Thursday, August 26, 2010

♥Preschoolville--where remarkable passion for learning begins... ♥

Chase finished his Pre-Kindergarten  last June 15 at Noblesse International School (NIS). His Kindergarten  will resume this August 16. Just to keep him busy & better prepared we enrolled him to one of the newest, yet personally I think the smartest choice, school in the area --PRESCHOOLVILLE. They just opened last May for Summer, and this is their first school year. It operates under the care of four brilliant teachers (just ♥ them!). Their credentials include a solid & proven track record of teaching in another great school in the area, jump starting the Preschool Department in NIS (which Chase had fond memories to speak of), and just basically having the skills & educational training to inspire learning to the kids. We ♥ how Chase is doing in school and how Chase enjoys being in school, that we decided to let him stay here for the entire school year. :-)

Welcome to Preschoolville!

Pictures will not do justice on how truly encouraging learning is in the creative set-up of their homey location.  See how they creatively & magically transformed this standard 4BR house into a well-equipped learning facility for the little ones! But more than the look & the facility, it's with conversing with the teachers that will tell you how caring they are with their students.  No Worries Mommy! 
Preschoolville Learning Center

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My K-Addiction: Korean Drama Fever! Hallyu!♥

Thank goodness, I survived! I had been very sick for the past 2 days, it was like a major attack of some viral infection. I woke up Monday morning with lethargy to the highest level as an understatement. I can't literally get myself out of the bed, I wasn't even able to bring my son to school, I had to ask my sister to do that. My fever went as high as 40C and the calm before the storm, the chilling, was really too much to take. It went on until yesterday. I was prescribed antibiotics and keep popping pain/fever reducers. The last time I felt this bad was way back 2005, when I gave birth to my son. So I couldn't really believe that this could happen! But then, I guess it's probably a disaster waiting to happen because sad to say I've been, for the past years, on a sedentary lifestyle.

So what triggered it? My guess was I tried taking Chinese slimming coffee (leisure 18) as another desperate move to lose weight.The effect of it was to have little or even zero appetite, but as expected I still got some palpitations attack at night time. Believe me when I say that this brand is supposedly the mildest in terms of palpitations, thirst, sweating etc., so I actually ended up crossing my 3-day thresh hold with Chinese diet pills/coffee. Silly me! Came Monday, I felt like crying!

In those days of being under the influence of diet pills, and in those restless nights, I ended up watching again one of my most ♥ Korean Drama, "You're Beautiful"! I ended up staying up Saturday night until 6am of Sunday. With a 2 hour sleep (6am-9am), I ended up reading recapped episodes of it most of Sunday.And then another midnight screening continuation Monday. I watched these series months ago online even before it started showing here.But I just can't seem to can't get enough of it! ♥ the story and ♥ the OST! So I guess, my addiction to it got me the best of it --literally Korean Drama Fever!

To fuel my Korean Culture Addiction (Hallyu♥) amidst my homemaking's (wife & mom) career, I need to get a hold of myself! (LoL) :) My take on this is that I need to start living healthy! No erratic yo-yo diets! No popping Chinese diet pills & slimming coffee! Get Moving! Stay in ♥! :) Cheers!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friendly Friday Follow

I've been missing in a action for almost a week now, except to some following back every now & then! The reason was that my son is in another "not so well" mode--the attack of the flu/colds virus again! We already visited his doctor and he's in a lot of medications plus hello nebulizer! He missed a week in school and we visited today to get updates on his school work! So much catching up to do! Oh Well, the good news is, he's finally doing and feeling okay! :-) I tried to sneak up on my writing, and was luckily able to catch up with this new blog hop. It's my 2nd, and I love how I get to meet so many talented moms out there! :-)

I will try to update my postings asap...for now, TGIF! :)

Cheers! Sharing the ♥ with you all!

