Friday, September 30, 2011

Geum Jan Di is Back on The Musical

Goo Hye Sun in The Musical. Love her lip color  here. ;-D
While most of the Boys Over Flowers Casts (Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong...Swoon!) are busy here and there, it's been a while though for Gu Hye Sun, who plays Jan Di in BOF. So I'm delighted to see her back in K-Dramaland with The Musical. I'll not do a recap, because it seems that reading recaps hurts my appetite of a good KDrama. I recommend that you wait and see the episodes on My Soju or elsewhere, if you're not from Korea love.  It's already on Episode 4. Suffice is to say, that I'm loving the drama. Episode 3 made me cry. For the first time, I think, that some bits and pieces reminds me of a Filipino Movie/Drama, Bituin Walang Ningning. So yes, I'm hoping for the best, that Gu Hye Sun's character, Go Eun Bi, will make it big ala Dorina Pineda.

Gu Hye Sun as Go Eun Bi...She's such a doll! But her feminine look will not last for long (at least for the past 4 episodes). ;-D
And that's her now (Go Eun Bi) for the past episodes. I'm not really into her outfit, so I hope to make her get past it. 

Meet the Prince Charming...haha! :-D Daniel Choi as Hong Jae Hee (Jae Hee, I know, right!?;-D) 
Daniel Choi Love...saw him on Cheer up on Love/Good Job, Good Job, I knew it! He has such a potential! ;-D
Sweet! ;-D
Bae Kang Hee as Ok Joo Hyun ala Lavinia Arguelles (methinks!) LoL ;-D
It's a musical, so expect a lot of singing, as in! And I'm already in love, and having LSS (last song syndrome) with Go Eun Bi and Jae Hee's song. And I even love that the musical per se that it's about The Tale of the Nine Tailed Fox or Gumiho. I love the Forbidden Love with Jo Hyun Jae and Kim Tae Hee. So, yes, I'm getting another K-Drama Fix from The Musical.

Over the Pedring Stormy Days, Myung Wol the Spy kept me company, it's another drama I enjoyed. I'm leaving you with two recommendations today, Myung Wol the Spy and watch out for The Musical of Gu Hye Sun and Daniel Choi. ;-D

The Skin Shop Facebook Event

The Skin Shop will always be dear to me. It will always have a special place in my heart, and I can go on endlessly on the why's. I tried several products from them (lucky me and thank you to the The Skin Shop), and so far they never fail to amaze me. I love, love, love the Recovery Solution Cream, which introduces escargot to my skin care regimen, and to date I haven't found a worthy replacement, so I can't wait for October when I can finally get hold of my refill. ;-D And their BB Creams are just magical. The overall effect they leave me while using them is as close as I can get to the Pearl-ish skins of the lead actresses of my fave K-Dramas. I want to share the experience with you, The Skin Shop is holding another event on FB, if you're up to join another dramatic contest mechanics, please head over there now. ;-D

Visit The Skin Shop Page for more details. 

Scent and Look Book made ForMe

I would never ever forget the scent of Jasmine. It's the foremost reason why I associate flowers with having great scents, since we used to have flowering shrubs of sampaguita (Philippine Jasmine), and I remember picking them back then. Every now and then, I buy from the sampaguita garlands sellers for that instant burst of sweet floral scent for my car. So I'm uber delighted to be reminded of the scent once again with ForMe's Jasmine Body Spray.

ForMe Body Spray and Holiday Collection 2011 Look Book
Jasmine Body Spray sells for Php 168 at all ForMe Shops Nationwide.
A captivating floral scent inspired by the delicate  and fragrant beauty in spring time. 
I love that the scent is not overwhelmingly floral. You know how sometimes, some perfume can just be plainly classified as "grandmother-ish".  Or sometimes, they're just too overpowering that you actually feel dizzy because of the scent. The ForMe Jasmine Body Spray, is lightly scented, but keeps you smelling fresh and fragrant so you can actually lavishly spritz it all over. Although, it doesn't leave much staying power, for Php 168 per 120ml, I'm sold! It's elegantly packaged, and is not too heavy and space consuming so you can actually bring it with you for anytime retouching needs.

ForMe is my mom's first shopping destination. She hauls ForMe outfits like there's no tomorrow, well especially during Sale Periods. And I find myself, taking after her. So during the Blogapalooza, I made sure to snag their Holiday Collection 2011 Fashion Look Book. Here are some of the photo caps.

