Monday, December 5, 2011

Instant Gourmet Vietnamese Coffee and More Supermarket Finds

How's your Monday so far? Ours is love! ;-D I don't want to dwell into a lot of details, but we got the initial lab test results of Chase, and they're great. I'm recharged to face the week with a bright and sunny disposition, albeit some mishaps and hassles here and there. Anyhow, after picking up Chase from school, I decided to stop by the supermarket, Super 8. We don't really need anything, we're done with our month's household shopping needs, but Chase & I are naturally shopaholic so even buying trivial things, or even window shopping, give us a sense of happiness. ;-D

These are some of the items that I think are worth sharing. Ceres Cranberry and Guava Juice/ W.L. Foods Yaahoo Biscuits in Chocolate and Peanut/ Q Cafe Good Morning Cafe, Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich ( I didn't know they have this now). ;-D
I'm thankful that Chase doesn't mind drinking Cranberry Juice. Even the concentrate variant. Since he's such a picky eater, I try to let him get his dose of fruits and vegetables in juices form. At least just for the mean time, until he gets old enough and develops a more outgoing taste preference.

Last time, I saw one shopper literally shoving these W.L. Foods Yaahoo Biscuits (yes, spelled Y.A.A.H.O.O.! ;-D) into her shopping cart. She bought all the Chocolate flavors even. So I was only able to try the Peanut variant. It's quite tasty, and sells for less than Php 20 per pack.

And when I saw the Q Cafe Good Morning Cafe "3 in 1", I just had to get it. I'm a die-hard-Nescafe Sugar Free 3 in 1-avid-drinker, but I just have to get a Vietnamese Instant Gourmet Coffee. When we went to Vietnam years ago, I hoarded The North Face bags and different brands of Vietnamese Coffee. I even have my own coffee phin to complete the whole Vietnamese cafe-style experience. Just in case, it's a Vietnamese stainless-steel single cup coffee filter. So far, the Good Morning Cafe can fill up that craving for now. There's another variant available which comes in a stronger and bolder taste. I'll try that next time. I got a cup as soon as we arrived home. ;-D

How about you, any exciting supermarket finds lately? Please do share, I love to try them out. :-D


Elvirah said...

Even i am kinda shopaholic and like you said, just a little window shopping would give me some sort of releif. And whenever i visit a store i make sure to have a chocolate icecream (a cone), i just love the taste of it. Recently i bought a tea powder which tastes a little spicy kind of. This tea powder is mostly liked by many people here in India.

Mom Daughter Style said...

we went to the grocery store two days ago and now my fridge is full again. =)

ChicSassyMom said...

Hi Elvirah! I'm also a sort of tea-person. :) And retail therapy is something...:))

@ Mommy Ces: Nice! :)

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