Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rustan's and Thermos "Cooking for Health" with Chef Niño Laus

"Cooking for Health" was the theme of the Day 1 activity for the Rustan's & Thermos' Celebrating Health campaign held at the Grand Atrium of the Shangri-La Plaza. The Day 1 (July 30) product highlights are the Thermos Premium Stainless Cookwares, which Chef Niño Laus used with much gusto in his video cooking showcase. For the homemakers in attendance, like yours truly, the five recipes featuring Fusion Cuisine shared by him, ignited hope for potential culinary adventures. 

Featured Chef of the event, Chef Nino Laus of NINYO Fusion Restaurant, with event host Ms. Mary Viernes. Photo Credit: Official Thermos Ph FB Page
Mr. King Del Rosario, Thermos Head of Brand Marketing, giving his opening remarks. He also talked about the event and the whole experience on his site. ;-D 
Although, creating culinary masterpieces could just be second nature to gifted Chefs all over the world, for the average kitchen apprentice like yours truly, it could also take a great deal of effort. While skills and attitude play a big role to every artistic endeavors, having the right battle ammunition will help in having positive outcomes as well. It can pretty much influence how the game will be played. Did you ever burn your garlics while sautéing? (Guilty!) Did you overcook seafoods or vegetables? (I did!) Amidst your culinary fixation, you forgot to use the matching non-stick ladle for your non-stick coated cookware? ( I did!) To create both beautiful and nutritious dishes all at the same time, having a reliable cookwares could make the whole kitchen experience more pleasing and less traumatic. haha. ;-D

The Thermos brand boasts of its 5 Layer Cookware for superior cooking experience. Layers 1 & 5 are 18/10 High Quality Stainless Steel, Layers 2 & 4 are High Heat Conducting Aluminum Alloy, and Layer 3 is Aluminum Alloy. All those technical specifications simply meant that if these cookwares are good enough for a top caliber, professional chef with the likes of Chef Niño, then they're truly something worth stashing. 

Thermos Premium Stainless Cookware...Woks, Casseroles, Frying Pans, Sauce Pans, Shuttle Chefs. ;-D Photo Credit: Official Thermos Ph FB Page
And some of the guests are actually lucky, they had a head start on their shopping spree, Thermos gave away 5 Cookwares, and other Thermos loots. Oh! Envy much! If only it was a "Bring Me" contest then I might have had the chance. haha. ;-D Seriously, I was playing demure, it's my lost, big time!

The Thermos Foogo & Funtainers Lines will be the product highlight for the Day 2 with the theme "Growing up Healthy" .
Aside from the Premium Stainless Cookwares, here are some that made it on my Buy Me ASAP list...

Still part of the cookware, I'm intrigued by the Shuttle Chef.  I remember seeing one like this in a home TV shopping, I guess the Genuine Thermos Brand is the real deal. ;-D 
Thermos Fresh Lunch Box...I *heart* this! It reminds me of my Korean Dramas about Php 1400++. :-D
The Thermos Fresh Lunch Box comes with a handy insulated Carrying Pouch. Sweet! ;-D
I hope to get one for Chase when he goes to the big school. F3008 Thermos Funtainer Food Jars. ;-D
F4008 Thermos Funtainer Flask, a matching drinking flask to go with the food jar. Nice. ;-D
Anyway, even though, I'm seriously vexing myself for playing demure during the giveaway portions, so it means saving up big time for those cookwares and little kitchen time for me ✌, I'm still happy to take this home... Thank you Rustan's and Thermos for having me. ✌ I would have wanted to make it to Day 2, but I'm back to mommy and wifey duties, Ate Jane (our helper) took the day off. Oh well...

