Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Korean Cosmetics eBay Wins and Buys

T.G.I.F. ;-D I'm seriously dead set on over indulging on my Korean Beauty Care niceties. Although, I've been meaning to lower my inventories (LoL ;-D) before I start hoarding again, but I just couldn't help it. I bid. I won. I buy more. Here are my recent finds.  #eBayshopping
I bid and won the Missha's Signature Dramatic Base Boomer (so looking forward to try this!) , a miniature Skin79 Scandal Rose & Vanilla BB Cream with SPF 50+ PA+++, and more of Ku Hye Sun a la Geum JanDi's Somang RedFlo Camellia Hair Shampoo. And more trial sizes from all sorts of Korean Brands. ;-D
Bavipaht AC Therapy SOS Spot Patch...I'm uber curious if these are for real, so I'll be sure to let you know asap! ;-D
Innisfree Jeju Volacanic Nose Pack...I have only praises for the clay mask, so let's see, if this is as nice!
Innisfree Natureal Essential Honey Mask. Yay! More masks sheets for me. I liked the Skin Food Royal Honey Ampoule Mask Sheet, so I might give this a look.
SkinFood Citron Scalp Care Conditioner.  I'm also into hoarding haircare products. Most of SkinFood's packaging are not as kawaii as the other brands, it's nice that Skin Food is trying to go out of the box too. I tried few from SkinFood's haircare lines. They're okay, except they're a bit pricey. So I'll see if it's worth buying a full size of the Citron Conditioner. This one also mentions that it's free of 4 additives (colorings, paraben, ethanol, bensophenone), bonus nice points for this!
SkinFood Case Caron Puff. It's supposed to be a caron puff for makeup base or liquid foundation application.  
Hmm...maybe I'll give a sponge a try. Inspired from Benefit Ph FB post. ;-D
Oh my, I seriously love talking about my shopping finds, eh! ;-D Anyhow, I'll let you know how these Korean niceties work. This is yet again another great shopping experience from my fave Korean eBay seller. What's your recent shopping finds, please do tell! ;-D


Czjai said...

Siguro ikaw lagi ang nakaka-outbid sa kin kay bhappywithme. Hahaha! :)

ChicSassyMom said...

Oh my....maybe! ;-D

Janet said...

Nice hauls, really great products...~ would love to try the caron sponge seems pretty interesting..^_^~

ELLE said...

oh btw,I know bhappywithme, met her already. ^_^

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