Friday, January 19, 2018

#ChicSassyMomFinds | Small Flower Garden #Friyay 🤗 🌷🌷🌷

#FriYay Hello, California Sun! ☀️  I woke up (albeit late 😉) compelled inspired to do household chores. Hah. I wanted to enjoy the weekend tomorrow and spend quality time with the fambam (though I'm pretty sure it's all day XBox for them, oh well, I try 🤗), so I thought I'll get the laundry done (finally!) and do general cleaning. Since it's sunny yet refreshingly cold, I can finally do some gardening and cleaning.

I just remembered that we bought Tulips last time (like more than week ago at Costco) and went out to see them already in bloom. 🌷🌷🌷 Hubby got this for me thinking that they will only be flowering in time for Valentine’s Day. 😉 Oh well! Need a new pot! 💐😚 #greenthumb ✌🏼
Lavender and Grass heads. Lavender are my favorite. I was worried since last time because I clipped, pruned and transplanted, worried they will not survived it, so far, so good.  The grass head I thought they withered since I was too lazy (because it's so cold outside) to water them.
Our small flower garden of Petunia and lavender. Seahorse wind chimes for good luck. 
It's so hard to grow Petunia. That photo was taken weeks ago, now, sadly they're withering because of root rot. I will be getting new plants soon. Will keep this post updated. Come back again. 

I'm inspired. (Though I did not get the laundry done yet because the laundry area is full, will try later) Truly, happiness is watching your flowers starting to bloom. Have a great weekend, friends! ✌🏻

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