Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Anniversary Date with Jack Daniel's

To my Facebook friends, they would know that our 9th year anniversary picture posted yesterday was by far the most popular wall post it! ;-D Thank you all so much! Anyhow, we had advanced our anniversary treat by getting a new gadget. So we didn't plan an elaborate escapade. So it's another round of T.G.I.Friday's for us.

Jack Daniel's Steak Php 1385++...we just love Jack Daniel's sauce, as in! We split it in two, and got additional orders of the cheddar cheese mashed potatoes. I honestly believe that I can finish the whole serving (8 oz). Haha! ;-D It's really that good. But it's a bit pricey, so I'm saving it for our next visit. 
Bacon Cheeseburger Php's a must try, they said...had to agree! :-D
The Jack Daniel's Steak comes with a soup of the day. It's another creamy, potato loaded soup. Notice: Diet officially moved today (December 1). 
Hubby, almost done with his portions of the Jack Daniel's steak. In his mind, he's regretting he shared the steak with me. Haha. ;-D  But seriously, the steak was my idea. I was just being modest that I can't finish the full serving. That tall drink is a complimentary Birthday treat as a Bistro Card Holder. His birthday was few days ago. ;-D
We're stuffed. We're supposed to have a round of dessert, but we're too full...dizzy even. Haha. ;-D So we went to do some walking.

We're ready to go back home...but not without stopping at ResToeRun. ;-D 
Can you guess my gifts? Clue: It's another brand that I'm really head over heels in love. ;-D

Awww... ;-D
While we're doing our photo op (sort of), Chase was eating his lunch. ;-D 
November 30, 2011 was such a great day. Thank You Lord for the gift of love and family. ;-D
And now, it's December! Yay! ;-D's truly the most wonderful time of the year! ;-D 

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