ThermoCafe Travel Mug by Thermos ;-D Everyone gets to bring home one of this. Sweet! ;-D
The five Fusion Cuisine Recipes video presentation shared during the event can be found on the official FB Page of ThermosI especially want to challenge myself in being more creative in terms food presentation even to everyday meals. The mantra in food plating technique that I learned from their cooking video presentation... height, color, and texture. ✌

Remember my photo opportunity mishaps that I talked on my other prelude to this post, so I can't really do much photo documentation of the glitz and glamor of the whole event, so please check out the official event photos here

Rustan's and Thermos Media Event, Shopping, Dining ;-D

Today, I drove myself to Manila.  It's a Saturday, and a pay day weekend. I swear, I never ever did get used to the traffic, even I lived there almost half of my life. It always baffles me.

Shangrila Plaza kind of mall! :-D
This is a run through of my super productive day. I'll do a detailed post for the media event of Rustan's and Thermos' Cooking For Health with Chef Niño Laus as soon as I organize my photos. I'm not too happy with my photos, my Olympus UTough failed me big time. I think the only okay feature of it is the underwater shots, other than that, zero! Since, I wanted to do some malling before and after the event, I didn't bring my bulky yet ever-reliable Canon DSLR. Wrong move.

Update July 31: For the Rustan's and Thermos Celebrating Health Day 1 event, please click here.

I can't get enough of my curls. :-D To set them, I used Dove Damage Therapy Extra Hold Hairspray. They stayed pretty all through out. 
Anyway, if you plan to do some retail therapy, I guess that tomorrow is still one of the best time to do that. The mall is raining with SALE signs everywhere. ;-D I came in a bit earlier so I had time to go around, I checked out Rustans first, then head over to Zara. Initially, I wanted to walk over to Megamall to check out Tony Moly, but it was drizzling, I wouldn't want to take the risk of being late for the event.

There was still time, so I took my late lunch at La Coeur de France. I had a Pastrami Cheese Pesto Sandwich plus drinks for Php 220. I was too hungry, I devoured it. ;-D
And I had some more time to snap a photo of yours truly. Yes, I'm wearing Tony Moly lip & cheek tint again. :-D
Then the media event started...
Luckily, I had a  photo opportunity with Chef Niño Laus of Ninyo (In-Yō) Fusion Cuisine, before he headed over to the stage, given that I would have a hard time taking pictures during the presentation considering I was seated at the back. He was the featured chef for the event. I forgot, I should have stayed after the event and should had my photo taken with him. Oh well...

And then, quickly after the event, I checked, and it was still drizzling. So sadly it's a no go to SM Department Store. Tony Moly and Majolica Majorca, I'll see you next time! ✌ I went around, and bought another girly stuff in Marks and Spencer. After falling in love with that ooh la la embroidery in one of my La Senza stuff, I wanted to get more. ;-D

And then back to Pampanga...

I dropped by at Marquee Mall to meet up with my friends. I'm with my best friend, Tonipet. Another friend (Tel and Chef Cente) opened their new food stall near the Marquee Cinemas. I'll do a separate post of it. 
My perk me up treat, Sour Cream and Chives Flavored Popcorn at Taters. I bought some for Chase. :-D
My Shopping finds for today...Zara Limited Top (on SALE for P795) and a Cardigan from Celine for P695. ;-D
Oh, happiness... A weekend well spent, indeed! ✌

Friday, July 29, 2011

It can't be Nike's all the time ;-D

Today we attended the Family Day of Preschoolville. I accented my dress down Friday outfit (jeans and blue shirt) with my wavy and curly hairdo. I *heart*! ;-D To my hubby and son's surprise, I was the first one to finish. As I was wearing my shoes, my son told me with casual frankness..."Mom, your shoes are kind of ugly!"

Here's what I have on...

My Coach Sneakers (about $80). Super Comfy! ;-D
To match my purse...

Coach Hand Bag (about $180).  Light & Spacious! :-D
After saying that, I swear, if Chase and his dad could do a secret high five, they would! Sometimes they tend to forget that I'm a girl too. I love flowers, laces, and ruffles too. ;-D It can't be Nike's all the time! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Alexa Rank on South Korea ✌

My friends would know how I made a big deal when I noted that there was someone online from Korea. I could be that dense, it seems...haha! ;-D

And here's my trivial happiness today...