Scene Stealer: Woven Top with Multi-layered Electropleats; Layered Skirts with Double Waistband
Mandarin Collar Top with Sheer Panels; Cropped Loose Pants with Belt Tie
Luxe Lounge Collection for Effortless and Carefree Sophistication...White Cardigan with Floral Applique;Shift Dress with twisted Jacket Pleats on hemline. White Top with Lace Yoke; Button Down Cropped Jacket; Shorts with Folded Cuff.
Sleeveless Ruffle Top; High Waisted Pencil Skirt/ Flutter-sleeve Top with Pleated Placket; Pink Shorts with White Cuff' Shirred Wide-Neck tee; Braided Floral Skinny Belt.

Electric Pleated Shift Dress; Black Elastic Belt/ Halter Dress with Floral Appliqué; Asymmetric Button Down Trench.
Classic Glam Collection for a look that is dramatic yet unpretentious...Textured Short Dress/Puff Sleeve Bolero with Ruffed Collar; Textured Pencil Skirt/ Textured Spaghetti Strap Dress
I love how ForMe caters to the "beautiful uniqueness" of varying body shapes, so it feels like their ensembles are custom fitted. From Basics to Glam outfits, everything can be rightfully claimed as made "ForMe".

If those are not yet compelling reasons to get the look at ForMe, this might... :-D

For more details, and seasonal promotions follow ForMe's official FB Page

Thursday, September 29, 2011

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams (Updated with Antwerp)

I'm uber addicted to the scent (love, love, love) of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, and of course the overall appeal that they evoke that I found myself getting more colors. I novelized my love for Monte Carlo here. I'll walk you through some of the new colors I added, namely Milan, Addis Ababa, Antwerp, and Amsterdam.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa, Antwerp, Monte Carlo and Milan ;-D
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo and Milan ;-D
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Milan
Swatch with flash, and without...Milan leaves a natural pinkish effect perfect for going au naturel. ;-D
Swatch Soft Matte Lip Cream Milan.

Addis Ababa is fuschia pink power overload. ;-D 
It's such a pretty lip color. Guaranteed Best-seller!
Addis Ababa Swatch without flash, with flash. 
Addis Ababa is Pink Lips Love! ;-D
I got Amsterdam by mistake, I was hoping to get Antwerp. But lucky I got it, because this I think is another must have's when going for the perfect Snow White-ish lips. ;-D

Amsterdam is Coral Reddish. 
Monte Carlo vs. Amsterdam
Amsterdam Love. ;-D
Once you found a suitable workaround to prevent drying, chapping etc. lips with matte lippies, NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are must have's, as in! More emphasis should be given on applying a perfect lip balm  before applying the lip creams. I recommend getting a petrolatum free lip balm ala EOS caliber, so as not to compromise the lasting power of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. And voila! They're truly nice to have. I hope to get more.

Updates: October 27, 2011

On top of these colors, I also added San Paulo and Antwerp. My love for San Paulo can be found here.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp
Swatch.NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Antwerp
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream comes in Coral Pink Shade.
It took me a while to get a good try of the Antwerp shade. I have some issues on pigmentation. I'm used to wearing them over EOS lip balm, but when I did it with Antwerp, I can't get the full matte effect. I can't get it to work like how San Paulo does. My lip lines tend to be very prominent too. I can only surmise that it has to do with the formulation, the manufacturing date of Antwerp was 4/11/11, while San Paulo's 11/11/10. The color is aptly suited for spring. Oh well, since I'm living in a sunny country, it's something I can wear every time I feel like it. ;-D I'll update you if I see any improvement, overtime, I can only hope it would work as well as my other NYX Soft Matte Lippies. :-D

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp
I haul NYX Cosmetics at Digital Traincase. :-D

Monday, September 26, 2011

Disney Cars 2 Theme School Birthday Party

We just love, love, love Disney Cars. My son just can't get enough of him especially with Cars 2 still fresh in his memory so when we decided 3 days before his birthday to do another school birthday party, he decided that he wanted another Disney Cars theme birthday party. We had the same theme at his 2nd birthday, but he said that he vaguely remembers any of it, so he wanted another round of Cars Theme Party.

