Thursday, August 17, 2017

#FangirlModeOn | What Drama I'm watching #LoveO20

Annyeong, cinggu! 🤗 I'm overly being dramatic lately, both drama marathons and real life drama. Hah. I will be posting regularly on what I'm done marathoning (Love O2O) and now watching (The Bride of the Water God and The King Loves). Side story. I'm subscribed to both Dramafever and Viki now, so I can watch dramas all night/day long. Hello, life! Welcome to my world! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ottoke!? I have a new anti-aging, Yang Yang oppa. 😂
Before KDramas, there were Chinese/Taiwan Dramas (and I'm crazy about them too, type Asian/Taiwan Drama in my search box). I'm happy to reconnect with the captivating dramaworld that got me fully onboard with the fangirling shenanigans.

Meet my new OTP ship... Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang of Love O2O (a.k.a One Smile is Very Alluring), a 2016 Chinese TV Series. I wonder if it is it letter O or Zero, I feel that it's fitting for it to be Love O20 like (O2) Oxygen (0) Zero, because the OTP literally takes my breath away. Zheng Shuang plays Bei Weiwei. She is beauty and brains incarnated. I couldn't agree more. She's so pretty. In the game world, the parallel story line, she goes by Reed Weiwei. While Yang yang plays Xiao Nai, a.k.a. Mr. Perfect, who is the campus heartthrob and in the game, he plays the no. 1 player Yixiao Naihe.  In the game, they formed an alliance to get married so they both can participate in a couple competition within the game. The newly formed couple instantly hit it off, and undergo many adventures together in the game.  However, Wei Wei never expected the real identity of her virtual husband to be her college senior, Xiao Nai. They met in real life, and are truly, madly, deeply in love with each other.  Awwww. Squeee. *Le Sigh 

Reed Wei Wei and Nai He's parallel love story in the game
This couple makes me so giddy. Goodness gracious. I'm giving my all to this ship and fandom. 
Yang Yang Oppa, saranghae!!! No words. 
As said, I have a soft spot for Taiwan/Chinese dramas because Meteor Garden kick off my drama addiction, though I tend to follow specific male and female leads (well mostly male leads as long as I like their co-star). It has been a while though. I mostly watched most of the Taiwanese F4 and Mike He's drama, for female I just like Ady An from Autumn's Concerto.

Now back to Love O2O, Yang Yang is love, love, love, and so is Zheng Shuang, I'm shipping them. The story is well written too at 30 episodes, it's not too long like the usual Chinese Drama. You have good supporting cast ala the friends and enemies. The game world is so nice. The computer generated imagery is superb, plus super love their costumes. Can I turn back time and start playing online games? If only. Hah. The impatient me though feels that the game world are a bit too long for my liking. Sorry, but I just can't enough of their real life interaction, from their first date, first of many, many kisses, and their marriage, so when I re-watched it I skipped some game parts. Overall, there are a lot of heartwarming scenes. Super kilig, I swear. Your thoughts? Let's fangirl.

This is real. I just updated my Twitter Profile to profess my membership to his fandom (his fandom and my Korean oppas 😂 ). I need my Yang Yang fix. Cheers! ;-D

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