Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I want more Ham!

Hi! I'm back but with another food post. ;-D When I said I missed the prettifying part for New Year's Eve, I din't mean the entirety of the whole celebration, our traditional first meal for 2012 a.k.a Media Noche was actually stellar considering there's only three of us to share it! From our Christmas' Asian/Korean Themed meals, we opted to go casual western themed this time, with our 6-year old son, Chase, such an avid fan of them...burgers, hotdogs, sausages, baked macaroni and cheese. One thing for sure we had overflowing sweet treats from cakes to chocolates. And for those, we are forever grateful. But one thing that stands out was the ham we had this time. Of all the food we had, ham was the first one to go, all the time. We eat it by itself, with rice, and with bread...ham and cheese special sandwich on the house! ;-D
Our new favorite local ham, Pineapple Ball Ham by Virginia Foods sells for Php 450+. 
Oh by the way, we're trying out a new hotdog brand, it's Virginia Premium Hotdogs. My hubby tried it when he went to Cebu, and he made us try it here since there's a kiosk inside the Marquee Mall supermarket that sells it a la hotdog-on-a-stick, we love it. Naturally, we're also curious on how great their hams would be, so we opted to get the Pineapple Ball Ham. It's honey-glazed, pineapple cured ham with an added layer of fat on top. Yum! ;-D
But we love to serve it pre-sliced. It's great by itself, but we just can't live without my mom's special pineapple sauce. 
It's the best ham ever. It must be that extra layer of fat...yum indeed! ;-D
It's almost as good as the one we had last time, which my sister in law hand carried from the US to here. Not the actual photo, but looks something like it. It came with a cranberry sauce, but when we ran out of it, we used strawberry jams. ;-D 
Now that I looked at them, the American ham is a giant compared to ours. Haha! But the taste is comparable anyhow. So yes, I definitely want more Ham!

I just really want to share this, just in case you'll be joining the Chinese New Year's Celebration, and is in for a lookout of ham. How about you, what's your ham story? ;-D


Wonder Woman said...

I had a lot of ham these holidays, too. I'm not a huge ham person, so Christmas ham instantly becomes my guilty pleasure every holiday season. :p Happy holidays, Des!

ChicSassyMom said...

Happy Holidays Angel! :)

ChinaDoll said...

I enjoy eating ham with a slice of toasted bread...yummy! And speaking of..I think we are kinda weird because we don't serve ham during Noche Buena and Media mom serves them on a regular day specially for breakfast. And she's already "hoarding" hams so we might try the Pineapple ball ham :)

Unknown said...

I am new follower via GFC
please feel free to follow back

momto8 said...

ham is reat and easy for the holidays! this ham looks great! i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

everyday products and more said...

i am not on ham either maybe once or twice a year. newest follower from the hop look forward to reading your posts

Life Unexpected by BigHotMommaG said...

Yummy naman talaga ang ham.. Sira ang diet pag ham ang naka-hain.. haha

Even my kid loves it too.. :)

Droppin' by lang sis.. :)

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