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake from Toll House is sweetness overload. ;-D
I guess more than five times of party planning makes me a bit of an expert party planner so thankfully I was able to pull off a party for 20 kids in just 3 days. It was a sudden decision because son and hubby couldn't make up their mind, hubby wants a trip, but we can't since he just came from one, son wants a shopping spree at a toy store, but we decided to indulge him both a party and a shopping spree, since grandparents gave him some shopping money.

We gave him a Lakers' Theme school party last year, and I wrote an article about it in Smart Parenting for a detailed how to's. One important thing to remember is that a school birthday party is a 30-minute affair, so everything needs to be on the dot...preparation, serving of food to the kids, blowing of cake, and distribution of loot bags. Here's a checklist guide on planning a party on short notice. ;-D

Day 1 
  • Theme Invites - I made it using Picnik. Then I had 3R copies printed on photo studios for Php 6 per print.  Party invites need to be given the asap to give time for parents to buy gifts just in case they wanted to. 
D.I.Y. Party Invites with Cars 2 Theme 
  • Cake - Theme Cakes have more lead time requirements, usually 3 days before. So this one needs to be done asap. I got his cake at Toll House, we got his Lakers' Cake from Toll House too. I love Toll House because their pretty cakes are also very much edible. It's sweet and yummy actually. ;-D Character Round Cakes sells for Php 550 up. The Disney Cars Cake for a 12 inch cake (I think!) sells for Php 950. Super Value for money. 
  • Food - This time, we decided to just source almost everything from Toll House. It's important to have kids' meal pre-packed for easier distribution given the time constraint of the party. Toll House requires 3 days notice too for bulk or tray orders. Toll House is a Angeles City's house brand, it's a Casual dining destination offering mix of local and international cuisines, with its best seller and all time favorite, Baked Macaroni. 
Toll House Kiddie Meal includes a choice of Baked Mac or Baked Spaghetti, Chicken Lollipop,  2 pcs. Cupcake (Cheese or Mini-Choco) for Php 90 each
That's my dad right there. ;-D I ordered Baked Macaroni (Large), Fried Canton (Medium) my favorite, Tropical Chicken (Medium). We just added Pork and Chicken BBQ on sticks. ;-D These fed about 30 adults, and we still had some leftovers. 
Day 2
  • Shopping for Loot Bags, Balloons, Disposable Plates, Cups, and utensils - I went to the Duty Free in Clark, and in SM Clark for the items I needed. I didn't had a lot of time so I wasn't able to be more cost efficient. But it seems like there was a big joke on me because I used to see several Disney Cars Theme Birthday Party items, but when I went to SM, there was none. There's several Toy Story, Ben Ten, but nothing for Cars. I was actually fortunate to get that one and only birthday banner with a checkered, racing theme. 
Disney Cars Silly Bands, Chocolate Candies, Disney Cups, PicNik, Assorted Candies from the Duty Free, and SM Department Store
I prepared 28 Loot Bags. I didn't but the Snack Bag, it was from the US, and was meant to be a Sandwich Snack Bags. ;-D
Loot Bags, Gift, and Cake Table...I just added a racing theme banner.
For the balloons, I bought 2 pack (20 pcs) balloons from SM Dept. Store, which I inflated the day before, 2 hours before the event, just to minimize oxidation. Having a electric balloon pump is really handy. ;-D
Day 3 - Event Day
Happy 6th Birthday Chase! ;-D We love, love, love you so much! 
Since I bought Disney Cars Kiddie Cups, we needed to prepare drinks for the kids. 2 hours before, I did the balloons on a stick, and prepared a simple centerpiece balloon set up for the Adult Buffet Table. I got the cake and the food at 1 hour before the event, and went directly to the school. There was a culminating event taking place so there were parents, and with a permission from the school, I invited some guests over since we were not holding a party at home anymore.;-D

My mom, brother, dad, and family friends, who joined us for the party. ;-D
The Kids going over at their loots! ;-D
Mom & Chase ;-D
30 minutes after, the party was over! ;-D But the fun for my son is just beginning...

