Monday, November 6, 2017

#ChicSassyMomFinds | Winter Clothes Shopping in Marshalls 👢👢 *Heaven

Hello, hello! 🤗 Present! 🙋🏻 As always, I went MIA, boo. But oh well, I had a change of heart (so dramatic, as always, ha) so while I swear off shopping until that D-Day (waiting for something amazing) happens, bravely (haha),  I had to just go on one major winter shopping spree (oh well, why not?!). This time at Marshalls.

OOTD 1: Michael Kors Leather (dream come true), Calvin Klein Turtleneck sweater, Steve Madden Tights #Favorite #ShoppingFinds
Winter is coming. I love, love, love winter clothes shopping.  Plus, Christmastime is my favorite season everrr.  Amazingly, staying in San Francisco means longer chilly times, and more OOTD photo ops. Basically, it's a justified shopping spree considering I will be wearing these not just for vacay but they will be my everyday wear until Summer 2018 comes. 😉

Marshalls belongs to the same retail group as TJ Maxx and Ross (and Homegoods). Ross is Ross. But surprisingly, depending on the area, there are really sweet finds there too. From where we are staying, there are more Marshalls than TJ Maxx's. So, Marshalls is it for moi. Nicely, it doesn't disappoint.

Boots are love. They complete me. Nautica Boots $30+
Sperry boots $50+
XOXO Boots $30+
OOTD 2: Calvin Klein Peach Turtleneck $30+
OOTD 3: Nautica Raincoat $60, Modern Heritage Tights, Cable and Gauge Sweater $20, Sperry Boots
I'm broke a happy girl. 😆 Let's go. Where to? Cheers! 🍷

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