Sunday, February 27, 2011

Carnival Theme 1st Birthday Party

Yay! Over the weekend, we happily attended a Carnival Theme Party at the Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse. Hip hip hurray...Welcome to Nikki's Carnival! :-)

Carnival Them Birthday Cake complete with the Classic Merry Go Round, Tents and Clowns! Nice! :-)
It was sheer fun and excitement! There's so much happiness radiating to each and every guest, both kids and young at ❤! :-) We excitedly went around the several Carnival booths, while I was really trying my best to get as many pictures as possible and at the same time trying to get through the crowd while amassing lots of goodies!;-P I literally got my hands full! Paging Chase's Ate (Nanny)! ✌ Thank goodness that we run into my university classmate and friend, Atty. May Ann, she's such an angel! :-) Much to our delight...we even missed the eating part of the event, after an hr and 30 mins of playing around, my hubby already arrived to pick us up and we had to go home to Pampanga! ;-P

The party truly reminded me of the good ol' carnivals that I used to love going as a kid, vs. the modern theme parks and the mall-based amusement centers that my son is used to going now. The tent-style booths, the colorful balloons, and the old-fashioned classic games such as the ring toss, shooting games and the fortune telling booths added to the whole and true classic Carnival charm and feel! :-) Party Party! ☺

Cute mini-bags with Tokens inside were given out to every kid to be used as "entry" to the various booths! 
One of the Tokens allow you to Grab a Bag! We went home with this bag full of goodies! :-)
 The event was truly a recreation of a Carnival Theme Park with several booths to go around. Some booths allowed you to get instant prizes, while others need you to accomplish a task or play a game to get corresponding points (5pts.-10pts.-15pts.)...with the option to pool the points together to get a bigger prize or exchange them right away! :-)

Chase going around the Carnival Game Booths...trying to get as much points as he can by doing his best to win! :-) 

Target and Tag Shooting Game Booths
Chase trying to guess where the ball was among the three cups after several scrambling! :-) 
Ring Toss, Guessing Game, and Hoops are among the several game booths that foster physical and mental usage! :-) Truly, learning is Fun! :-)
Nikki's very own Candy Shop! :-) The candy container is actually a paper cup/bowl with lots of goodies! Sweet! :-)
Yipee! Chase's Favorite Part...The Prize Center! :-) You can exchange the "tickets or points" for playing on the various booths with the corresponding toy! Truly a Feast for every kid's eyes! What's up for grabs encouraged the kids/and the moms (haha!:-) to do their best on every game booths to get the highest points (15pts.) to get the bigger prize or to get more of the smaller pt. value items! :-)
Our Loot Bags!!! Wow! Look at all the goodies we brought home! :-) This truly brings a smile to Chase's face! :-) Thank You for having us Nikki! :-)
One of the booth is the Photo Area! Aside from all the loots, we got ourselves a souvenir photo in picture frames within minutes! Yay! :-)

I learned that it was truly a labor of love,  as the whole fanfare was organized  and participated by most of the family members... from the fortune tellers, the game masters, and a lot more, they're either cousins, aunts, grandmas etc. :-) The concept was simply ingenious! Kudos to Nikki's family to successfully transporting us in the magical and colorful world of the Carnival! :-) 

Happy Happy Birthday Nikki! :-)

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AiDiSan said...

kiddie birthday parties are truly enjoyable and a lot of fun. i'm fond of bringing my kids to this kind of party, they get to mingle with other kids and win friends at the same time.

in fact, we'll attend a birthday party of our manager's daughter this coming saturday. can't wait to blog about it.

You may want to check this one:


ChicSassyMom said...

Hi Sis! Yup, I visited your link...and the smiles and happiness were captured! ;-P Thanks for dropping by again! :-)

Dale kids birthday entertainer said...

Came across your blog. What a great party idea.. Looks like fun.:)

ChicSassyMom said...

Thanks Dale for visiting! I visited your site too! Those are great balloon creations! ;-P

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