Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Gift Set and More

I got an early Christmas present. :-D Remember the box I mentioned a while back on why I was able to really shy away (well, almost ;-D) from indulging on the recent Trendsetter's Bazaar. Although, it's not yet my makeup haul from Urban Decay, but there's a lot more for me. I received a gift from my hubby's aunt. It's a surprise because she already sent us these last month. No words can express my gratitude and happiness. :-D God bless her.

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Gift Set. Love, love, love! ;-D
I'm addicted to VS Body Sprays and Mists. But I never tried the perfume line yet. I'm glad  that now I did. It's not called America's No.1 Fragrance for nothing.

America's #1 Fragrance. Capture the radiance. Live the dream. Love the romance of Dream Angels® fragrance. Luminous and sensual, Dream Angels Heavenly® glows in luxurious warmth. White musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony. 
And when I lifted the products off the box, I found that there are a lot more inside, discreetly stashed, since it was shipped together among other things in a traveler's box . :-D

Did I tell you that she's our favorite aunt yet?! :-D 
Although with these, (not by spoken mandate but by hubby's implicit "The look" ) I'm now unofficially banned to splurge to Accessorize, especially if hubby is buying. Oh well! Fair tradeoff anyhow! :-D

Love, Love, Love this Vintage Snake Design Set! I now definitely need to plan a night out! Hiss... 
With these, I won't mind being sorted out to the Slytherin House! ;-D
The lavish gifts are from my hubby's elderly unmarried aunt, and the youngest sister of my father-in-law. She's really spoiling us big time. And my hubby tells me, that I'm now her long lost daughter... such an honor, and real pleasure! With pretty things like these, I'm so happy to be a girl! ;-D

Just had to try them out...pronto! ;-D
Chandelier Necklace Love! ;-D


arra said...

Wow...love Victoria Secret!Love the funky Accesory esp.the snake!

clarizze said...

lucky you. vs lotions smells "deliciously" great:)

Mom Daughter Style said...

You're so lucky, I wish I have an aunt who gives me all that. I love all those accessories.


wendy said...

pa-adopt sa tita. pakisabi ilongga din ako hahaha

mary. sunkissedlife said...

I love VS perfume line. You should try Bombshell, It's one of my faves. I have a growing collection of perfumes and majority are from VS. You're so lucky you got all those goodies from your aunt!

Ann Cagalingan said...

Wow! those are dime thing...I Love Victoria's secret,Collection ko naman dito ay yung mga ongerie nila..:) ♥

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