Although, we're almost down to Month 1 of our Metro Manila living, and malls are all-over, I'm still compelled to checkout online shopping sites. This is not only because of pricing advantage to most extent, but also I love lingering and window shopping to my heart's content without dealing to my boys' (hubby and son) intolerance of my shop-hopping. And YAY to that,  there's a new shopping site, Zalora, which offers several shopping advantages (e.g. free shipping, wide array of brands/items choices, reliable payment options etc.) The reinforced security and reliability of the shopping site is further emphasized with co-marketing activities with BPI (Bank of the Philippine Island) Edge Card, and Nuffnang, plus among other companies. So yes, I'm about ready to give it a go.

Based on my whims needs, my Top 5 Picks are Missy Black Blouse, Bayo Blue Dress, Two Pairs of TOMS, and a glitzy XOXO Bag. Hmmm, seriously, I really do need to replenish my wardrobes since I'm out and about attending job interviews,  hopefully to be back to corporate employment. Indeed,  Zalora offers several choices. 
Missy V-Neck 3/4 Sleeved Blouse Php 995. You know me, for me, black is might, it's my kind of power dressing. ;-D
Bayo Blue Kayti Printed Rayon Php 1195. I'm compelled to dress-up matchy with my recent bag love. LoL* 
TOMS Black Wedge Php 3795. I'm dreaming of TOMS still. And since I can't wear FitFlop  all the time especially on a job interview, I needed a stylish shoe brand with a heart for corporate power-dressing. ;-D 
TOMS Ballet Black Camila Php 3995. And for those dress down, field work days in the future, I'll need a comfy pair of ballet flats.
XOXO Gleaming Tote with Double Handle Php 3999.95. I love the glitz and glamour, plus the functionality of the bag. It's a potential great bag to accent my usual black ensembles, and more structured accessories for my future work days ahead. ;-D 
I think it's fairly common to go to several shops first, reasonably trying a as much, then selecting after, don't you think so? LoL.* But being a SAHM (Stay-at-Home Mom), I don't really have several out-of-home soirees. And that constraint has gotten only further since I'm also without a helper with Chase's Ate Jane (nanny) on a month's vacation (seriously...2 more weeks to go). Also, in between school hunting for my son, and actively job hunting too, I'm swamped. Best part, Chase is literally a home buddy, he's not much of mall-er.  So I can't really drag him to spend time mall hopping during the day. Haha. ;-D And unlike provincial living (Angeles City for us), where window shopping at malls is free, without parking fee generally, this is not the case here in Manila. And since, I'm not much of a parker, I prefer to go for Valet, so that's Php 100+ less on my retail therapy fund. ;-D So online retail therapy is still the way to go for me. Another reason that is compelling to Zalora is the COD (Cash on Delivery) payment option, and that's a big plus for me, since I don't have to go to the hustle and bustle of going to an accredited payment center, that is if you'd rather not use plastics on paying.

Shop Now at Register now to get your Php 250 Shopping Voucher. ;-D
 Oh, much to see. It's a potential retail therapy haven. I wish to win these...wish me luck. Let's shop galore at Zalora. What's in your wishlist? Please do share. ;-D

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Make-up Designory (MUD) Manila Course and the FOTD's after

Hello everyone... Happy Monday! ;-D Here's the wrap-up post of my recent Make-up Designory (MUD) Manila Personal Make-up Artistry Course. In a nutshell, this is one of the best Php3900 spent on a beauty endeavor. LoL* Foremost, it finally made sense to splurge on makeup not only because I love collecting them,  but mostly because I'm actually using them.
Photo Opportunity with MUD-Manila Personal Make-Up Artistry Course Instructor, Ms. Myr Lim
The Class of MUD-Manila/Deal Grocer Personal Make-up Artistry Course April 15, 2012
So do I recommend taking the course? Definitely, that is for the likes of me that needed nudging to take a leap of faith in doing something that is deemed to be an art, and requires a bit of intricacy to accomplish, be it for beginners or as refresher. The deal price is such a steal as the instruction/certification is from a renowned make-up school. Make-Up Designory Manila is raved to be a top school, and it didn't disappoint. In fact, I came out inspired to strive bettering I practice, practice, and practice. LOL*
Here are my recent F.O.T.D.'s: Neutrals, Bolder with Blue, More Outgoing with Purple's. I'll be referring to these photos individually for more detailed product review posts (e.g. Kanebo Kate Eyeliner Pencil, Innisfree 2012 New Melting Foundation Shade C2, Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette etc.). 
I needed some nudging via a formal schooling to be more outgoing in terms of my eye shadow color choices. Besides the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette is so pretty to be ignored, so I set to maximize its life to its fullest. So YAY to MUD-Manila, to pretty Myr Lim, and to some media events, which created opportunities for me to doll-up...I'm about ready to look nice, more often than not. LOL*

