Tuesday, July 20, 2010

♥The Grandest Vacation Ever --California, USA 2010: SFO ♥

I'm so excited to write this series. It took me quite sometime to start it since I wanted to show a lot of the places we've been to, and there were hundreds of pictures to show. It was a 3-wk vacation in California, April 25 to May 18. We had to keep it at most 3 weeks because Chase was only on a month's leave from school. My husband had a scheduled trip to Mexico...and he decided to bring us a long, so we can sort of save on air fare since he will get his Manila-LAX trip for free, LAX being a stop over going to Mexico. But since we decided just months before, we could not really get a promo fare.It's just me & Chase who went to SFO. Then from SFO, we took the Southwest Airlines flight to Sacramento to Orange County to meet up with my husband & my sister in law. There's also so much to tell in our Los Angeles trip. We've been like Theme Park hoping. It was a fieldtrip for Chase! Overall, the trip was a blast! We ♥ every moment of it!
Chase overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge:-)

April 25, 2010 - Chase & I are off to San Francisco aboard Philippine Airlines. We survived a 16hr trip MNL to SFO via PAL instead of the 12hr trip, thanks to the 4 hr delay aboard the plane in Manila Airport. We were also on a full flight so the immigration processing also took quite sometime. Chase and I stayed with my Aunt's Family in Fairfield, California. They picked us up from the airport after waiting for hours.

Our stay in San Francisco was even less than a week, but we took our time to visit us many spots as possible.  On our Day 1, when we recovered from our jet lag, we did not let the day pass, we went to Travis Airbase to check out things in the commissary and then we went to the outlet stores in Vacaville. On Day 2, went to the mall.

At Travis Airbase, Mall Time, CHASE Bank with Chase, My Relative's Place in Fairfield
My favorite place--Vacaville Forever! :-D So ♥ the stores! I enjoyed shopping and window shopping...got myself Coach Purses as gifts from my aunt (and then a lot more from JB's aunt), and I wanted more so I wasn't able to resist from buying extra few more! :-) Although...shopping/ getting around the stores was a challenge since Chase kept on wanting to leave and kept on moving in and out of the stores.

And then we went to the city & the usual tourist spots...!!! ♥♥♥
Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard St., Cheesecake Factory
Powell St.--the driver was kind enough to let us get on with our pictorial! :-)
Chase after a long day :-)
It was a great day!The houses in the city along Lombard Street are picturesque. Chase had fun & then got tired of running after the birds at the Fisherman's Wharf. We love the sourdough breads in the store, it was fun & amazing to look at all the shapes they made out of them. The Golden Gate was like a scene out of any travel logbooks.  

We went home as we look forward to another day of adventure...Trip to Reno! 

We enjoyed our first experience of Snow...too bad for Chase, mommy's Kill Joy, he wasn't able to stay as much as he wanted! :-) Then, we went to Circus Circus! Chase played as much as he wanted to, and we took home a lot of stuff toys. The best part, we had a buffet dinner! I ♥ the food! Ice Cream all you want! and the best pudding in the world, so they say...Too bad though, Chase gagged on a jelly bean, and he barfed! We went on a 3hr trip with smell of it! It was nothing new to me, but for my relatives, it was definitely an experience to remember Chase by. :-) 

SFO was a blast! The food portions was to die for! :-)...Below was one unique food trip experience...Hisui Japanese Steak House located at Monte Vista Ave.,Vacaville, Ca.

Chase with my auntie Pines  & Cousin Janice
Turning Japanese! :-)
Our first try of Edimame --healthy appetizer to our 's content! 

Fried Sushi! Yum! I finished one & then get to share another with my aunt! 
Chase's Favorite Fried Ice Cream--Jap Version! He ate most of this though!...he couldn't wait for his turn, he wouldn't want to put his spoon down! :-)
On our last day, we did a last minute shopping & packing! We left San Francisco with a box (50lbs) full of goodies. :-)  We feel so blessed to have such loving & very welcoming relatives. They made our stay in San Francisco really an affair to remember, and something to look forward to again!  I left my ♥ in Vacaville though! :-) Shopping forever! :-)...We will definitely have to be back in SFO since JB,my hubby, wasn't able to join us for this trip...as he went elsewhere (Mexico) :-)
at Sacramento Airport --Goodbye SFO! Welcome LAX! 
*Various Pictures were taken by me and my cousin Chris. 


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