Tuesday, November 2, 2010

♥Halloween Fun! Parade of Costumes!♥

Hello! It's good to be back...October went by so fast and it was definitely a fun-filled month. For me, it was like a month of re-awakening! ✶ I got to jumpstart a potential career as a freelance writer to one of Philippine's leading parenting publication -- Smart Parenting. I was given three assignments to write for the month, 2 of them already got published. ☺ Yeah Baby! I'm actually looking forward to my third article because it's something that's really close to my ♡....coming soon!

Oh well! Going back to my post, (drumroll please!) ...Sharing with you our fun-filled, spook-tacular Halloween 2010.

Chase's School Spooky Fun Party 
Trick or Treat! Parlor Games! Dancing! = Epic Fun! 

Another spectacular feat of the teachers of Preschoolville!!! ♥♥♥

My son, Chase, in the traditional vampire outfit!  ♥ My Li'l Edward ♥
Choosing his costume had been a challenge and a much debated topic over the weeks...he wanted to be a soldier, I wanted him to be a commercial airline pilot etc. Much to my vanity (and sadly, my lack or creativity!), I didn't want him to dress up as something scary. So we decided to go for the safe and traditional costume. I bought the custom made cape and vampire vintage top from the toy store. I got him to wear a black formal vest for a more classier vampire look. That's the only thing he likes about his costume (he thinks he's a lawyer...missing only his briefcase! ☺) ...definitely looking forward for next year's Halloween, I intend to be more prepared and a little bit more creative!

♥Magical Transformation of Preschoolville!♥  --Halloween Spooky Fun Set-up

Preschoolville's Boo-ffet! ♨

Chase's Halloween Dance 

My Top 2010 Halloween Costumes 

A round of applause to these winning dress-ups!!! ☺☺☺....which I came across from various pictures uploads of friends!...definitely inspiring and creative!  Cheers! 
  • Queen Amidala & Classic Disney Princess (my friend's daughter & niece from Philips)
Queen Amidala Costume
  • Russell of UP - pictures from my nephew's school Halloween Party
Russell of UP Costume with my nephew, Gabe, as Woody
  • Lady Gaga
♥Lady Gaga Costume (Amber) ♥ - my son's schoolmate
  • Flower Girls = Girl Power! 
Flower Girl and Disney Princess with Woody (Gabe)
Flower Girl (made with real flowers!)
Kudos to our little ones! Hurray to another scrapbook-worthy moments captured by moms and dads. Thank you teachers for hosting such spooktacular events! Cheers to another fun-filled Halloween 2010! 

Gearing up for next year's Halloween Fun...♥♥♥ 


Unknown said...

All of the kids look so cute!! They did a fantastic job decorating the preschool!

Congrats on the article writing gig. That is so exciting! :)

ChicSassyMom said...

Thank you so much Kelly! :-)

Best Regards! ♥

janakidiary said...

The kids look so adorable in the costumes. Career ang halloween decor ng venue, amazing :) Congrats on your smartparenting stint, read one of your articles there :)

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