Saturday, February 27, 2016

Unboxing: Althea Korea #OnlineShopping #Innisfree

Annyeong! ;-D

Here's another online site that I hope you will love as much as I do...Althea Korea. Althea Korea is a Korea-based shopping site that ships to the Philippines. It features several Korean brands that I can't wait to try and to splurge on. It has Innisfree, so I'm sold! You ought to know how much I love Innisfree. (Search Innisfree on my site, and you will know.)

Unlike last time's online shopping hullabaloo, this site, is tried and tested. It's on grand opening. Free Shipping for only Php 999, sign up credit worth P300, and free giveaway. Yay! It's the Korean store tradition of gifting shoppers. With all of these goodies, I shopped!

What's in an Althea Box?
Beauty meets Korea. 
Althea promises, and delivers. Free shopping of authentic Korean Beauty Care products at Best Price. 
I love, love, love Innisfree Korea (Innisfree Korea Website links here). Oh I said that, right? Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum is my skincare staple. I buy, and buy, from Seoul or in Hong Kong. I'm happy they have it here. It's sold for 22000 KRW, in Althea, it's about the same price, in fact a bit cheaper with the additional promo discount. The Green Tea Cleansing Foam sells for 8000 KRW, and yes, sells about the same price. No Sebum is the featured gift with purchase. I love. 
I ordered February 19. Payment is via Paypal/Credit Card. Feb 22, I received a notification that my order was shipped. Delivered to me last Feb 25. TGIF! Not bad. Way to go.

For their grand opening, they lowered the free shipping threshold, I applied the Php 300 credits, and added the gift with purchase, that's about Php 500 savings....Daebak! 

To date, they are on the Round 4 of giveaway, first round was for an Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder, which I got. Second round was for a Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, third was for a Tony Moly Tint, now they are on their fourth round, and counting. I lost track. Check it out, visit the Althea Korea Philippines shopping site.

Althea Philippines. Sign up, and earn  Php 50 + Php 300 Sign Up Credits from me. Click the 
Shop Korean Beauty Products from Seoul to Manila with love. Cheers! ;-D

This post goes out especially to my sister, who pulled an all-nighter browsing and window shopping in Althea as soon as the site opens, but I advised her to keep her horses down, relax, let's try it first. Now, ready, get set, shop! ;-D


philosophieph said...

Hi! You've bought from Althea Korea!! I wanted to recommend Philosophie PH. They sell Korean beauty products too. Price is comparable with Althea Korea's, without the 10-15 day waiting time. Check them out on Facebook ( and Instagram (@philosophieph)

Rhania E. said...

oh dear it was really nice that korean goodies can reach our doorsteps now tru althea korea, me and my sister tried their service last year december and the experience was great my second purchase was last January and I am loving their trendy boxes! hope to see more althea haul posts

Rhania E. said...

yay for althea haul i tried the innisfree sebum powder and i love it!

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