Saturday, July 25, 2020

It's okay to not be okay with the New Normal ❤️ | Bay Area Life in times of Coronavirus 😷

Annyeong! Hola! Bonjour!  Hope everyone is okay...well it's not everyday that I'm I guess, like my fave KDrama says, it's okay to not be okay. Four months after the shelter in place, here I am, getting by with the new normal. It's so so hard! My greetings I said gave them as such just because for the past months, I've tried to learn Korean, Spanish and now I'm trying French...everything remains a work-in-progress. (I might have a better chance with French just because I learned it in college for years.) Oh well...Je suis desolee! I have moments, when I'm so very diligent, but then life happens, so "try" remains the operative word for now. So I'm trying to go back to my little space in the blogosphere...not to be bullish or bearish (hello, Robinhood), but to say let's hold for now, and let's just go through the motion given that I have few more months before I need to figure out how to change my blog header, just because so many things are longer I'll be 30 something when December comes, though dieting forever remains constant, I'm so closed to giving up Seoul searching (this for sure I will have to fix), the wanderlust and/or fangirl in me is making life as we know it now just so extra challenging. But I'll try to connect and thrive in the new normal...I need it. Aja!

#Nesting.  I was assigned to this office space maybe about a year ago. It's only this week that I finally fixed it.  I'm a field person, so I let it be.  It was filled with boxes and no personal effects, but here we are, new normal with remote meetings...I just need a Zen space amidst all of these. Plus, maybe I needed something concrete/permanent amidst all this chaos...a space to call my own. 
Highlights of the past months (some are on my IG @chicsassymom @chicsassymomeats @chicsassymomfinds)
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