Thursday, January 5, 2012

Veggie Tales...Moringa Oleifera

Thank goodness it's Friday! Yay! ;-D So sorry, but I'm still on hiatus for doing beauty/Korean cosmetics related posts, but I promise I'll be back on Sunday with a whole lot of them, because we have another wedding to attend tomorrow...that's prettifying aplenty! ^_^ Anyhow, I'm just ecstatic of my son's feat, he's now officially eating Moringa Oleifera leaves or malunggay.
Our neighbor's malunggay trees...we just nicely ask for some! ^_^
This is such a big deal to me, because my son took after his dad in his aversion of vegetables. (Sad!) Although, that is not the case when he was a mere baby. Thanks to my favorite parenting book, I made sure to feed him variety of nutritious vegetables, and then just one day...nada! He won't eat a bite. But I do try, every now and then. Until just recently, we don't need to hide these uber nutritious leaves. He started eating them! Yay! :-D

At first, we just add them in our Chicken Tinola (a soup-based main dish with papaya, or sayote (chayote in english) and overflowing malunngay leaves). 
And guess what? I added them on our sinigang instead of kangkong (water spinach) leaves. 
These leaves are exceptionally nutritious, so yay indeed! So I'm happy to say that Chase conquered his distaste of some mushrooms, pumpkin, sayote, and malunggay. We're still a long way to go, but we're getting there! :-D Any tips, please do share? ;-D

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Rachel Rowell said...

Thanks for visiting my site! I am following you in all ways. It would be great if you could follow me via rss (top left of my page).


momto8 said...

what an interesting soup! i learn something new everyday!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm now following back via Google+. Have a great Friday! I'm grateful for it too! :-)

AiDiSan said...

I seldom see Malunggay trees nowadays. I guess people should plant more trees that bear delicious and nutricious vegetables and fruits for our kid's sake.

You're lucky to have a neighbor with Malunggay tree...ika nga...abot kamay lang...hahaha.

anschluss_phau23 said...

i love chicken tinola.. very yummy and delicious!! <3

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