Tuesday, August 22, 2017

#ChicSassyMomFinds | Ribbon Hairties 🎀 #LaTaDa

To bling or not to bling, that is the question. But then accessories truly make everything better. Sometime ago, I was hoarding accessories (type accessories on my search box), then I grew up and got older. Hah. But every so often, functional accessories still get me like these ribbon hair ties.

I'm still just a girl changing the world one bling at a time. The jeweled embellishment got me. I'm sold! 
La-ta-da Ribbon Hair Ties from Target for $6.99 for a 5pc Pack
Hairstyle all I like... half-up ponytail, layered ponytail, messy bun, and ponytail. 
Hair ties bracelets #Nice
After graduating from my accessorize-addiction, I just left room for arm candies. I still love layering rings and bracelets. Though mostly, I'm going for real jewelries now. 🤗 These hair ties will just blend in nicely. In the Korean drama world where I live in, hair ties bracelets are source of inspiration, from fashion trends to OTP shipping confirmation (are they hair tie or matching bracelets?! 🤔😂). So yes, these are nice. I'm so tempted to get more. Goody also has a line of Ribbon Hair ties, but as said, I like the bling. When I do accessorize, I like to use them liberally. Cheers! ;-D

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Woman Today said...

To bling or not to bling, I like this and I deffinetly choose to bling! Lovely colors and textures!
Wish you a beautiful day!
Flo from

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