Thursday, December 22, 2011

Feeling Accessorize Big Spender

I'm so delighted to finally make a trip to Marquee Mall, after more than a week's hiatus. ;-D It was a very quick trip. But it didn't stop me from visiting Accessorize. I missed the B1T1 3-Day Sale Event last time (sad), but there are still a lot of ongoing promotions, as in a lot of new items on sale too. I just had to get these. ;-D

Floral, Heart, Ribbon Ring Pieces. With these rings, I thee love! :-D 
I learned last night that Britney Spears got engaged again, and she was showing off her lavish engagement ring, it's worth about $92,000, a Php 4M ring is big big big enough for me. Albeit it's still said to be on the modest side when it comes to the Hollywood Entertainment industry. Tsk, tsk. Well, I don't have a hundred thousand ring even, but I can indulge on my very own haul too...the more, the merrier...the chunkier, the better. ;-D

I *Heart* them! :-D
Floral Pieces! Yay! 
Pink Ribbon is IT! :-D

I don't want to say that it's my last hurrah, because there are several more items that I would love to get before the sale period ends. Oh well, don't take it the wrong way, I'm no big spender, I'm just a wise shopper, I make the most out of the SALE promotions. Naturally, I could be truly stingy too! haha! ;-D

For more details, and heads up on seasonal promotions, follow Accessorize Philippines on Facebook. 


Mom Daughter Style said...

haaay, celebrities. How about the Kim Kardashion wedding, such a waste after just 72 days of marriage

very nice accessories.

chrisair said...

Celebrities are just for entertainment but I like your accessories, it look good on you

anschluss_phau23 said...

whee! lovely accessories! i love the pink ribbon,.

i never knew that they have a branch in marquee mall, good thing i've read your post.. :)

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