Update: April 5, 2020

Oh, I see your looking for a blog hop, please leave me a comment, follow me my social media @chicsassymom . I'll make sure to look you up...blogging is really better together! ❤️

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday the 13th, Not Yet Holloween! ;-)

Welcome! Oh yes today is the 13th of the month and it falls on a Friday! A superstitious belief holds this to be a day of bad luck, oh no! But we cannot let that happen, do we? So at the end of the day, it's still Friday! Hooray!  Thank Goodness it's Friday (TGIF)!;-)

Let's shoo away the bad spirits supposedly lingering today...let's bring the fun of Halloween's Trick or Treat to this supposedly freaky Friday by celebrating COSTUMES!

Mickey Mouse Luau Themed Birthday Party

We ♥ Parties! So I'm saying it over & over again! :-)...This was yet another exciting party I helped out in the making. It's my nephew's (Gabe) 1st Bday Party. I'm much involved in the planning as his mom, my sister. The venue, food,cake & giveaways were basically sourced from the same suppliers as my  Chase's Justice League Theme Party except for the items we got from the US on Chase's birthday. As always, we really went out our way to making it big & special! So let the fun begins...

Getting Started and Planning the Party

The good thing about this was this was not new to us. We did it barely a year ago. So we're sort of starting out to be party experts! ;-) Unfortunately though, I can't really tell how much was spent on everything since Gabe's Dad & Mom didn't really tell. :-) 

Mickey Mouse Luau's Party
Daddy Kristian, Kay (my sister) & Gabe
Yours Truly, JB & Chase
Notice the cool kiddos in shades...Chase & Gabe
  • Invitations by Adworks Graphic Design 
  • Contact Person : Norman CruzAddress :Unit 103 Greenrich Mansion Cond., Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines, 1600Telephone No: (632) 636-5570, 497-2315Mobile No: (63917) 851-8866Fax No. : (632) 636-5570
  • Venue & Food: ANA'S PAVILION, Amando's Resort, Villa Dolores, Angeles City 
  • As expected, with the family & friends we have, the guests were around 200 adults, and more than 30 kids.
  • Balloon Arrangements c/o Me & my sister 
  • I guess we did a better job in pulling this off! :-) 
  • Party Host: Clownderia
  • As always, we really do ♥ their services. The Hosts came in Hawaiian Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse. The games were appropriate, and the mode of communication is in  English. They were also helpful in arranging some of the other items like the give-aways, prizes etc. They also took care of the registration. And they also made the distribution of give aways in a very organize manner.
  •  Party Cake: Breads o Cake
  • The Cake is just amazing with the Mickey Mouse topper (huge!). It's kinda pricey though...but since it's their first, so it was go,go,go! ;-)
  • Souvenirs, Loot Bags & Giveaways
  • The storage box were made by Jelly Bellies. 
  • The Loot Bags were Mickey Reusable Woven Sack Bags wit lots of goodies such as sticker sheets, pencils, crayons, sharpeners, stationary sets and a whole lot more.

  • More Games & Other Treats
  • Aside from the parlor games, wherein both kids & young at ♥ participated and enjoyed, there were also the usual Pinata & Pabitin (a favorite Filipino Treat for kids wherein toys & goodies are tied in a wood frame, & they it's raised up & down by an adult and kid's can get the items by reaching them up by jumping). 
  • We made it extra special by giving out a Lei (Hawaiian Garland)  to the guest. 
  • Kids also get their own summer shades to create a more summer look effect. 
  • Other Kiddie Booths...
  • Our very own Popcorn Station - Now, being wiser, we brought Goldilocks small pack Caramel Pop Corns, which are actually yummier! :-)
  • Go Nuts Donuts Station - this was the time that Krispy Kreme hadn't entered the Philippines. In fairness, up until we had a taste of the real thing, GoNuts are just fine, & they are not as pricey.
  • Pop Corn Station c/o Holy Kettle Corn - with around 60 pieces of the small packs, I negotiated that a server would also be available. 
  • Chocolate Fondue/Fountain -It was actually my first try to use my very own. This being the first, we had a problem of getting the right thickness of the fondue to make it actually flow...but we eventually figured it out just in time.
  • Soft Ice Cream - this was another services offered by Clownderia.
  • Face Painting 
  • Bubble Fun - I used my Gazillion Bubble Machines
Thank You all for Coming! :-)
Bubble Fun! Me with Chase, Gabe with Ate Mai, Gabe with Mom & Dad
Gabe's Sade Side of the Family with Mickey & Minnie

Party Details 

The Cake with Giant Mickey, Loot Bags, Storage Boxes, Goodies, Beverage Fountain, Gifts
Custom Invites

Another party accomplished! :-) Here's to investing lasting memories! ...Cheers! 

