Wednesday, June 15, 2011

☾ Lunar Eclipse June 16, 2011 ☽

Lunar Eclipse June 16, 2011 
We made it! ;-D After several attempts, while sorting out our creative differences between me and my hubby, we got some reasonable shots. Happily, we were able to capture and to witness this (finally, we decided to wake up for it ;-p) natural phenomenon. Indeed a great feat! Yay! ;-D

Lunar Eclipse June 16, 200 -- Our view from our Angeles City Home
Good job to my hubby for learning the ins and outs of the manual setting of our  DSLR(Canon 60D), which I still have to learn. The Google Doodle also got me all excited while waiting to got out just in time for the total eclipse. ;-D

Visit Google Homepage to witness the unfolding of the June 2011 Lunar Eclipse! ;-D


The Pepperrific Life said...

Too bad I missed this. I'm ashamed to say that I have never witnessed a lunar eclipse in my entire life! You took a great picture there.

ChicSassyMom said...

Thank You! It's a sight to behold, thankfully we made it! :)

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