Monday, February 13, 2017

VDay Gift Ideas: Te Amo Floristeria 💐🌷🌹

My FB timeline is flooded with Valentine's dates and gift giving. I thought this might be a timely post to do. Lucky, I can confidently ask hubby what I want for gifts. So for our Anniversary I asked him for flowers from Te Amo Floristeria. Its creations are like Korea's Fleurette (IG:_fleurette_), which are Seoul-ful, and feels like home. 😍 Take note, I sent him a screenshot of the arrangement I like. He went home with a bit modified arrangement, more with his style and flower preference. I'm a happy girl.

Te Amo. I love you. ❣️

I did't dare ask the price (but I was dying to do so 😂). But eventually I found out, when a friend got one for his wife. Hmmm, so an arrangement like that can go from Php 5000-8000. (Hmmm...🤔 Thinks hard as this is like a Pandora Bracelet or a Jo Malone). Okay, I'm content to receive one, annually on our anniversary. Perhaps in the future, I can ask another from my son on my birthday. 

For your arrangement, visit Te Amo Floristeria's Official Website

Address: Ground Floor, Active Fun Building, 28th Avenue Corner 9th Avenue., Taguig, Global city, 1634 Metro Manila

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