Korean Drama Fangirl Forever ✌

Annyeonghaseyo! :-) ...it means hello! in Korea!

I won't even start to pretend to be an expert in Korean Culture, because what I know about is mainly from my Korean Drama obsession! I haven't even been to Seoul for goodness sake!  I know common Korean phrases because of the Kdramas I so watch passionately! So what makes me write about a basic topic about it?! Oh well! It's basically my fascination with the culture that my love-hate relationship with it progressed over the years! And when you're in that position, you just suddenly found yourself "expert" about it! I just know because I  ♥ everything (well, almost!) about the Korean Culture! That by the way is what Hallyu wave supposedly means!

I ❤ Lee Joon Gi
I really want to share my passion about it, so just in case you haven't caught the Korean fever, try to read along, and in time I hope that you can have this beautiful addiction of mine a place in your ♥. (haha...that serious! :-) ✌

  • The Sign ✌...I just have to do it too! :-)

So what's with the ✌ Peace Sign mostly during photo opportunities for most Koreans?
In my readings, I actually didn't find a definite answer about it...but below are the possibilities!

  • Simply says Peace! ... oh how Peace loving they are! :-)
  • They say it's actually for V- Victory! 
  • They say it's sign of the chopsticks..."will eat later or in a while...because we can!"
  • They say it's just basically another version of saying "Cheese"! 
Oh well, nonetheless, I find it refreshing and just makes me more the happy "Me" during photo opportunities! :-)
Saranghae ❤ everyone!!!
Gom Bae !!! Cheers ;-)

Posted: January 10, 2011

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