Friday, April 20, 2012

Nail Salon Woes

Hello everyone! TGIF! ;-D Today was a super productive day, plus I did another FOTD, I'm thoroughly practicing my recent MUD (Make-up Designory) Manila training. Yay! It's such a great day, except on my way to an interview, hubby agreed to drop me off, only he was apprehended by a Makati Traffic Police for unloading me in a supposedly no unloading zone! Uh, oh! So sorry Hon! Grrrr...anyhow, I'll save that drama for later. Anyhow, last night, being new in the area, we had to scout for shops to do my boys' (hubby and son) haircut, remember we adore Tony & Jackey in Marquee Mall, but with no T&J nearby, we ended up going at David's Salon in 5th Floor of MegaMall. I took this time, to had my toe nails done, and indulged in a bit of foot massage at the same time. I wanted to try Nail-a-holics, even Beauty and Butter, there's POSH Nails too. For the previous shops, I needed to wait, so I went to look for the shop that they can do my nails pronto! And so I went to shop T, it's a bit expensive than the rest for Php 280 for a pedicure. I'm consoling myself that it's okay since the seats look and feel plushy. And then ... my woes began. Never again!

The shop doesn't have an available Orly in Reddish Shade. They had Misa Nail Lacquer instead. 
Misa TA09 Hand Spun Silk. It's a bright red. 
NOTD. All done. It's the first time I heard of Misa, it seems okay. 
Misa apparently has several color choices, which is a Vegan Nail Color Brand. The Hand Spun Silk Bottle sells for $7.50 in the US. 
The lady doing my nails was chatting non-stop to her colleague. I was hoping to get a quiet time, but No-T! I was worried that she'll get carried away in her chatter and she'll overdo trimming my cuticles. I had to remind her. And this too, remember, that most of the nail salons now do a little foot massage in between, she applied a little foot lotion, barely touching my feet, and then quickly spritz on alcohol, and that's it! She went on to paint my nails, and then quickly let me wore my FitFlop™. And then, she left,  nonchalantly. My Gosh!
I should have seen it, while most are full, this shop is almost empty. 
Overall, I will not dare going back again. I'm just crazily craving for some pampering time, and this is the part that I so miss Angeles City living, with Ate Fe (our friendly-neighborhood nail technician a la manicurista) doing manicure and pedicure effortlessly at very friendly price. Anyhow, I'll just remain faithful to my favorite nail salon as an alternative to getting it in Manila, instead of waiting for a Pampanga trip. I should have waited for a trip to The Nail Loft. I went on to try their pedicure two weeks back, it's for Php 170 with the works...foot wash, scrub, massage, and ORLY nail colors! I'll be sure to document my trip next time. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

I don't really like to dwell on negative things on my blog, but I just wanted to give you a heads up, in as much as I don't mind giving second chances, this is a friendly reminder to read between the signs (not to generalize, but if it's awfully quiet in there, hmmm...there must be something amiss! Read reviews! LOL*). This is a call for continuous innovation and change, never settle, because we want our hard-earned money well spent, and the progressive shops/brands, even relatively new, are more than eager to please. That's all. *_^

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paseo de Sta. Rosa Outlet Stores Overload

Hello again! I just want to do a rundown of the overwhelming number of outlet stores in Paseo de Sta. Rosa. We briefly passed by the area last time we went to Enchanted Kingdom. Coming from the SLEX Sta. Rosa exit, it's the opposite way to EK. It's the commercial complex of Greenfield City. First off, the area to cover is quite huge, and the shops go on from one building to another. Just in case, you're in the mood to splurge, here are some stores to check out.

Nine West
Beauty Bar
This is the biggest Nike Factory Store that I've been to so far in the country. ;-D While I took my time going through most of the stores, hubby and Chase lingered here for a while. 
Samsonite and Payless Shoe Store
Bench Depot means Charles & Keith, La Senza, The Face Shop and more. ;-D

Giveaway: 10 Mathemagis Singapore Maths Gift Vouchers

Hello everyone! To my dear mommy/daddy readers, I'm inviting you to join my summer giveaway in partnership with Mommy Joanne of Mathemagis. Make our kids, 4-12 years old, get up close and personal with the rudiments of Mathematics with the revolutionary approach of Singapore Maths. Take this for a benchmark, with Singapore Maths, this is an easy breezy math problem to solve...

Lauren spent 20 percent of her money on a dress. She spent 2/5 of the remainder on a book. She had $72 left. How much money did she have at first?
- Credit:

Hmmm...what's that? I always dream of Chase as a Math genius of some sort (LOL*), so this might be it, a gift of Math Achievement. Seriously, with the right mindset and an approach, Mathematics is a joy to conquer and to master, instead of dreading it. Join me as we gift our kids with a starter session at Mathemagis Singapore Maths Center located at Katipunan Ave., Quezon City.