Saranghaeyo! i *heart*! ✌
I hope not to disappoint in the future. ;-D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Wavy and Curly Short Hairdo

Love my wavy and curly locks! ;-D
Remember how I was a bit bothered that I can't really make the most of my Philips Salon Multi-styler because of my Tangled inspired short hair, it seems that it's totally unfounded. I'm ecstatic. I did it! ;-D

To get the look, I used the Philips Small Curling Attachment. 

Adorned with a scarf headband! ;-D
Loose, wavy short hair do! ;-D
It's my first attempt ever to use curling iron on my own, it's not as hard as I thought it would be. But it takes getting used to. I didn't used setting lotion, so the curls are not as defined. I'm going more after the waves. ;-D

For my next hair makeover, I'll try to go for the flicks to get Rapunzel's short hair do on Tangled. ✌

For more of my hair adventures with Philips Salon Multi-Stylist 10 in 1, please visit my Facebook album.

Philips Salon Multistylist 10 in1:Curling Iron

Some of my friends were asking me if my new toy is worth it. I say, totally! ;-D Personally, for the hair straightener alone, Php 1400 is already a good deal. So for that price, you even get several curling irons to go with it. ;-D

While trying it out by myself, I have to say it just once... I miss my long hair! I want Gu Jun Pyo's locks too! ✌

Circa 2007 (I think!) with my mom, and I rubbed elbows with Mr. Garci! ;-D
The curling irons, which come in several sizes, offer different curls. Since, I need to practice, timely though, my friend wanted to try it out herself.  :-D

We used the large curling attachment. :-D
We're supposed to create large ringlets...

Meet my model: Mommy Ata.  She really has a straight & silky hair. ;-D
Voila! ;-D Her hair is so soft, that we had to use hairspray to set and to keep the curls in place. ;-D
Hmmm, envy much! ✌ Anyway, the curling iron tends to be so hot, so be very careful (reminder to myself!) ;-D I'll share some more of my Philips Salon Multi-Stylist hairstyle adventures as I go along.

Here's the video tutorial I found for that...sorry, it's a foreign language. ;-D

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Golden Passage Spa

The Golden Passage Spa Angeles City ;-D
Here's where I enjoyed "me" time yesterday... 2 hours of pampering! ;-D I've been a massage junkie since time immemorial, haha! When I was still employed in the corporate world, I usually treat myself to an every other day home service massage. Lucky for us, we used to live in San Antonio Village within Ortigas Center. Either I go for Dial a Massage, which in time, became so hard to get a booking slot of my choice, so I explored others. Until I found Temple Home Spa. That's two years ago, so I'm not sure if they're still operational. But since I'm a SAHM, I had to cut down on my massage perks. So I  just do it once in a while.

I tried most of the spa's and the home service massage services here in Angeles City, so far, beside being conveniently located near our place, I super love one specific therapist. Yesterday, my hands are in need of massaging, I'm afraid that I'm at risk of getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from excessive you know what (blogging and online time?! ;-P). It's no joke, I have a very bad posture while doing my online time. (Paging the people of ELD Korea). And my nodules on my back are killing me. Besides getting used to back massages, so my body tends to look for it, it's just also very recently that I made myself sleep all throughout the night since that sad March 8 morning. Almost 3 and a half months of elusive sleep got the best of me. Although, I can say that now I'm finally at peace with that event in our lives. So I decided to head over and get some more "me" time in the spa. Recently, I just got them at home, until the therapist I'm used to working left the company.

Best time to Duty Free Shop

Last Sunday, after indulging in another retail therapy (thank you, hon! ;-D), we passed by the SCTex instead of the usual way because we're a bit bothered by the traffic build up on the main road on a Sunday. Since our exit would be Clark, we dropped by Puregold to get some of the things we needed.

