Monday, September 5, 2011

DIY French Manicure Tip with Etude House

Etude House French Manicure Tip Guide Sticker Sheet Php 28
With so many nail colors to choose from, I decided to go for the classic French Manicure. I don't know how to do it, lucky I remembered that I got one, out of impulse, a sticker sheet from Etude House last time. It takes a steady hand to pull off perfectly manicured French Tips, so I'm trying out my luck with them.

Excuse my uber petit nails. I've run out of patience, and decided to trim them short. 
On with the how' each sticker accordingly, with the apex being at the center. Stick them tightly depending how thin or thick you want the tips. I hurriedly applied them, and it seemed they didn't stick that well so there were some colors that appeared to feather, my mistake.

I used the NYX Girl Nail Polish in White for the tips. And the SkinFood Top Coat for the finishing. Super no frills.  ;-D
Voila! ;-D Merci Beaucoup! ;-D
Indeed, French Manicure Tip in a jiffy. ;-D For Php 28, per sheet, even that they're not reusable, it's still totally worth it. ;-D I recommend them for manicure enthusiasts but still newbie on DIY (do it yourself), like yours truly. ✌


Wonder Woman said...

This is awesome. Need to get me some. Just starting to DIY manicure my way through life... Hehe.

ChicSassyMom said...

True! Me too! :) Thank goodness for these innovations! :)

ChinaDoll said...

that's my secret to perfect french tip too! hihihi :)

Mom Does Reviews said...

That looks easy enough for me to do:)
new follower from Monday Blog Hop

ChicSassyMom said...

Awww! :) Thanks! :) @Chinadoll: Now, mine too. :)

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