Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 1 Boracay Regency

Hi! Good morning, I'm surprisingly up way earlier in spite of the long day yesterday. Chase has a bad tummy, hopefully it's nothing serious that a dose or several doses of Yakult won't fix.

Anyhow, a drive to Boracay took about 4 hours plus a couple of stops, a flat tire, and some dinner mishaps afterwards. But all is well, hopefully, we are in paradise...fun, sun, and sand overload! :-D

Not to be missed mentioning were the pump boat ride from Caticlan to the jetty port. We had first time visitors so we had to go for the classic ride, instead of the fast craft. Albeit, we took the multi-cab jeep afterwards, instead of the tricycle.

Just have to say, Boracay Regency is huge! The new wing behind the main hotel is just so captivating with the grand pool and all. Although, we're staying at the main building. It's actually even more a treat to be on the first floor with few steps off the beach front plus another cozy pool just outside our room too. A dip was so inviting, we couldn't resist.

Dinner was very eventful at the Red Coconut. But, all is well now, I won't dwell on it.

After tucking Chase to sleep, we're off to getting our dose of Boracay massage. Although we're saving the by-the-beach treat for later. We went to the spa with the most reasonable price... Php 950 for an hour treat of Thai Herbal ball massage at this place near Regency. Overall, it was worth it... Thankfully! :-D

Boracay Regency is the place to be! :-D
Our Room with a great view...swimming pool and few steps away from the beach! :-D
On our way to Boracay Station 2 Hotel via the Multi-cab.
Boracay Regency Family Room
The New Wing of Boracay Regency...a welcoming site indeed! ;-D
Boracay Thai Herbal Ball Massage
Just outside our room...I liked this side of Boracay Regency, albeit the room furnishings are a bit out dated, but at least you get a private pool unlike the pool overlooking the lobby. And it's just few steps off the walkway and the beach. ;-D
Boracay Regency Lobby
To the beach...off we go! ^_^
Sunscreen Protected with Skin Food Platinum Grape Cell Essential BB Cream. ;-D

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Wedding

Hi! We're getting ready for our drive to Boracay...excited! ;) But I just want to quickly rave about the wedding yesterday. It was an affair to remember...lovely! ^_^

I have to tell you that I'm now officially a fan of fake eyelashes, you just really have to know what to get and then how to put them. ;)

It was also a dream come true...curls and waves! Yay! :)

I had my hair and makeup done, but I used few of my fave makeup... Skin Food, Majolica Majorca, and Laneige for my lippies.

For my accessories...butterflies et al, from Accessorize and SM Dept Store. ;)
The wedding was a cozy family affair at Hotel del Rio, Iloilo. Chase being the one and only nephew is the ring bearer. He has his first tailor fitted suit. He loves it so much. He really did make a handsome ring bearer, he played his role very well too. ^_^

I'll try to do a Boracay Post. Thank you for all the likes and comments. I love all of them...please keep them coming. Have a Great Day. ;)

Wedding Cake with Yellow Flowers and a Lladro Wedding Cake Topper
Corsage in yellow for the entourage
Wedding Reception at the Hotel del Rio Hall
Ring Bearer ;-D
The Wedding
Us...with Love! ;-D
Accessorize Charm Necklace...butterfly, faux pearl, leaves, and more.
Accessorize Tassel Earrings are love! ^_^ 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner

Hi! Yay! Finally got a good enough wifi connection to allow me to post. Since my sis in law and hubby are based in the US and 80% of the guests are from there as well, a rehearsal dinner was in order.

Chase being the unico grandchild is the ring bearer.

A sumptuous intimate dinner is held at the Day's Hotel.