Dove 3-pack Cucumber Green Tea Scent 710ml, Free 200ml and Puff for $18 :-D
For my body wash, it's either I get Dove, or Olay. Or sometimes Aveeno. ;-D

Listerine Total Care 1L for about $8.5...this is what we usually get, and was already sold here even before it hit the local market. 
The Total Care is out of stock. It seemed it got quite popular. So instead, we got the original flavor. Listerine 1.5L about $8. ;-D
We were surprised that there were a lot of people shopping. Then I remembered hearing that peso got a bit stronger against the dollar. The exchange rate was down to something like Php 42.3 to a dollar. Today, I checked it's at Php 42.22. Although, the exchange rate inside the duty free doesn't really follow the market rate, it's closer, either a little bit higher or lower, depending on their pricing strategy. 

We prefer to go for the bigger sizes for our toiletries. It's more economical, and more environmentally friendly. We can indulge in them since duty free shops are accessible from our place. ✌

Monday, July 25, 2011

SkinFood Tomato Cool Jelly Tint Berry

I can't help it! The SkinFood Angel got me again! ;-D
SkinFood Tomato Cool Jelly Tint No. 2 (Berry) with my Fuchsia Bling Bling Nails 
Since I'm so into SkinFood lately, I've been expanding my my stash with their cosmetic lines. But it's strike 2 for me, first the apricot, now the berry. Yes, I'm also a bit disappointed with the Tomato Cool Jelly Tint. I have a love and hate relationship with SkinFood, methinks! ✌ Oh well...

Product Description: Infused with the goodness of vitamin C and rosewater, this water gel lip tint that naturally colors and makes your lips look luscious. It has hydrating effects so lips stay silky smooth longer. This indelible tint gives you a healthy glow that everyone will be envious of!

It comes with a doe foot applicator brush.  Look at the jelly on the wand! ;-D
I got them in different shade. But the SkinFood barely shows any color vs. the  actual product without swatching.
Almost translucent finish.
What's to ❤?
  • Since it's from SkinFood, more than the aesthetic effect, it promises beauty from within. ;-D 
  • It actually has a cool to the touch effect, because of the jelly consistency. 
  • It's lightweight, non-greasy, and non-drying.
  • I love the packaging, that got me actually! ;-D
Why I'm not to happy with it?
  • It's hard to keep the colors even to the whole lip area (unlike Tony Moly's). Because it's not as pigmented, and it almost looks and feels like a gloss (which is not bad, but is not what I signed up for).
  • Because of the consistency, being gel type, it doesn't dry or get absorbs to your lip area as easily as the other liquid based tints to immediately create a natural look of having just a blushed lips. 
  • It doesn't last long. It will not last you an entire meal. 
Overall, I'll be happy to finish my whole tint, but I'm not to keen on stashing more of them. I'm saving it for those days that I feel just wearing a natural healthy, looking lips...on the usual no frills, dress down malling weekdays!  ;-D It's not for those days that I wanted more drama, such that I want to exude a vixen look with my sultry, red lips. haha! ;-D I'll definitely go with Tony Moly for that look. 

I'm wearing SkinFood Tomato Cool Jelly Tint No. 2 (Berry). ✌

SkinFood Rice Mask Wash Off

SkinFood Rice Mask Wash Off is boasted of as a Bestseller! ;-D
Someone left me with a comment that the Skin Food Rice Mask is equally as nice and effective as the Olive Mask, so when I saw that trial packs were sold online, I got myself some. ;-D

A pack is good enough up to 3 uses. ;-D
It's made of nutritious rice extracts for soft skin texture. 
It reminds me of "galapong" or the glutinous rice soaked and grounded to make rice cake. ;-D
Product Description: Exfoliating wash off scrub mask with Minerals, Vitamins and Gamma-Oryzanol. Moisturizes and whitens the skin.

