Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rushing...quick updates! ;-D

Hi! I've been very, very, very busy since yesterday. Oh well, who isn't this time of the year?! ;-D The good is I'm so, gowns, high heels (ouch! not really my cup of tea!) etc. Best part is meeting up with friends. The bad, I'm always in a rush! I attended a very beautiful and lavish wedding last night. The wedding was set for a 330 pm start. I got my gown, after some alterations at 2 pm. Today, is my son's Christmas Party, we got caught up in a weird traffic, only to realize thereafter, that I left without the battery of the camera! My, my, my! I'm acting like a complete scatterbrain. I have another birthday to help out today, and another wedding tomorrow. Please, wish me luck! ;-D

But this scene is definitely something that would put a big smile on my heart...Chase with Santa Claus at Preschoolville Christmas Party. :-D
I don't really do O.O.T.D...but I'm feeling a bit fab with the whole ensemble. Polka dot Red/White Top: Thrifted/ Jeans: ForME / Shoes: FitFlop Happy Gogh :-D
Sadly, since I'm always in a hurry, I don't have time to do F.O.T.D's, but for the past several days and events, I'm wearing SkinFood Platinum Grape Cell Essential BB Cream...I'm so loving it. :-D I have several pending product reviews on my to-do list, I hope to get back on track asap.

Happy Holidays! Cheers! :-D


wendy said...

loving your red shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meadowly said...

Looking great!nice pose :)

ChicSassyMom said...

Thanks so much! FitFlop forever! :))

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