Naturally, this celebrated night allowed me to dress up a bit. ^_^

O.O.T.D... LBD: Dorothy Perkins/ Shoes: Nine West
Sushi! ;-D
Thai Beef Salad
Halo-Halo Delight
Private Function at Days Hotel Iloilo 
Food Galore! 
Baked Oysters...cheese overload! I'm not a fan of oysters, but the cheese was just so tempting. It's okay, I guess... ;-D
Desserts... chocolate and blueberry cheesecake! ;-D

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sale Finds at Rockwell Power Plant Mall

Every so often, my Manila trips would always allow me to have unlimited access to the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, more than I need even. I applaud the fact that it provides open access to the mall to/from the basement parking lots even before and after the mall hours. I'm usually there before it opens since hubby's work is just across.Thank goodness for several coffee shops nearby. Anyhow, Power Plant is a very cozy mall. I like it. Except that it few of my favorite stops are not there (e.g. Accessorize, and perhaps more spa choices). Yesterday and usually January is a very good time to shop. I'm actually doing a sort of belated holiday shopping, since I didn't really go Manila at the latter part of 2011. And my, the SALE signs are everywhere. Expect more further reductions by end January. ^_^
Trucco, La Senza, Zara, Dorothy Perkins...Mostly mine! Yay! ;-D
Just in case you missed it, I've been talking about it a while, we're going on a trip. It's for tomorrow. Unlike the usual vacations we have with my in-laws in Iloilo, we usually have the luxury of having our clothes laundered, so we usually pack light. But not on this trip, since we will be staying mostly at the hotel. So naturally, I indulged...wardrobe refill is in order! ;-D
After my trip to Lay Bare Waxing Salon, prettier things are in order, methinks. Ribbons, Hearts, Laces, Pink...what's not to love?!  ^_^ They're on Sale. I want more! ;-D Total Bill: Php 3500.
La Senza's fitting room... all pretty and girly things overload! ;-D
Poor Picture, so sorry...but it's my new LBD ++ (Little Black Dress) with floral prints from Dorothy Perkins, and my, I got in in Small. Yay! Truth was, it's the last piece so I can't really gain any more pounds, or else. I'm wearing this for the rehearsal dinner on Monday.  Sale Price at Php 750+.
From Trucco. It's a Spanish Brand. I'm not really a connoisseur  with this brand, but these are pretty good finds. Naturally, I got most of the colors of the style. Blue, White, Red. And a blue printed skirt. Total Bill: Php 2000
From Zara. I got two sweat pants for Chase with a "JOCK'' embroidered prints. Nice. And then this uber cute top for me... Meeoow. Love the Pink Ribbon! Php Total Bill: Php 2000
Great day indeed for me...sale shopping at its finest. ;-D I'm just in need of some more accessories and I'm all set for tomorrow. I have more errands today, and then packing time tonight. I have more ravings from yesterday's field trip. I'll try to do another post later tonight. Have a great day! ;-D

Lay Bare and Waxing

Hi! Yesterday was another Manila Field trip. It was super productive day. As always, I had an early start since I went with hubby. The malls were still close. I'm also suppose to attend an event, but I had to miss it, since the schedule conflicted with the home owners' of the unit we were supposed to view. Anyhow, since I had time, before hubby's lunch hour, I braved going for my first ever waxing (at least in the you know where ^_^). Call me naive or even trivial, but I'm sharing this feat anyway. ;-D
Lay Bare Waxing Salon in SM Megamall.
All giddy before my turn.
Lay Bare Waxing Salon is one of the Blogapalooza partner. I held on to the Free Bikini Wax gift certificate since it had a longer expiration date, and I saved it for our upcoming Boracay Trip. I'm not new to waxing per se, I do my upper and lower lips. While for my brows, I go for threading and tweezing. As for the rest, I go fo shaving. I was there as soon as the mall opened, but to my surprise, there were already two girls who beat me, I had to wait. And there were a couple more after me. And my, going for brazilian seems to be the in thing. Being the late bloomer that I am, I'm going only for the Bikini Wax. I was too timid to even note it.
Friendly Reminders and Waxing Facts. I was a bit bothered because I was wearing Tight Clothing (jeans), and I just had a cup of coffee. Hmmm...for a moment I almost backed out. Haha! ;-D And then I saw this lady coming out, who I presumed had the Brazilian, and she was in jeans too, and she was okay! 
No time to back out, I was already ushered inside the room. I told her, it's my first time. And even braved asking, "should I get a brazilian too?" She told me to try going for the bikini first. Haha. It was no frills. She was so professional. I was embarrassed, I might had babbled or something, but she went on doing the preparation nonchalantly. I felt relieved, sort of. It seemed no big deal at all.
This is the cold sugar jelly wax, it's suppose to be all natural. I had to say, all-powerful even to deliver! Haha! ;-D
So here is the deal...if you had threading done in your eyebrows regularly and some tweezing, multiply the suspense and breath-holding (at least I do that) by 3 or 5. I did not scream! But I was sweating from hyperventilating a bit, haha. But it was all fleeting. It took less than 30minutes, I think. I tell you, it was pretty! Haha! ^_^ So I'm a bit ready for Boracay, except I'm not sure if I'll be brave to don a 2-piece swimsuit, my flabs are killing me! Haha! So I'll keep this post sticky, I might update you on how is it for the coming weeks, and if I will be brave to go back again after 6 weeks.
Go for it! Lay Bare waxing services rates. ;-D
Oh! The things we do for... But more than that, Lay Bare waxing offers more benefits vs. other hair removal procedures, visit Lay Bare Philippines official site to learn more.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Giveaway Wins: The Face Shop Shopping Spree

