Sunday, December 11, 2011

SkinFood Gift with Purchase Offering

I'm truly looking forward for December 15 because that is when the Skin Food Gold Kiwi Gift Set Redemption kicks off, so if you haven't registered yet, be sure to do so now here.;-D And here are some more compelling reasons to visit the SkinFood store nearest you, the gift with purchase deals. :-D

Get a Gold Kiwi Premium Kit Gift Set for every Php 2000 worth of purchase. 
Get a Gold Kiwi Planner/Notebook for every Php 2500 worth of purchase.
Gold Kiwi Notebook
They don't have the Tote in store yet, so I'll update this post. The Gold Kiwi Premium Gift Set sells online for Php 350 + Shipping, so that's like getting 20% discount on your Php 2000 peso purchase. ;-D See you on the 15th...;-D

1 comment:

lyzacruz88 said...

wow! type ko yung notebook lol!

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