Wednesday, August 8, 2018

ChicSassyMomEats | 🌴In-N-Out Burgers πŸ”

Oh my, I just realized that I haven't posted about a must-eat, touristy burger place when in California...In-N-Out.

Palm Trees 🌴and California Dreams ✨ | In-N-Out Union City 
Cheese Fries (Secret Menu), Cheeseburgers and Double Double 
The burgers are super nice, they can pass as gourmet burgers, made with fresh and high quality meat, albeit on a fast food setting. And so are the fries, which are fresh hand-cut potatoes. Sounds healthy. πŸ˜‰So every so often, we crave.  Hmmmm, it seems when you're in California, there's fresh supplies of potatoes and beef and everything else. Beef overload. (I swear. Being here, I feel like I already ate my supply of beef to last me a lifetime vs. my average beef consumption for the past years in Manila.) And for that reason why In-N-Out is apparently not coming to the East Coast anytime soon because they're going and boasting of their freshest ingredients and meats. Yay! No to frozen patties.

#Sundates at In-N-Out
In-N-Out is a fast food that is a must-visit when visiting California. I love the Double Double (Double Patties, Double Cheese) with everything on it. The menu is simple, burgers and fries, plus the secret menu that's not on the menu board. Cheese fries for one, the rest, I have yet to figure those out. I'm inclined to try the No-Bun burgers, well, just because I'm on Diet Foreverrr!  Oh well! Let's eat! Cheers! ✌🏻

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