Monday, February 28, 2011

Fun with Things that Go at Preschoolville

On your mark, get set, go!!! As always, Chase had a great time with their month-end culminating activity for their Transportation Theme at Preschoolville. More than ever, it's something close to his ❤ since he has a special tendre for cars! ☺

As for me... Yay! a field day on my "shutterbugness" ! ;-P

Transport Vehicles only in the Philippines: Jeepney, Real & Toy Calesa (Horse-Driven Carriage), and a vintage toy bike...Nice! :-)
Chase having fun with his toy battery-operated vehicle! :-)
The Kinder Class enjoying their Calesa Ride! :-)...Preschoolville Toy Vehicles Collection Exhibit and Creative Artworks Display of the Preschoolville Kids ...Nice! :-)

Truly, learning is fun at Preschoolville! :-)


anne said...

nice creations girl I already follow you. and can u follow my other blog too? Thanks My Daily Mumbles

Eric Manila Blog said...

I just would like to know where to buy that colorful Jeepney. The only jeepneys being sold are either made of plain woods or glasses.

supergirlhero said...

Hi Des, si May Ann to :) I just saw your blog when you posted the link at Tamsin's wall...I added it to my Google Reader already so I can keep track of your blog entries :)

ChicSassyMom said...

@Anne: Thanks for dropping by! Surely, would do that!:-)
@ Eric: Hi,would get back to you once I asked the teachers at the school. ;-P Thanks for dropping by!
@ May Ann: Wow! Thanks! :-)

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