Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm sad, but I think I have to play bad cop now!

For as long as I can remember, as much as I hate to admit it, when all else fails, I resort to this threat..."Just wait until I'll tell your Dad!" ;-(
And here's how my one and only son, looks at me after that! 
So yes, this week, while I'm trying to be pretty and all, with my beauty posts, my son and I are like having a world war 3 in the house. I guess, I can't have everything...haha, if only my son would eat a lot in a jiffy, then I can be the happiest stay at home mom. But no, my son, being the picky eater that he is, spends more than an hour to finish a half-cup rice! And he does it in 15 minutes when we're eating a meal with his dad! Of course, I welcome the kiss and make up part after each day, but oh my, I think I'm putting my foot down. Today, I told my hubby, that I'll play the bad cop now, I'm not sure if I can hold my act together, but I'm hoping this will only be a momentary event.

I'm the First Boss now! Lol! ;-D
I guess there could be set backs in this parenting approach, but I'm more keen to this since I have the luxury of spending more play time with him, enough to make up for my uberdisciplinarian/ kill joy mom approach. So on those occasional times that Chase gets to spend time with his dad, it will mostly about having a great bonding time.

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Tet said...

I get the same wrinkly forehead - puckered lip look from Ellie when I scold her and she's only turning 3 in November. hehe

ChicSassyMom said...

Hi Tet, thanks for the support. :) Oh my! What can we do with our oh so adorable kids?! :)

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Trish - Mom On Timeout said...

Thank you for stopping by www.MomOnTimeout. I'm your newest follower!

Denise McDonough said...

I use that excuse with all 5 kids lol... Believe it or not they stop when they think daddy will be told... Even tho daddy is softer then me lol beautiful blog you have! and the little man is sooooo cute!


Unknown said...

That must be so difficult. I'm not a mom yet so I can't relate, good thing he is adorable!

Jen @ Gricefully Homeschooling said...

I have to be the "Bad Cop" most of the time, in my home, too. It's rough but it's better than them getting away with every awful behavior. Many blessings to you!

Lesli said...

Hello from a new follower on the Blog Hop!

Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink! I hope you will come back soon!

Lesli :D

wendy said...

handsome boy you have!

i play the bad cop most of the time hehehe... hubby's always out for business trips so he could make use of his time bonding with the kiddos.

Unknown said...

I think its inevitable that a parent will have to be disciplinarian from time to time. Just shows how much you love your kid. =)

Mom Daughter Style said...

I can relate to this, I'm the spoiler. Like you, I am learning that I should be tougher

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