    Memory Lane Thursday:Chase's L♥ve-Hate Relationship with SpongeBob Squarepants

    Welcome! It's Thursday & I'm so delighted to be taking the stroll down memory lane today with none other (obviously!) than my son, Chase! :-)
     ...looking over the photos stored in our computer and posted on my social network sites, I noticed a character with him in the picture that seemed unconsciously popping out regularly on his photos...voila! It's none other than SpongeBob Squarepants! :-)
    What's Not to Like?! :-)

    ♥Welcome to Memory Lane Thursday♥

    Busy over the past few days between my blog make-over project & decluttering our home, I found myself looking over at literally hundreds of photos in our computer! It was a welcome break from the self-imposed stress over the past few days & an idea came to me.Voila! Introducing my very own special day...

    Basically, it's a day of writing about anything... from events, activities, things etc. that still remains the same or totally different or changed over the years! It's sort of  now & then with a twist of either same as before or totally world's apart!

    Click on SpongeBog to Read On the first post
    Read on my very first post on this special day...Cheers!♥♥♥ 

    Thursday, August 5, 2010

    Pesto Made Easy! The ♥ Choice!

    I always know that there is something special about Pesto!...well, it's not only because at most restaurants, its one of their pricey dish (be it a pasta in pesto sauce, chicken pesto etc.), but more importantly, it's really the hearty ♥ & healthy choice.  But then I learned that it's not as expensive and as hard to make! Sweet! I made it myself! :-) 
    My Very Own Pesto with another good for the ♥ Crackers
    There are a lot of posts that talk about how to make it...but I wanted to share mine, because it's actually made easier & healthier! :-) Really my good for the ♥ snacks alternative! 

    Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    Random Things: I want a Blog Makeover!

    This is me thinking aloud!... Oh! I'm thinking of changing my blog template, format, design etc...I don't know if I could have the ♥ to risk  going through it again! It took me quite some time to come up with this one! I'm in dire need of professional help! Oh well! I so love (kinda envy) the other mom's blogs template out there! Maybe during the will be my project! Just in case, let me know if you have a really good reference on how to go about it! Cheers! 

    Stage Mommy at Work :-)

    Hello! It's good to be back writing again! :-) I've been lately at lost for words (again) for the past days-- in between the three new novels I've got (& finished reading)  & my regular Facebook reading/updating. I wanted to share with you this yet another adventure with my son, Chase. His picture is displayed on one of the digital billboards along Edsa in Metro Manila. Edsa, if not the major, is one of the busiest road in the Philippines. ♥ it! 
    Picture taken by my cousin on our way to see snow going to Reno
    He will be among the other kids to be featured in the Digital Billboards of Nido 3+. His slot started yesterday (Aug 4) until Aug 6. It was started as a company campaign wherein at first only employees of Nestle were asked to submit their little ones' pictures by visiting a FB application, Proud to See the Difference, then write a "notable" difference on them. :-) This actually took some time because, I was supposed to receive a notification from them to acknowledge it, but never got it until the program was actually opened to the public. Finally, it made it! ♥ it! It's on two spots --SM North Edsa (northbound EDSA) & along Boni Ave. (southbound EDSA)...will update this post once I get the chance to see the actual billboard! I do hope I get to document it, if I'll be ever allowed to wait along EDSA@ :-)

    Hurray to my friends in FB. Well...all of them are proud Moms/Dads, Godparents, Grandparents, Aunties & Uncles! I received an overwhelming 22 Likes, & 12 comments & counting!

    Cheers to our little ones! ...who made everything how little/big worth celebrating & posting on our Blog Sites & of course, FB! :)
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