Annyeonghaseyo! ;-D I hope you had a great CNY weekend! ;-D So sorry, I almost didn't do a post today. I'm so OC with having the right pictures...and I don't feel like showing much of myself just yet, so I'm saving some of the girly/Korean cosmetics for later. I just want to quickly let you know that I'm overwhelmed with the great number of entries in my first ever Rafflecopter-run giveaway. Big thanks! I'm actually looking forward on how it picks the winner, I'll do a video of it. Of course, after verifying the entries, I'll announce it asap. Anyhow, just want to let you everyone know that I did win another giveaway, and the prizes are Php 3000 shopping spree at The Face Shop and Kim Hyun Joong's CD...love! Thanks to Mommy Frances of Topaz Horizon.

Kim Hyun Joong's CD + The Face Shop = Hallyu Fangirl Happiness Overload! :-D Photo Credit: TFS Phils FB Account
Yay! Saranghaeyo! Any heads up on what to get at The Face Shop? ;-D

Passport Renewal

We had an early day today. We went to DFA San Fernando for my son's passport renewal. Time flies... We had it via travel agency for Php 2500 vs. the DIY for Php 950+250 (for rush). We were scheduled for 8am. But there were a lot of people already, except, there was a separate line for the travel agency applicants per se on the documents validation step. After the payment, which we skipped with ours being paid for ahead of time by the travel agency, there will be a common queue for everyone for the data encoding and verifying. No need to get photos beforehand, because they do it inside. It's the final step in the passport processing, prior to releasing. Overall, it took us 1.5 hours to complete everything, and one visit to DFA. So I'm thinking if paying twice that much was worth it, I guess it is! Since my son was Donkey (of Shrek's) incarnate..."are we there yet?" ;-D
Please visit here fore more details on Passport Requirement, Appointment Setting and more.
Here's the DFA Philippines link on Passport Application. Will I recommend having it travel-agency assisted? I'm not sure if they have the appointment-setting implemented in the regional offices, but if it is, I think, if you're really on time or if you come in really early if without an appointment, and your documents are ready (I recommend reading through the DFA/Passport Application Sites), it'll take half a day or lesser. Also, with the soon-to-open DFA Consular Office in Marquee Mall, it makes everything more accesible. ;-D

Anyway, we had to do this asap, because the travel deals every now and then are just so tempting. I'll be going into vacation mode next week, but I'll try to do several posts before then. Have a great day! ;-D

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Majolica Majorca + Korean Cosmetics Giveaway 2012