Chase enjoying his gifts! ;-D It's indeed remarkable that we got him an RC Cars 2 Gift,  and it had been sitting in the bed room for more than 3 weeks, that Chase was able to hold off opening it. He tried to take a peek, but eventually gave up, and just started doing a countdown until the day that he can finally open it.^^ Good Job Chase! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Surfer Girl #Dream

Pretty girls of Korean Dramas inspire me to take care of my skin, and then to some extent, to dress more creatively. I love, love, love how pearl-ish their skins are. ;-D Trivial, but I also take pleasure in watching Blue Crush over, and over, and over again. It's the first and only movie that I saw on the movie house by myself. I was so compelled to watch it, so circa 2002, while waiting for my hubby's flight arrival, I decided to kill time at the mall, and instead saw the movie by myself. So yes, Blue Crush holds a special place in my heart. Kate Bosworth then was just starting. But I love her, and her girlfriends, and I'm such a sucker of underdog sports movies. So yes, I'm cheering every time at her last ride. And what's not to love of Matthew Davis. ;-D Sadly, I didn't pursue my dream to be a surfer girl, but the girls inspire me to wear a bikini top and board shorts. That's how far my confidence level will go. ;-D

Blue Crush Love ;-D
I haven't seen Blue Crush 2 just yet, but since Blue Crush holds a special tendre in my heart, it's hard to root for another without Kate Bosworth, or Michelle Rodriguez, or Matthew Davis on it. So I was a bit half hearted to see Soul Surfer, but I'm glad I did. Because it has most of the elements I love about Blue Crush minus romance, plus a whole lot of heart. It's an inspiring family movie. I don't think I can still be at the age to rock a surf board, but if I can have Fairy Godparents, I wish I can be a Surfer Girl. ;-D

A movie with a lot of Heart! ;-D
This is just a quick post. I've been m.i.a. for some time now because I've been busy for the past days, and I just watched 5 DVD movies (Hanna, Friends with Benefits, Source Code, The Adjustment Bureau, and Fast Five) yesterday, and then Soul Surfer today. And I've got more pretty things to talk about in the coming days. Have a great day! :-D

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Get Hex or LunaTik for Apple iPod Nano

Hubby is starting to love, love, love Apple too. He's getting hooked, and starting to see eye to eye with me on why I'm addicted to my Apple gadgets. He's being demure about it, so he's starting out small with iPod Nano, who knows what will the future hold!?  ;-D

Hubby got his own iPod Nano and he made sure to get the matching LunaTik Watch Band. Hmmm, I want! ;-D
I'm Hex! He's LunaTik! ;-D 

HEX Watch Band are sold on Switch Shops for Php 1200 ++. 
Hex casts a spell on me so I'm totally inseparable with my iPod Nano. The Hex Original Watch Band provides cover and enhanced protection for my iPod given its premium silicone material, while allowing access to all the buttons and functions. It has accessible audio port with cover. No frills, pop in and pop out design for that stylish transformation of the iPod Nano to a watch. I love everything about it because I have a peace of mind that when my klutzy moments come, my iPod is safe from scratches and minor bumps. And on those few times that I decided to run with it, I can easily clean the strap with soapy water. The only drawback is you have to pop it out to access the USB or Charging ports. But I found a way to break a spell of Hex, get LunaTik! ;-D

Blackout LunaTik sells online for $89.95 and is available in iStudio in the Philippines for Php 4000 plus. I know, right!!! 
Get LunaTik here. :-D We're not afraid to show our dark side with the new LunaTik Blackout. The Blackout features an all black anodized aluminum case as well as black PVD plated buckle and hardware for mil-spec durability. LunaTik is a premium permanent conversion kit designed for those wanting to dedicate their iPod Nano primarily as a wrist watch. The LunaTik case is forged and CNC'd from aircraft grade aluminum and the straps are made from compression molded high-grade silicone rubber with an anti-dust coating. All hardware is stainless steel.

 Get LunaTik. ;-
It's a thing of beauty. But it's so pricey here. And I want RedRun, as if I run LoL, soon, maybe, who knows?! ;-D

iPod Nano Love! ;-D
I'm a bit stingy, so I'll happily hold on to my HEX. I prefer to use my iPod as a watch especially when I do mall hopping. I love the pedometer feature. And now, it syncs with Nike Plus when you connect it with iTunes. Also, with the recent iTunes update, you can now easily add photos to your iPod too. There's a tab that allows you to sync it with iPhoto, either in whole or selected photos or events. So yes, another level up from Apple. ;-D How about you? Hex? or LunaTik? ;-D

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