Sunday, August 14, 2011

I dream of a snowy day!

We were talking about our plans for my son's coming 6th birthday this September, we already decided the theme for his 7th birthday (foresight!), but we haven't finalized anything yet for his 6th birthday. Since we have available Miles that we can use, we were hoping to make a quick trip to Guam instead, which Chase is very reluctant because of his unfounded worries of sharks (LoL) with it being an island and all. ;-D Until, we touched on how we need to plan another US trip, wherein my hubby needs to go to SFO since he missed it last time, and us, needs to see Chicago too, since we missed this stop. While we're at it, we made sure that we all want to experience another snowy day.

Chase and I had a great time on our first snow day experience on our way to Reno. ;-D
While, my son and my hubby are after the experience, I'm actually after an opportunity to dress and to gear up fashionably and appropriately. Thankfully, I saved myself from a major fashion faux pas, if I allowed myself to go on my first snow boarding trip, which we were hoping if we only had a lot of time then, showing up like this...

 In fairness, our destination was Reno to have fun in Circus Circus, so we're not really dressed up for the snow experience. And to begin with, we didn't pack for an outfit either, as if I have one. I sure had a big smile! ;-D Oh, I missed my long hair. 
So for next time, I need to dress up fashionable for the occasion. I need to at least have an outfit with a matching snow pants with great fit. Hmmm, perhaps something like theirs...✌

Yes! I have high standards and expectations for my first snow boarding or skiing trip. It has to be Geum Jan Di's ala Boys over Flowers moments. :-D Credit: Google Image
I *heart* Ga Eul! She totally rocked this outfit! :-D Credit: Google Image
I know, for the practicality of it, I might have to borrow my cousin's outfit, but at least I'm all for the experience of wearing a fashionable ski pants to begin with.

Hope to see you soon, Mr. Frosty!;-D Photo taken by my cousin during the trip. Nice Shot indeed! ;-D
I do have a dream of being a beach babe (only in my dreams indeed!), at least I think I have a better chance of pulling off a snow babe persona. ✌


ChinaDoll said...

I am sure your little one will enjoy the vacation. If you plan on going this coming september I think its a good time to shop now and ready all the outfit you would need :) I am pretty sure you can pull off Geum Jan Di's winter look :)

ChicSassyMom said...

Hi Pretty China doll! You're the sweetest! :) I mean it, you have to make a career of your baking class, I'm getting a cake from you. haha :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

Des, I enjoyed your pictures! I envy your make up techniques.

I've only been to Guam at the airport. I heard it's a pretty place and it's only 3 hrs away from the PI.

Your boy is so handsome, he's a big boy na.

wendy said...

will look forward to the pics, snowbabe hehehe,

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