Annyonghaseyo! :-D Or better yet, since it's the Chinese New Year Long Weekend...Ni Hao! ^_^ I'm in need of +1 GFC follower, and I'm off to celebrating another blogging milestone, 600 GFC Followers! Yay! It's very much appreciated by yours truly! Although, I know that Google +1 and G Circles are now the In Thing, but since I'm still staying with Blogger, my GFC widget is still here to stay. For the prizes, I'm sharing some of my Korean Cosmetics. These are mostly freebies I got because I bought A LOT. ^_^ And of course, this pretty Majolica Majorca Clear Tote Bag I got as gift with purchase, just so I met the qualifier amount. Others are some of my eBay buys. Hope you'll love them as much as I do.
Nature Republic, Skin Food, Baviphat, and Laneige.  About 16 items in all.  All unused.
Clear Majolica Majorca Tote Bag. This is still unused. I love it, but I have a beach bag that my mom-in-law gifted me, and I'm going to Boracay with her, so you know what I mean. *_^
Joining is very easy... :-D I'm using the Rafflecopter for the first time. Let's see...

This giveaway is open to those who have shipping address in the Philippines.
Entry submission will end February 5, 2012, Local Time (Philippines). 
Complete the requirements and bonus entries if you like. Earn entries via the Rafflecopter.
One winner for both items. :-D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, January 20, 2012

Korean Baked Goodies from Tous les Jours

Annyonghaseyo! ^_^ I finally made it back to Tous les Jours SM North Edsa Branch. I made sure to get more of the cream cheese Asian buns, and also to try other items.

Asian Buns a la Sweet Black Rice with Cream Cheese, Sweet Black Rice with Sesame Seeds and Cream Cheese, Soboro, Sweet Red Bean (Php 38/piece...is also good!), Let's Twist Butter creams are love. ^_^ 
The Sweet Black Rice Bun has cream cheese and black sesame seeds for fillings each for Php 48/piece. We tried this last time, and we love it. :-D It's a good option to get my son to enjoy some of the goodness of sesame seeds since he can only relish on the cream cheese.
In the receipt, it says Let's Twist sells for Php 28/piece. It's sweet, creamy, and buttery.  I think there's a chewy and sweet glutinous rice as fillings. Yum! ;-D This one is our new favorite. My son finish a whole piece, and I had to share the other piece with hubby.  :-D 
Soboro for Php 28/piece, it's a Classic, Crumbly Peanut Infused Korean Snack Originated from the German Streussel Bread. But this one, I'm not so fond of.  It's so bread-y. The sweet toppings are barely there. :-(
We're hoping to try more freshly baked goodies from Tous les Jours, especially the cakes! It's a big plus that it's by the entrance of SM The Block, right infront of the Valet Parking drop off. ;-D For more details on Tous les Jours visit my previous visit here or the official FB page.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

So DES is it...my ravings for personalized gifts. ;-D

Ego trip aside (haha! ;-D), I'm elated to receive gifts with my names on them...not just on the gift tags, I mean with my name engraved/embossed or what have you's in them. ;-) Don't get me wrong I love receiving gifts/tokens in whatever form they come, promise! I love giving gifts too! But every so often, it's flattering to receive personalized gifts such as these lovelies.
I love!... Notepad with an uber chic & sassy lady in the name of Des! ^_^ Big Thanks!  ;-D It's high time I have this!  Next, I'm off to get a business card. Yes, lifestyle bloggers need name cards too! ;-D
It's from iPrints...so sorry not sure how much. 
Love these! ;-D ... Couple's travel utility case. So sweet! Thanks! ;-D
I'm using this for our next week's out of town vacay. And I'll make sure my hubby uses his too! :-D 
It's a gift so I'm not sure how much. But soon I will, since I'll get one for Chase's too. But just in case...it's from Pink Label. ^_^
They're so pretty, and functional. Love them. In our small family of three, we can't help being proprietary, so these are pretty great ideas to reinforce that. Haha! ;-D I'm off to start getting Chase's labeled things. Hmmm, what to get first?... :-D

P.S. These were gifts from friends not affiliated (at least not that I'm aware of) with the companies. :-D

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