I looked out the benefits of Gamma Oryzanol, and there's quite a handful.
  • It impedes the progress of melanin pigmentation by intercepting ultraviolet rays at the skin's surface and hinders its transmission.
  • It improves microcirculation, and helps protects the skin agains freckles and ageing. 
  • Because Gamma Oryzanol is oil soluble, easily absorbed into the skin and has the effect of stimulating blood circulation under the skin, it is recognized as an effective nutrient for the skin.
Source: Bulk Actives Ingredients for Skincare

Application Guide:
  • Apply evenly after cleansing. Avoid eye and mouth area. Gently scrub and wash off with lukewarm water after 10 - 15 minutes.
  • I used it three times a week. Then eventually made it to twice a week because I included another mask  on my skin care regimen. ;-D
What's to ❤?
  • Is it fine to say everything, except the price of the full size in the store? ;-D
  • Anyway, it's non-irritating, no breakouts. 
  • Leaves my skin soft and supple.
  • I love the exfoliating "beads", which are actually soft rice grains. 
  • It can be rinsed off with cold water, and it doesn't leave any greasy feel at all.
  • I actually noticed that it helped in my overall improved skin texture over the past few weeks that I've been using it alongside my moisturizer.
Overall, I'm addicted to it. This will surely be a mainstay on my skin care regimen. Either I get my refills online (full size is sold for Php 450), or get myself to Korea very soon, so I can hoard more SkinFood goodies. ✌

Source: Full Size Photo and Product Description c/o SkinFood Official Site

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Forever Lilac

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Forever Lilac ;-D
This is definitely love! Remember how I've been raving about my recent Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Lines haul, I've just put them to the ultimate test...I cleaned the bathroom! I did a bit of scrubbing, bleaching, even drying it after. During my bath, I decided to apply the new Avon Advance Techniques Damage Repair Reconstructive Mask, and also Skin Food Acai Berry Mask (vain much!✌ ), it meant that I had to wait for about 10 minutes. I was bored, so I decided to clean our toilet and bath. Oh well, I do clean our bathroom better than Ate Jane (our helper), methinks. ✌

Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength is a Busy Mom's BFF! :-D
They survived! ;-D That's a photo taken a day after I did the job. The Diamond Strength Forever Lilac proved to be a chic & sassy mom's best friend, a diamond worth stashing. ✌

On the other hand, while I'm all praises with the Diamond Strength lines of Sally Hansen, I'm a bit disappointed with the Lacquer Shine lines. Fortunately, I just got two of them. Although it's priced cheaper than the Diamond Lines, it should at least performed better than our local brands. I had my nails done with the "professional" to wear it, because I tried it on my own, the color is so rich, that my uneven strokes were very obvious. And when I tried to clean them, my hand was a mess.

I had them since yesterday morning. They're pretty. Until I had no choice tonight, but to volunteer to do the dishes on my parents' place because they had friends over for dinner. I thought they can survived the ordeal, hmmm...sadly not! I had to redo my nails again tomorrow.

Overall, Diamond Strength Lines are forever! ;-D While the Lacquer Lines will keep your nails pretty enough to last you an important date day. Or maybe longer, if you shy away from doing any manual labor. ;-D

Philips Salon Multistylist 10 in 1 ;-D

Philips Anniversary Sale 55% Off! I *heart*! :-D
My friends from Philips would know how crazy I would be whenever we have an employee sale back then. ;-D If only I could fill our home with Philips appliances I would do that. But as far as I remember the most we get for discounts was at 30%. If you're really lucky, some items at 50% off. So imagine my happiness when I found out that they even have their Anniversary Sale at True Value. I'm ecstatic, and panicking. Haha! ;-D After rationalizing our needs vs. wants, we got a steam iron, and my happiness in a box. ✌

Philips Salon Multistylist 10 in 1 Original Price Php 3300. ;-D
I've been eyeing this baby even back then, it's just that I had a reliable flat iron, that I just let go earlier this year, and I could never get it back. It's fine. I love the pretty friend who had it. ;-D So now, I can finally get the multi-styler. ;-D

Unlimited Creativity and Versatility in a handy bag! ;-D
Made of ceramic coating for ultra smooth gliding! ;-D
I'm not even an expert on using hair straightener, so it means that I have still a lot to learn. I *heart* that I can play doll with so many hair styles to choose from... straight and sleek, large voluminous curls, tight curls, ringlets, soft silky curls, defined curls and flicks, large waves, twists and turns. Oh my! The possibilities are endless. ;-D

So if your a Philips fanatic like yours truly, rush to your favorite appliance store now. Sale ends July 31, 2011. ;-D

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