Study Area
10 Recipients of One Gift Voucher.
Traditional Math vs. Singapore Maths. Learn more about Singapore Maths at
This giveaway is open to Metro Manila Residents, who are committed to visit Mathemagis' Quezon City Center. 
Entry submission will end April 30, 2012, Local Time (Philippines). 
Complete the requirements, and bonus entries if you like. 
Earn entries via the Rafflecopter.
10 Recipients of Gift Vouchers.
 Maximum of one voucher/child. 
If you have more than one child who is qualified to participate, I suggest registering another parent/guardian's name in their behalf. :-D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm MUD-Manila Certified Part 2: Smokey Eyes

Hello everyone! Here are more ravings for my MUD-Manila Personal Make-Up Artistry Course with the last part dedicated on how to create smokey eye for a glam night make-up. Yay! ;-D

Ready for a night out! Smokey Eyes. Glossy Lips. Red Eyes :( #InstagramLove 
Remember my day makeup, which is MUD Make-up overloaded, with MUD Pomegranate as my main shadow, it simply took adding a darker shade to convert it into Smokey eye make-up...easy breezy...supposedly! LOL*
 I have to say that the MUD Cream Foundation (YG2) rules, as in! 5 hours plus plus... still flawless and as nice, MUD-ly love it! Awesomeness! ;-D
Darker Shadow/Dropshadow: Ace Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette. More Eye liner  using Kanebo Kate  Eyeliner  Pencil. Additional Highlights: Majolica Majorca Jeweling Shade of Eye Palette PK722.  For the lips, instead of changing it to a more tone down shade, I instead added lip gloss using Urban Decay Pocket Rocket. 
Smokey Eyes. Here's a rundown of the eyeshadow shades that I used. MUD Pomegranate. MUD Honeysuckle. MUD Espresso. Urban Decay Ace. Majolica Majorca Jeweling from PK722. Uh, oh...after several failed attempts and some erasures and more eye reddening, I finally placed my False Eyelashes. I need more practice!
So yes, falsies are the nicest thing ever, if only...! So yes, I need to practice, practice, practice. That's all for the smokey eyes, so nice! ;-D I'll do a finale post on my take on the whole MUD experience. And with several F.O.T.D.'s with Laneige Lipsticks, it's high time to do a full post soon.

P.S. I'm so busy, seriously! I have so many to-do posts (giveaway (please wait!), reviews, events etc.), but besides that I'm still borrowing bandwidth from a neighbor with PLDT giving me more headaches with long transfer/waiting time, our helper (Chase's Ate Jane) went on a month's vacation. So I, the supposedly Chic & Sassy Homemaker, have a handful of things to do...beyond words! So here we are in a new house, in a new city, couple with school hunting for Chase, and my job hunting, I'm beat! Oh well, maybe yes, all in a day's work...carry! Cheers! ;-D

How to Create a Budget for Your Family

*Post written by Leslie Branch for the readers of Chic & Sassy Homemaker.

Planning out a budget requires cutting back on activities you and your family enjoy. It requires sad, but honest truths: no more video games; say goodbye to expensive trips to the movies; and forget about going on vacation. Each item you cut out requires a personal sacrifice from someone in the family. It may hurt your little ones, but these necessary reductions help save money and may even save your home.
Credit Image: Google Image
Some individuals may need to budget better to help save up for a home; others do it for emergency purposes. Whether you’re looking to save more or prepare for an emergency, creating a budge can make a financial move easier for you and your kids.


Students earning an MBA accounting degree may know the ins-and-outs of planning a financial future. For everyday folks, financial planning can present a series of challenges, but that’s where software comes in. From a simple iPhone app to a more complicated financial software or spreadsheet program like Excel, you can help manage your money much better than before.

Sure, you could do things the old fashion way—via paper and pencil—but software like an application can measure all your expenses and give you tips of how to save. With the popularity of the smartphone, thousands of Americans can better prepare their financial future with just a few swipes or clicks.

Know Thyself

Software aside, you have to know a bit about your spending tendencies and future goals. What do you hope to save up for or help avoid? Is it the dream home you plan on purchasing or the retirement fund you help to pad before your 50th birthday? Everyone’s financial goals will require different spending reductions and investments to achieve. From the future retiree to the next new car, you might need to make spending adjustments to your suit your lifestyle.

What’s Necessary and What Isn’t

Necessity bills—mortgage, car payment and phone bill—lock up your funds. These bills take priorities over unnecessary spending, i.e., movies, trips to Vegas or a new computer. Review the money locked into loans and long-term payments and see how your unnecessary bills can help repay those locked-in debts.

Here’s where it helps to have software on your side. With a few clicks and a couple swipes, you can understand just how much of your money is spent on necessary items and how much is wasted on excess spending and where reductions can be made.

Add in Cheaper Substitutes

Budgeting requires sacrificing some hobbies you enjoy. That doesn’t mean you cannot find suitable substitutes to take the place of your beloved past times. Instead of trips to the movies, stay home and rent a flick. With so many cheap, viable options—Redbox, Netflix and videos on demand—you can easily substitute a trip to the theater.

Wait to buy new electronics a few months after newer models release to save on the liquidated price. Purchase a certified, used car. Cook meals at home instead of ordering in carryout. Take a vacation somewhere locally. Find smarter substitutes that don’t require you huge sacrifices that you and your family enjoy.

Substitutes can help you enjoy the spoils of life but save money while doing so. Sure, you might not have a degree from a place such as, but you do have software, tips and motivation to get your financial future secured for you and your family.

Better Budgeting

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