Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chase ❤ Theme Parks: Legoland California USA

Welcome to Legoland, California USA! ☺
Hello! I've been meaning to share our travel adventures of our visit to California last year (April-May 2010), I only wrote about our San Francisco travel moments. With so much pictures to choose from, I had a hard time sorting through them all, well up until now! :-D Thank goodness for Picnik, with its collage feature, I was able to easily put together our pictures from Facebook.

Legoland California with Bob the Builder, and others! Amazing! :-)
We actually did a sort of Tour de Theme Parks in Los Angeles. We had so much fun visiting each of them. But Legoland was a truly delightful treat to us, Chase just loves talking about his day in Legoland, surprisingly more than others. Maybe, because we went there on a weekday, so we were able to avoid long queuing, and we can actually go over and over on some of Chase's favorite rides. This also gives us plenty of opportunity to take all the pictures to our heart's delight. ☺

First off, we rented a stroller for Chase. After a strollerless visit at Universal Studios, which kept all of us tired, renting one was a must do! Chasey's happiest moments were spent on the Pirate Shores and the Water geared up to be wet! :-D Since we saw it in the brochure, we brought along extra change of clothing (see Chase in his board shorts :-P), and even towels for him. The unexpected part was me getting wet as well! Haha! The weather was just perfect that day, oh well coming from the sunny Philippines, so it wasn't really that cold, so it was okay to enjoy the soak zones. We all had a great time playing the musical water fountain. We all jumped, hopped, and got wet along the moment. ✌

Yay! Giant Slide! :-D...Good Food and Relaxing Dining Area at Sports Cafe 
The place is literally a world of Lego Creations. It actually inspires creativity and imagination. What I missed seeing in Las Vegas, I saw in the Miniland USA. The rides & the attractions are also age appropriate, so my son had a great time riding each one of them, and we did too! ☺ Legoland is a place where we wouldn't mind spending again to relieve those happy Legoland moments. Oh well, probably, we'll aim for the other Legoland sites. :-D...Please look through our Legoland moments. Cheers!

Legoland Miniland USA
Legoland Rides for all Ages
Chase ❤ Legoland! 


Russ aka Grampy said...

I would love to take my granddaughter there to check it out. Great Pictures.

Eli @ Business Sphere said...

What a wonderful pictures of your travel! Your sharing of experiences is a good and entertaining read. I've enjoyed reading this good post of yours. Keep on sharing and blogging. Cheers!

ChicSassyMom said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by! and Thank you very much for your kind words! I hope not to disappoint on my coming posts. ;-D

cassandrasminicorner said...

Lately, my friend received a free coupon from "Lego" she sold it as she couldn't use. Lego's located in CA and they live in NY:(~Lucky mom, you have a cute son..

Added your chicsassymom on my 4 blogs..

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