Saturday, October 13, 2018

Current Everyday Makeup Routine and #FOTD | #ChicSassyMomFinds #BeautyTalk

Hello, gorgeous people! πŸ€— I've been busy conquering Bay Area, vying for Ms. Friendship (#SalesLife πŸ˜…) so I have very little time to do makeup so I keep my everyday make up routine short but sweet. (That, plus I already have a very complicated skincare routine, so I don't think I'll still survive not getting late my day with an elaborate makeup routine on top of it). Oh well, makeup is art and beauty is spirit. But first, makeup.

Jo Malone English Oak and Redcurrant | Face: Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion | Lips: Anastacia Beverly Hills Sugar Plum, Kylie Lip Kit Posie K, Koko Okurr, Suvana Pawpaw & Honey Balm | Eyes: Eyeko | Brows: Brow Mates by The Brow Studio , KPalette | Cheeks: Benefit Cosmetics Cheek Parade 
These are my current must-haves to pull of an easy peasy makeup routine (just like last time), which I sort of perfected overtime with lots of practice. It took me tremendous effort to learn how to wear Kylie lipsticks, I have quite a stash of lipsticks, but now I have to admit that Kylie Matte Lipsticks are my source of pride and joy. πŸ’‹It's not even hard to remove them, just take my Keto dinner (very oily food πŸ˜…) and voila, all gone. The eyes and brows do take most of my time. I finally find a good-enough replacement for my ever reliable Kanebo Kate eye liner with Eyeko. Now for the brows, my, my, I have a full brows and that's altogether a source of unique problem because I need to keep them clean or they go wild. #KillerKilay But I need to fill in some gaps here and there, so I use Brow Mates from The Brow Studio and KPalette to lighten them and just to match my hair color. I rarely do mascara given that I'm wearing glasses (and I'm too lazy to remove heavy eye makeup). Benefit Cosmetics Cheek Palette is such a joy to have, every girl working mom's must have. The biggest surprise and addition to my makeup routine is Secret Key.

Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion is love, love, love. #Favorite 
I have it for quite awhile from my not so recent purchase at Althea, but it's only recently that I finally gave it a try. Oh my, I love it. And so, bring on the selfies. 🀳🏼

Me (wearing Koko Collection Gorg), Myself (Anastacia Beverly Hills Sugar Plum), and I (wearing Kylie Lipkit Posie K) #FOTD ✌🏻🀫
For whatever reason, the Jo Malone English Oak and Redcurrant is my autumn scent, and it never fails to solicit inquiry on what scent I'm wearing. It's unique, at least to me, and beautifully empowering. With pink lips to boot, I can rule the world! These have been sources of engaging, animated, and joyful conversations. I just need to win the Ms. Friendship award and achieve my sales targets. πŸ‘ΈπŸ»Let's do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✨

P.S. Let's do this together, I'm on Instagram, Twitter and FB @chicsassymom ✨

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